Carole King is a talented singer and songwriter who has had actually one the the most entertaining careers as a solo artist. Through the watch of her success, it’s no surprised the “(You make Me Feel like a) natural Woman” songstress passed down her talents to her 4 kids, Louise Goffin, Sherry Goffin, Molly Larkey and Levi Larkey.

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Carole became a mom throughout her very first marriage with Gerry Goffin. The “You’ve obtained a Friend” artist and the American lyricist married in 1959 and welcomed your eldest, Louise, the complying with year in 1960. Carole and Gerry went on to have actually their 2nd child, Sherry, in 1962, yet the former pair called that quits in 1969.


The Grammy winner proficient motherhood again during her 2nd marriage with Charles Larkey. After walking down the aisle in 1970, Carole and the “I wasn’t Born come Follow” crooner welcomed their daughter, Molly, in 1971. They completed the beloved musician’s family when their youngest son, Levi, arrived in 1974.

Like her previous marriage, though, Carole split from Charles in 1976. She later on exchanged vows with Rick Evers in 1977, yet their union likewise ended after one year once Rick passed away in 1978. The Gilmore Girls alum’s fourth and final marital relationship was v Rick Sorenson, i beg your pardon lasted from 1982 to 1989, and also she hosted off from having actually any more children with her last two husbands.


As Carole’s children were cultivation up, she maintained them the end of the spotlight for the most part. But as lock aged, Louise, Sherry, Molly and Levi have actually each paved their own careers in showbiz. Still, she eldest remembers the battle of having actually a super renowned mom.

“I adopt it, yet I didn’t use to,” Louise called the Independent in 2016, note she was very “weary” of other’s intentions as soon as she was a small girl. “Do people want to talk to me due to the fact that they desire to talk to me, perform they desire to it is in my friend to it is in my friend or room they simply trying to uncover out information and gain access ?”


Louise additionally pointed the end the an obstacle of following in her mom’s footsteps, explaining why it took part time prior to she was well-known in her very own right. “It makes it a lot much longer journey to gain yourself out there, and also for people to watch you for that you space … it’s not a silver-spoon situation, it’s an ext of a challenge,” she explained. “It’s among the cards life transaction you, which you room powerless over.”

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Louise Goffin

Louise gave Carole the title of “mom” as soon as she to be born on march 23, 1960. Because pursuing her very own career in music, Louise has made rather the name for herself. After ~ debuting her an initial album Kid Blue in 1976, Louise released countless records throughout the years, including Sometimes a Circle in 2002, Bad tiny Animals in 2008 and This Is the Place in 2018. Her latest album, Two different Movies, to be made obtainable in June 2020.

Louise is likewise an actress. Every IMDb, she has actually credits in Really Rosie and also Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. She’s also shot a couple of music videos because that “Let Me in Again” and also “Spirit the the Forest.”


Sherry Goffin

Carole’s 2nd daughter was born on in march 3, 1962. Favor her mom and older sister, Sherry is a talented singer and also songwriter. According to IMDb, she’s contributed to the soundtracks of a few TV shows and films choose Basic Training, The treatment Bears Movie and Shackin’ Up. She likewise appeared as an actress in Chicken Soup through Rice and Really Rosie.

As far as her personal life, it appears Sherry to be married to her ex-husband, Robbie Kondor. Though it’s unclear once they tied the knot, Sherry and Robbie referred to as it quits in 2011, according to reports.

Molly Larkey

The music icon’s third kid arrived at December 31, 1971. When Molly was old sufficient to pursue a profession, she choose to remain out that the Hollywood spotlight and instead led a career in art. According to Molly’s Instagram, she’s an artist, writer and also organizer.

Molly has come to be successful in her own right together an artist, and many of she creations have actually been placed on display screen in exhibitions and also galleries almost everywhere the world. As for she writing, her website states she enjoys reviewing art galleries.

Levi Larkey

Carole’s 4th child and an initial son, Levi, make his come on April 23, 1974. While the singer’s older kids have adopted their careers in the limelight, Levi lives the many low-key the end of all the family. Still, he has dabbled in Hollywood.

As IMDb states, Levi functioned as a boom operator in the 2007 film 44. He likewise has a credit transaction as a performer ~ above the soundtrack that the care Bears Movie in 1985.

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