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What is the life expectations of a Duramax?? I witnessed some debate around it and that cummins had the longest life expectancy? 1+mil. Miles. Ns have likewise heard the 1.2 is a viable number because that d-max. Isn"t it derived from the ISUZU box truck diesel??

All I have the right to tell friend is...when ns was purchase a truck...I was buying a gasser...and climate I experienced a male waiting for his Duramax to gain done gift serviced. I asked the if he liked it...and he said it to be an 01 and also had 537,000+ miles on it and also he never had to do anything however regular maintenance. For this reason then i went and bought one.

The Duramax is a Isuzu design engine the is readily available in the Isuzu H series trucks which are the very same as a Top-Kick or Kodiak. As much as reliability goes the just reason why everyone thinks that Cummins will out last anyone rather is that the created the 5.9l inline 6 for end 20yrs in various variations. I have actually personally seen Duramax"s critical 300k+ there is no any significant problems. Shot asking a Powerjoke owner if they deserve to top that.
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This is a clip native a an extensive GM paper ID #2021833 The Duramax™ 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine is offered with a warranty of 100,000 miles/160,000 kilometers. The Duramax™ has been experiment to endure upwards of 200,000 miles/320,000 kilometers. The Duramax™ powertrain is designed because that reliability, height horsepower and torque in ~ its design limits. Once a customer installs a power-up device, it substantially reduces the purpose of use ratings.I"m fairly sure a Duramax will last as lengthy as the engine is maintened and also not mistreated.
Hey guys, ns am new to diesels and looking to get one so I have the right to start to run bio diesel. In the last article it mentioned that the Duramax has a 100K mile warrenty. Walk this walk for every the duramax"s and also will the warraty be an excellent for a second owner?Thanks

I"m pretty sure that every GM warranty"s are transferable and also all Duramax models have actually a 3yr 36K Bumper come Bumper warranty the after that is a 5yr 100k powertrain warranty.
2006 GMC 2500HD LBZ Crew Cab 4x4, Tie stick Sleeves, LineX, Silverline Turbo Back twin Exhaust, PPE warm Programmer, Egr Block Plate, PPE Air box Mod, 2in. Plug, SES LightFull boring Exhaust Manifold compliments that BD Diesel.1987 Corvette crazy Larry. Acquire it Here.:stickpoke
Hey guys, i am new to diesels and also looking to acquire one for this reason I deserve to start running bio diesel. In the last post it pointed out that the Duramax has actually a 100K mile warrenty. Walk this go for every the duramax"s and also will the warraty be an excellent for a 2nd owner?Thanks
I heard the warranty deserve to be voided if you run bio...any body understand for sure? I recognize the huge diesels choose Detroit, etc... Has actually a 5% max mix of biodiesel, or they get funny about the warranty.

wow, i hate exactly how the 6.0L PSD give such a damaging rep, i love mine 7.3!!! :gearjamin
unfortunately I offer fords, yet I"m a chevy guy at heart. I"ve seen civilization trade in duramax"s v 750k miles before and also then turn around and also had no concern selling lock to other diesel lovers. Ive never ever seen a 6.0 with over 200k miles that hadn"t had significant mechanical worries at one point in time.
Mine has 208,000 ~ above it. Hope to save it at the very least 5-6 year which will push me end the 300,000 mile mark.
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I acquired a chuckle out of this thread. Started back in 2008 with guys raving about the 100k mile warranty and also boasting about the Duramax lasting 200k, maybe even 300k miles. Wow, we"ve definitely came a long means since climate
It yes, really is a gross generalization come say the "engine" last for XXX miles. Head gaskets fail as perform water pumps and also AC units and also front suspensions and transmissions and also electrical components and of course the very expensive fuel injectors. A friend through a 2002 Duramax has had actually to replace the injectors twice in the previous 3 year with only 25,000 miles of driving. Given that an injector repair prices as much as a finish gas engine rebuild, the longer life the a diesel engine requirements to it is in taken v a very big grain that salt.What is likewise overlooked is the gas engines through 300,000 mile of use are additionally common. My brother changed his Toyota v over 340,000 mile on the odometer since the body had rusted the end from the salting of the roads where the lives. The engine and transmission were operating perfectly. As soon as tetraethyl lead was removed from gasoline in the mid 1970"s, engine life was much more than doubled. Taking lead out of the exhaust stream also reduced mind damage in children living close to freeways and also inner city traffic and when the came to be adults the crime price dropped dramatically. Political leaders like to take credit transaction for the autumn in crime however it was the an outcome of taking toxicity lead the end of gasoline and nothing more. That is also a mistake to talk around Cummins engines together though the same power tree in the light duty pickups are choose the engines going into tractor rigs ~ above the highways. One thing that the Cummins pickup truck engines do have actually is the usage of much much better CAT fuel filters together an OEM item. Even with the Duramax the integrity varies through model kind and manufacturing year before 2011 and the same is true for the Ford diesel engines v their much less than stellar track record.
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