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This is one of the most usual questions ns get around streaming media, best up there through “Do I require a player because that every TV?” and also “Can ns cancel my cable service if I acquire a Roku/Amazon Fire TV/Apple TV/Google Chromecast?” and I’ve been meaning to prize it however haven’t gotten roughly to it. Until now, it’s no something I’ve had to worry around personally due to the fact that I right now have Verizon FIOS net service, which has actually no data caps. (I know, i know… i shouldn’t be thinking of myself only!)

But I’m in the process of switching carriers (more on the to come) and also my new one does have a threshold the 250GB every month, which method I’ve ultimately looked it increase so I can share the info with you. I’m using Netflix as a reference because a) they have actually very details info on their site and also b) I expect they’re a an excellent proxy for other similar services.

The quick version is the it relies on the quality of the content you’re streaming. From their assist page:

“Watching movies or TV mirrors on Netflix uses around 1 GB that data per hour because that each stream of standard an interpretation video, and also up come 3 GB every hour because that each currently of HD video.”

Note the these numbers use whether you’re streaming the display to your TV, computer, or mobile device.

I normally stream in standard an interpretation anyway due to the fact that a) it costs less as soon as renting contents from Amazon, i m sorry I usage as often as Netflix and b) i honestly can’t see enough of a difference between SD and HD to make the extra price worth mine while.

Read the full article for much more details the the various settings Netflix offers and also how to readjust them for her account.

Also, while ns was feather this up, i came across another article about bandwidth usage for every sorts of virtual activities, consisting of email, social media, and gaming. It additionally includes critical reminder the uploading contents to the internet uses increase data as well.

Broadband usage guide: how much data execute you need? (Whistle Out, April 2015)

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