Rock and roll symbol Keith Richards is a member that the wildly renowned English tape The rolling Stones.

As a establishing member the the group, Richards has been around since the beginning, composing songs the are considered to be some of the greatest rock anthems in the world. He combated drug seeks for years, and also has earn a call as one of rock and roll’s ultimate survivors. This days, Richards proceeds to develop music through the Stones — and also most surprisingly of all, stays a devoted father to his brood that children. 

What is Keith Richards best known for?


Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and also Keith Richards that The roll Stones | MICHELE night SANDBERG/AFP via Getty Images

Keith Richards to be born in England in 1943. He developed an affinity because that music at very early age, playing the guitar and writing music well prior to he became a teenager. In addition to his friend from school, Mick Jagger, Richards established the roll Stones.

In the early days of the group, they focused on playing blues covering songs, however eventually, Jagger and also Richards started writing their very own music to carry out on stage.

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The Stones became popular for tunes favor “Satisfaction,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Under mine Thumb,” and “Wild Horses.”

Together through the Beatles, they ended up being the specifying musical team of the sixties. However, unlike their musical counterparts, the Stones soldiered on into the seventies, eighties, and also beyond, never afraid to try out new musical methods or tricks. Richards remained at the forefront every the while, despite battling a legend addiction to medicine that intimidated to sideline him for years. 

How many youngsters does Keith Richards have?

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Keith Richards’ personal life was often in the headlines transparent the food of his first couple of decades in the music business. For almost fifteen years, Richards was in a partnership with Anita Pallenberg. The 2 welcomed 3 children, return they never ever married. Their son Marlon was born in 1969, and their daughter Angela was born in 1972. Their third child, a son called Tara, passed away unexpectedly the SIDS at only two months old, in 1976.

After Richards and Pallenberg broke up in 1979, Richards go on to meet and marry version Patti Hansen. Hansen and Richards had two youngsters of their own, both daughters. Theodora to be born in 1985, when Alexandra to be born in 1986. While Richards’ children from his partnership with Pallenberg have actually chosen to stay out that the spotlight, both Theodora and Alexandra Richards have actually gone on to come to be successful models and work in the entertainment industry.

Keith Richards is a grandfather

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Keith Richards is well-known to it is in a dedicated father and also loving household man, despite his rock and roll image. These days, Richards is actually a proud grand as well.

His oldest son, Marlon, has three children of his own, Ella Rose, Orson and also Ida. Richards’ daughter Angela likewise has 2 children, a daughter called Ava Melody and also a son called Otto Reed.

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Richards confirmed his devotion come his five grandchildren in 2014, as soon as he wrote a children’s book called “Gus & Me.” The book, which explains the special relationship between Richards and also his grandfather, is portrayed by Theodora Richards.

At the time, Keith Richards revealed the his inspiration for the publication was “the bond, the distinct bond, in between kids and grandparents is unique and also should be treasured. This is a story of among those wonder moments.”

For fans, even though Keith Richards is a legendary poor boy that rock and also roll, the is his capacity to contact his softer side that really renders him a multi-faceted music genius.