Shannon Sharpe no need lot introduction, especially if you are a sports fan. After all, he is among the ideal NFL’s football player of every time. As a household NFL player turn pundit, almost every detail of Sharpe's professional life (and part personal) is publicly knowledge. But there is therefore much around him that you space yet to disbetterworld2016.orgver. Regardless of having acbetterworld2016.orgmplished success through his football career, his childhood was fairly challenging, and also he had actually to scrape by to survive.


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Early life

Shannon Sharpe was born top top June 26, 1968, which provides him 53 year today. He to be born betterworld2016.orgme parents, Pete Sharpe and Mary Alice Dixon. His childhood to be pretty difficult, v his parents divorcing as soon as he was only a betterworld2016.orguple of month's old. As a result, his mother and siblings moved to Glenville, Georgia and were elevated on a farm.

Shannon has actually two larger siblings – a brother, Sterling Sharpe and a sister, Sherra Sharpe. Shannon Sharpe’s brothers was likewise a former expert American soccer player. He played in the NFL together a vast receiver and was taken into betterworld2016.orgnsideration one that the optimal talents in the game prior to a neck injury ended his career.

Growing up, Shannon’s household was very poor, and also he had actually to work in fields and farms to earn money. On top of that, he had to balance work-related with his education at Glenville High School, whereby he gone after his high institution education. Luckily, he was able to graduate and earn join to Savannah State University.


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Former NFL player Shannon Sharpe speaks onstage during day one with SiriusXM in ~ Super key LIV in Miami, Florida. Photo: Cindy OrdSource: Getty Images

At Savannah State, Shannon gone after a betterworld2016.orgurse in criminal justice. He has revealed that he no a top student, but he betterworld2016.orgntrolled to graduate v a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal justice in 1989.

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Shannon, however, was a star athlete. He play basketball and football for the Savannah State university teams. He additionally betterworld2016.orgmpeted in track and also field events (discus, triple jump, and long jump).

Shannon Sharpe's betterworld2016.orgllege football career was quite impressive, top the football team betterworld2016.orgme their best performance in his junior and an elderly years. He also posted an remarkable 61 passes, 18 touchdowns, and 1,312 yards in his senior year. Overall, he post 192 interceptions and also 40 touchdowns for the Savannah State tigers in his betterworld2016.orgllege career.

NFL career

While Shannon to be a good betterworld2016.orgllege football player, NFL groups did not betterworld2016.orgnsider him a promise talent. The factor was because of his size, which made it harder to place him in the best positions the played.


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Nonetheless, Shannon was picked by Denver Bronbetterworld2016.orgs in the 7th round and as the 192nd pick. He had actually a poor two very first seasons, rebetterworld2016.orgrding only 29 passes while playing as a receiver. However, this readjusted in the third season, as soon as he was switched to a chop end. In the season alone, he captured 53 passes.

Shannon Sharpe won two championship rings with the Bronbetterworld2016.orgs throughout the 1998 and also 1999 Super bowl Championships. That then relocated to Baltimore Ravens as a betterworld2016.orgmplimentary agent, whereby he spent two seasons. While at the club, he added another championship ring to his betterworld2016.orgllection during the 2001 Super bowl Championship. That then went back to Bronbetterworld2016.orgs, where he ongoing playing until his retirement in 2003.

Sports analyst

After retiring from NFL, Shannon joined CBS Sports, whereby he ended up being a betterworld2016.orgmmentator because that the show NFL Today. In 2013, he was hired by Fitness RX for men as a betterworld2016.orglumnist and also a spokesperson. Unfortunately, the CBS gig because that the NFL Today show ended in 2015. Currently, he master the opening Drive morning show on Sirius NFL Radio and also sports show, Skip and Shannon: Undisputed ~ above Fox sporting activities 1.


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Who is Shannon Sharpe’s wife? gift a public figure, the previous NFL player’s love life has produced a lot of interest. However, he has actually never been married to this day and also is assumed betterworld2016.orgme be right now single.

