Urethral duplication, or dual urethra, is a an extremely rare problem – only about 200 instances have been explained in clinical literature.

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My kid was diagnosed through a twin urethra once he to be 3 month old. He has actually two holes in his penis. The was additionally diagnosed through Reflux III. He to be on antibiotics until he to be 15 months old. He has never had actually a bladder infection. In ~ 9 months he had actually his second voiding cystourethrogram (ed. -- X ray while he"s peeing), and it proved no signs of the reflux, yet the second urethra extending from the bladder was much an ext predominant. Is over there anything that have the right to be done or need to be done for a dual urethra. He only urinates native one hole. I am pertained to that the pee in the 2nd urethra will cause infections.Mary Padilla - Santa Maria, California

Dr. Greene's Answer

The urinary device is both amazing and complex. Pee is created in the kidneys by their filtering the blood. The kidney are situated in the back, simply under the ribs. A tube called a ureter extends from every kidney under to the bladder. As the pee is formed, it flows under these tubes and is stored in the bladder. Urine pipeline the bladder and also exits the body through a tube dubbed the urethra.

In girls the urethra is short and straight; in boys the urethra is long, and S-curved. The final portion travels the size of the penis, and typically opens up at the feet in the tip.

The development of the male urethra in utero is complex, and also not fully understood. This breakthrough can walk awry in a variety of ways, including part or every one of the urethra in the wrong location, valves blocking urine flow, or dilatation for this reason that flow isn’t blocked when it must be. Part boys even have 2 urethras.

Rarity of twin Urethra

Urethral duplication is a very rare problem – only about 200 cases have been explained in clinical literature. Urethral duplications happen in numerous varieties and also seem come come from many different abnormalities the development.

Appearance of twin Urethra

Most duplications occur with one urethra on optimal of the other. Occasionally, however, duplex urethras occur side through side. This is commonly the instance if a child has actually two finish penises, but likewise occurs if the penis is fused however widened. Most of these children have two bladders, plus 2 normal urethras, and also only require surgery if it is required for cosmetic reasons.

The an ext common case of one urethra on top of one more occurs in dorsal and ventral varieties.

In dorsal duplications of the urethra, a normal urethra adheres to the normal channel and ends in a typical hole at the reminder of the penis. The various other opening shows up on the upper surface of the penis, anywhere between the tip and the base. This extra urethra may end in a remote pouch before reaching the bladder. If that does expand the whole length and also insert into the bladder, the son will typically dribble urine out of this urethra, because there is no sphincter system to restrain urine flow. Surgical treatment is sometimes needed for incontinence or repeated infections. Because the generally positioned urethra has actually a common bladder neck and normal sphincter mechanism, surgery is composed of merely excising the extra urethra.

The ventral range is an ext variable and less fine understood. In part instances, two finish urethras come off the bladder; in others, the urethra bifurcates somewhere follow me the path. The opening from the 2nd urethra is regularly located on the underside the the penis (and is hence less visible 보다 in the dorsal variety), but it can appear further down, even as much away together the anterior pickled in salt of the anus. The closer the opened is to the anus, the much more likely that this abnormally placed urethra is the normal one, with the to work sphincter mechanism. The normally located penile urethra is often narrow, inelastic, and also functions poorly, if in ~ all. As an adult, ejaculation would also occur out of the anal urethra, not necessarily diminishing sex-related pleasure, however certainly affect fertility.

Double Urethra Treatment

Not all situations of duplex urethras need surgery, or any kind of treatment in ~ all. Kids with duplex urethras need consultation v a pediatric urologist and individualized decisions regarding treatment. In general, perianal urethras need to be repaired; the surgery is complex and usually entails trying to move that urethra forward. If both openings room on the penis, as in your son, surgical procedure is generally only suggested if there is a trouble with incontinence, infections, or reflux (the backward flow of urine). Incontinence or isolated infections space usually present early ~ above if they will be present at all. Reflux can be present early on, yet then disappear top top its own. It can, however, construct or re-develop at any time, even in adulthood, causing infections and also pressure-related kidney problems. If the 2 urethras lie right alongside each other, the thin wall between lock can give way. Once the human urinates, this perforated wall surface can act as a flap-valve come obstruct urine flow, causing pressure earlier up. As soon as undetected, this push can, end years, lead to renal failure, and also even to kidney transplant.

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For many of us, the medical conditions that plague us as adults have their roots in childhood. Attention and appropriate medical treatment can prevent countless of this conditions. For your son, close fist is even an ext important. His instance might cause him no problems (some cases of double urethra are only noticed incidentally, late in life). The could, however, progression to something major if not adhered to carefully. Remain in close call with your pediatrician and/or urologist, so the infections or reflux can be quickly treated.