Last weekend we decided to go ago with the girls and continue our fizzy experiments. We bought the wrong kind of Mentos critical time and also never acquired the geyser that we were expecting (specifically: the fountains of the Bellagio with Coke and also Mentos). Chewing gum Mentos go not execute the trick. This time we chose to take a different approach and also see if different types of Coke and Mentos had various reactions. We gained 2 liter containers of Diet Coke, 3 20 oz. Containers of consistent Coke, Coke zero and Diet coke, climate we gained a smaller version that the Diet coke. And also we also bought mint and also fruity Mentos.

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The first part of our experiment to be to watch what would take place by simply dropping one mint Mento in the exact same amount that Diet Coke, Coke Zero and regular Coke. These were the results:

The many reactive to be Coke Zero, yet Regular Coke take it the longest to stop fizzing.

Next we dropped 4 mint Mentos into 20 oz. Party of the Coke Zero, Diet Coke and regular Coke. This is what happened:

Coke Zero

You can see top top the last picture that the girl were an extremely curious about the smell of the reaction… also though there yes, really wasn’t one.

The one quantifiable an outcome we did measure was that the amount of liquid staying in the party after the Mento reaction to be different, making Coke Zero our frontrunner; regrettably we just bought one bottle. This is just how much was left that each:


Next us tried v a smaller bottle the Diet Coke and also 4 fruit Mentos. This is what happened:

The geyser shot around 6 feet up. The reaction to be so huge I couldn’t get the top component of the geyser on camera… ns wasn’t fast enough!

At this point, little Miss i and small Miss Z were not interested in our geysers anymore… therefore they left because that a while and also played something else in the concrete spanned patio…

We got their attention ago when us rescued the spent Mentos from the bottles, and asked what would happen with the used Mentos (fruit and also mint combined) if supplied in a fresh party of Diet Coke.

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We obtained this:

Finally us tried with a mix of offered Mentos and also 6 new Mint Mentos in 2 lt. That Diet Coke — the girl were really curious come see exactly how tall the geyser would go. Here’s what they saw:

Once us were out of Coke and also Mentos, we want to try again v vinegar and also baking soda, using the 2 lt. Coke container, as well as the “Mento launcher.”

The geyser was very small, however the reaction kept going, making the bubbling last a lot much longer than with the Coke-Mento blast.

Without a doubt, the funniest things about the experiments of today was the obsession through the smell… and also at some suggest even do the efforts its taste (yuck!!) us think following time we’ll make an experiment the addresses the sense of smell and taste, come cater to their curiosities. Maybe fizzy bath bombs? Or how smell and taste work together? We’ll see… stay tuned!

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