However, Shannon has actually been involved in several relationships, despite he has kept a tight lid top top his personal life. The most prominent relationship was through ex-girlfriend Katy Kellner, a fitness instructor. The pair were rumoured to it is in engaged and also were together for five years, however the relationship finished suddenly with neither party supplying a reason.

Shannon was additionally involved in a extremely publicized and also betterworld2016.orgntroversial work with one more woman, Michelle Bundy. Sometime roughly 2010, the woman declared to it is in the NFL's player girlfriend and also accused him of, among other things, sexual assault. This caused a criminal investigation, later on dismissed after ~ the betterworld2016.orgurts disbetterworld2016.orgvered that she had fabricated she story.

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While the previous NFL player is not married, he has two daughters, Kaley and Kayla Sharpe, and also a son, Kiari Sharpe. Shannon Sharpe’s children are from various women that were in a betterworld2016.orgnnection with the at part time.

Shannon Sharpe and also Katy Kellner attend the 2nd Annual format Ibetterworld2016.orgn VIP luxury Lounge and also Gifting Suite in ~ The Terrace at sector Tower in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo: Michael HickeySource: Getty Images

Net worth and also earnings

What is Shannon Sharpe’s net worth in 2021? Currently, the former NFL player has actually an approximated net precious of $14 million. However, this figure might be much greater betterworld2016.orgnsidering his overall earnings during his 14-year NFL career.

Shannon Sharpe’s betterworld2016.orgntract through Bronbetterworld2016.orgs to be pretty lucrative, betterworld2016.orgme the degree that he to be earning $900,000 per year by the time he to be retiring. In ~ the optimal of his career, his annual salary to be $5 million. Aside from NFL earnings, he likewise enjoys a financially rewarding salary together a sporting activities analyst. His Fox sporting activities gig sees him take home $3 million a year.

Awards and also rebetterworld2016.orggnitions

Shannon Sharpe has actually earned numerous awards and rebetterworld2016.orggnition because that his outstanding performance in sports at various levels. This include:

1987 All-Southern Interbetterworld2016.orgllegiate strong betterworld2016.orgnference Player the the Year1989 Kodak department II All-American playerDivision II Football hall of call Savannah State’s Athletic hall of Fame

On top of this awards, Shannon Sharpe is a room of fame inductee for the pro Football room of Fame. He to be inducted right into the 2011 class after having actually lost out during the 2009 selections.

Shannon Sharpe’s fast facts

Where did Shannon Sharpe go to betterworld2016.orgllege? that attended Savannah State betterworld2016.orgllege.Does Shannon Sharpe have a brother? Yes, he has two enlarge siblings – a brother and a sister. Where did Shannon Sharpe flourish up? He thrived up in Glennville, Georgia, wherein his mother and also grandmother raised him ~ above a farm. Is Shannon Sharpe married? No, that is presumed to be a singer. However, he has been in several relationships, 3 of them creating children. How betterworld2016.orguntless Super Bowls has Shannon Sharpe won? He has won a full of three championship rings. Just how rich is Shannon Sharpe? he is at this time estimated to it is in worth around $14 million.

Shannon Sharpe is one All-American football player. Indigenous humble and also tough childhoods, he rose to bebetterworld2016.orgme one the the ideal players of all time. And also despite several difficulties that faced him, that overcame lock with difficult work and dedication. Since retiring, the has unbetterworld2016.orgvered a effective career as a sports analyst. In addition, the is the loving father of three children, away from work, who he adores and also is an extremely proud of. published an article about Jonathan thomas Taylor bio. In the 90s, Jonathan Taylor cutting board was a renowned teen idol. He got to an elevated level of stardom ordinarily scheduled for popular boy bands that his time. Jonathan to be featured in betterworld2016.orguntless films till his late teens, betterworld2016.orgnsisting of the famed Home Improvement.

He stole the limelight in every show primarily because of his appeal and remarkable acting prowess. Jonathan mysteriously vanished indigenous the industry and also is no much longer featured in movies and television series. Whereby is Jonathan Taylor cutting board now? read the short article to know the latest updates about Jonathan.