How regularly have you to be asked about your suffer of a tiger safari and also you answer is a dejected one, with dashed hopes. You missed sighting the royal cat! friend did hear alarm phone call or you believed the tiger to be lurking nearby, however didn’t obtain lucky in ~ all.

If the same concern was asked come our guides and naturalists functioning in the park, you will be surprised to hear their answers too.

They will agree to your predicament. They can have saw tigers in the wild innumerable times. Yet, this supreme predator, the huge boss of the tropical doesn’t show up frequently. Though, sighting tigers early on morning and late evening space the mantra.

Are many tigers fond of sleeping?

Yes, tigers room fond the sleeping!

They can sleep approximately 18-20 hrs every solitary day.

They not necessarily have any particular spot for sleeping, but yes, they do love to record their snoozes in ~ cooler places. These have the right to be shady areas among thickets, rocks, caves, tall grasses, dense trees, shallow water bodies and sometimes also the comfortable muddy/sandy video game roads. They pretty much sleep all over in your territory, nevertheless of the disturbances, except from as soon as they hear striking alarm calls of other intruders encroaching in.

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Why execute Tigers roll-up?

Tigers like to sleep on your sides and also love to role from one next to other, as with our house cats. The many endearing part is to find them resting with every their 4 legs in the air through their backs for support. Their belly is the most delicate body part and when they show it, it’s a authorize of finish relaxation and trust towards their environment and siblings.

Isn’t the so beautiful?

Why carry out tigers sleep for long hours?

The reason why many tigers sleep because that long hours is come conserve energy and rejuvenate.

The power is required to make kills, for stalking and also sprinting, i beg your pardon mostly include failed make the efforts (8-10 usually!). If they catch a large prey, they additionally need to drag and hide it from other carnivores, which spend a lot of their power too.They additionally walk the length and breadth of their areas frequently, spray marking and also warning others around their presence.

All this efforts deplete their energy and also require a much longer periods that rest.

Why perform tigers yawn?


Shown over is a masculine tiger cub yawning after ~ his afternoon siesta. Similar to humans, tigers yawn to allow in much more oxygen signalling their mind to acquire alert. This keeps castle awake and also from not nodding off again.

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On a conclusive note

Therefore, sleeping is an innate habit which help tigers to rejuvenate their lost energy and also let them go around their day with ease. It likewise helps them bring their heavy body which weighs around 400-500 pounds.

So, next time once you realise that you haven’t had actually luck sighting the huge cat since it can have to be sleeping; then you exactly know the either you have to wait patiently, or if you room out the time in the park, you need to come back for one more safari.

Visit ours lodges in Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Satpura and also Panna to watch these fascinating sleeping or romping in the wild. Contact our pilgrimage curators at Pugdundee Safaris to book your next wildlife holiday.