Hebrews 11:37 and also 1 majesties 18:16-46. Elijah the prophet served God in between 860BC-852BC and did 16 miracles, half the number Elisha go which was 32 miracles.

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The prophet Elijah calls the civilization to do a decision concerning God and challenges the prophets of Baal to a fiery test.

Elijah Hebrew name means: My god is Jehovah.

Read the scripture below to discover out that won the challenge the god Baal or God.

Elijah the prophet was recognized as the prophet the fire.

Background Reading:

They went approximately in sheepskins and goatskins – clothing of the prophets Elijah, Elisha, john the Baptist.Hebrews 11:37


Elijah on mount Carmel

16 for this reason Obadiah went out to fulfill Ahab and also reported to him. Climate Ahab walk to satisfy Elijah. 17 as soon as Ahab observed Elijah, Ahab inquiry him, “Is it really you, you destroyer of Israel?”

18 however Elijah replied, “I’m no destroyer of Israel. Yet you and your ancestor’s family have been doing that, due to the fact that you have actually abandoned the LORD’s commandments and have complied with the Baals. 19 So go gather every one of Israel to meet me on mount Carmel. Lug along 450 prophets that Baal and 400 prophets the the Asherah who room funded in ~ Jezebel’s expense.”

Elijah defeat the Prophets of Baal

20 Ahab sent for the Israelis and brought the prophets together at mountain Carmel, 21 wherein Elijah approached every the people and also asked them, “How lengthy will you keep hesitating in between both sides? If the lord is God, go after him. If Baal, seek him.”

But the human being didn’t say a word.

22 so Elijah told the people, “I’m the just one left over together a prophet the the LORD, to be I? however Baal’s prophets number 450 men? 23 so let them administer two oxen. Lock can pick one ox for themselves. Reduced it up, lay the on optimal of part wood, however don’t set fire to it. I will prepare the other ox and lay that on top of some wood, and also I won’t collection fire come it. 24 then you can contact on the name of her god, and also I’ll call on the surname of the LORD. Permit the God who answers by fire be our God!”

“That’s a an excellent idea!” all the people shouted.

25 therefore Elijah called the prophets of Baal, “Choose one ox because that yourselves and you prepare that first, due to the fact that there room so numerous of you. Contact on the name of her god, however don’t set fire come the offering.”

26 so they take it the ox the was provided to them, prepared it, and called ~ above the surname of Baal from at an early stage morning till noon. “Baal! prize us!” castle cried. Yet there to be no response. Nobody answered. Therefore they retained on dancing roughly the altar the they had made.

27 starting about noon, Elijah started to furious them:

“Shout louder!

“He’s a god, so probably he’s busy.

“Maybe he is relieving himself.

“Maybe he’s liven someplace.

“Maybe he’s taking a nap and somebody needs to wake up him up.”

28 so the prophets the Baal cried even louder and also slashed themselves with swords and also lances till their blood gushed out anywhere them, as was their custom. 29 They maintained on raving ideal through midday and also until it was time to sell the night sacrifice, yet there to be still no response. Nobody answered, and also nobody paid attention.

30 Eventually, Elijah told everybody, “Come here!” therefore everybody approached him, and also he repaired the LORD’s altar that had been torn down. 31 Elijah took twelve stones, one for each that the tribes of Jacob’s descendants, to whom the post from the LORD had come that “Israel is to be your name.” 32 therefore Elijah offered the stones to develop an altar to the name of the LORD. But then he dug a trench roughly the altar huge enough to host two actions of seed. 33 climate he set the timber in order, reduced the bull into pieces, and laid castle on peak of the wood.

“Fill 4 pitchers v water,” the ordered. “Then to water them out on the burnt offering and the wood.”

34 “Do that a 2nd time,” he ordered. So they did it a second time.

“Do it a third time,” the said. So they did that a third time. 35 The water ran down about the altar and completely filled the trench.

Elijah’s Prayer and God’s price by Fire

36 As the time for the evening providing arrived, Elijah the prophet approached and said, “LORD God that Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let the be known today that you space God in Israel and that I, your servant, have actually done all of this in obedience to her word. 37 price me, LORD! price me so that this people may understand that you, LORD, room God, and also that you are transforming back their hearts again.”

38 ideal then the LORD’s fire fell and consumed the burned offering, the wood, the stones, the dust, and also even the water that was in the trench! 39 when all the world saw what had actually happened, they fell flat on your faces and also cried the end “The lord is God! The mr is God!”

40 however Elijah said, “Arrest the prophets the Baal. Nothing let even one of them gain away.” for this reason the human being seized them, and Elijah carried them down to the Wadi Kishon and executed them there.

The Rain Storm end the Drought

41 ~ this, Elijah said Ahab, “Get up and also have something come eat and drink, since there’s the sound of a comes rainstorm.” 42 therefore Ahab gained up to get something come eat and drink while Elijah went earlier up come the peak of mountain Carmel, whereby he bowed short to the ground and placed his face in between his knees.

43 then he told his young servant, “Go and look towards the sea.”

So that went and also looked the end to sea. “Nothing there,” he said.

But Elijah said him come go earlier seven times. 44 ~ above the seventh look, that said, “Look! yes a cloud, a little one, about the dimension of a man’s hand. It’s coming up out of the sea!”

“Get up and also find Ahab!” Elijah said. “Tell him, ‘Mount her chariot and ride under the mountain so the storm doesn’t avoid you.’”

45 A tiny while later, the skies turned black v storm clouds and also winds, and there to be a hefty shower. So Ahab rode turn off to Jezreel. 46 ~ Ahab had actually left, the hand of the LORD come upon Elijah, and also he tucked his mantle right into his belt and outran Ahab in a gyeongju to the city gate of Jezreel.

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1 monarchs 18:16-46

If you desire to review the complete story that Elijah’s life look at it up in a Bible, 1 kings 18:16-19:21, 2 queens 2:1-12

More Information:

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A do not be afraid reformerRebuked kingsMighty in prayerIn one circumstances yielded come discouragementNot infallible in JudgmentDivinely honored

Miracles that Elijah the prophet:Drought 1Kings 17:1-: James 5:17Meal and oil multiply 1 queens 17:14Child revitalized to life 1 kings 17:22Sacrifice consumed by fire 1 queens 18:38Captains and men to be slain through fire 2 emperors 1:10Rain lugged 1 majesties 18:41Water the Jordan split 2 monarchs 2:8.