During the eight-day exam, candidates must maintain an median score of 75 out of 100 points to be eligible to continue. Scores room tallied based on kitchen skills, plate presentation and also taste. Candidates space tested on the following subjects by ACF-certified chefs:

Healthy food preparation Buffet catering classical cuisine Freestyle cooking global cuisine Baking and pastry Continental and also Northern Europe cuisines market basket

The 2017 ACF-CMC exam took location Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, 2017 and the retest took ar on Feb. 2-4, in ~ Schoolcraft university in Livonia, Michigan. Visit the ACF Flickr page for everyday photographs indigenous the exam.

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2017 CMC test Updates


CMC test Day 1: healthy Cooking

Candidates to be evaluated top top their understanding of healthy food preparation principles by occurring a menu and preparing a four-course meal for 10 people. Mastery of cooking skills were assessed in the formulation of the menu and its materials not come exceed 1,000 kcal, and also were showed by a registered dietitian. Demonstrated competencies had four classical cuts; four cooking methods; and also knowledge of plate service. Time format: 4 hours and 30 minute kitchen preparation; 30 minutes service.

CMC test Days 2 & 3: Buffet Catering

Candidates" expertise of the different types of garde manger products, knowledge of the functionality of the garde manger kitchen and the utilitarian ideologies therein were evaluated over 2 days. Candidates were additionally evaluated ~ above their capability to demonstrate the high art type attributes that presentation necessary in a cold-food competition, to be gift as four plated portions and also eight portions on a plate as served on a buffet. Prove competencies included emulsified forcemeat; cured protein; cold salad; cold mousse; among others. Time format: 12 hrs preparation; three hours setup and presentation.

Candidates are forced to happen each food preparation segment through a score of 70 or greater with a cumulative score that 75 to pass the exam. If a candidate does no pass one segment however has a cumulative score the 75 or greater on the critical day, he/she deserve to retake the one segment castle did not pass on a designated day, normally the day following the exam’s conclusion.

Evaluator scores have actually been tallied. The complying with chefs will move on come Day 4 to check their skills in timeless cuisine: Arnaud Berthelier, Gerald Ford, Joseph Leonardi, Shawn Loving, Tim Recher, Seth Shipley, Kevin Storm, and also Amanda Zimlich. Candidates who carry out not get 70 or greater on two segments execute not proceed the exam. Unfortunately, that was the instance for 2 of the candidates. Hari Pulapaka and Randy Torres will not be proceeding with the exam. Reaching the suggest of the useful exam requires substantial commitment come the handmade of cooking. Us congratulate the chefs who have reached the end of your 2017 CMC exam suffer on their success as candidates. The understanding and an abilities gained transparent the process are invaluable to their careers and to the chefs lock mentor.

CMC test Day 4: classical Cuisine

Candidates to be evaluated ~ above their capability to understand, interpret and also execute the philosophy of Auguste Escoffier and classical cuisine prove in Le guide Culinaire, from which they developed a menu. Candidates prepared 10 portions and also platters appropriate for Russian company that contained a soup, fish course and also entrees, with 4 plated portions and also six sections on a platter. Time format: 4 hours preparation and also 30-minute business window.

The adhering to chefs will relocate on to Day 5 to continue to test your skills: Arnaud Berthelier, Gerald Ford, Joseph Leonardi, Shawn Loving, Tim Recher, Kevin Storm, and also Amanda Zimlich. Getting to the suggest of the valuable exam requires massive commitment come the craft of cooking. Us congratulate chief Seth Shipley who has actually reached the finish of his 2017 CMC exam endure on his incredible success to date.

CMC exam Day 5: Freestyle Cuisine

Candidates’ an individual cooking styles and philosophies to be evaluated in developing a four-course meal from a market basket of ingredients that contained an appetizer or soup; fish course; salad course; and main course. The food selection was gift as 4 plated portions and also six portions proper for Russian service. Time format: four hours production and 30-minute company window.

CMC exam Day 7: Baking and also Pastry

Candidates to be tested in your competency in baking and also pastry an abilities and production, through special attention offered to product consistency and detail that finishing techniques. Candidates prepared 10 sections of a warm or cold kitchen dessert that consisted of the five basic components that a complete dessert. The last presentations space to incorporate one two-pound recipe of a yeast-leavened product; 2 dozen parts of a chemically leavened quick bread; and two dozen parts of a puff pastry vol-au-vent or bouchée. Time format: five hours preparation and finishing.

The following chefs will move on come Day 8 to continue to test your skills: Arnaud Berthelier, Gerald Ford, Joseph Leonardi, Shawn Loving, Tim Recher and also Kevin Storm. Getting to the allude of the valuable exam requires massive commitment to the handmade of cooking. Us congratulate cook Amanda Zimlich who has reached the finish of her 2017 CMC exam suffer on her incredible achievements to date.

CMC exam Day 8: continental Cuisine and Market Basket

During the continental cuisine exam, candidates room to show knowledge in the continental and Northern Europe cuisines the Spain and Portugal; Germany, Austria and the Netherlands; Switzerland; Italy; Russia and Poland; England and Scotland; and also Scandinavia. Candidates ready 10 portions of each region’s key dish prepared for Russian business with 4 plated portions and also six parts of three key dishes. Time format: 4 hours preparation and also 30 minute presentation.

During the industry basket exam, candidates are evaluated top top their capability to write and prepare a menu within details time constraints and demonstrate a mastery of cooking methodology, butchery and also craftsmanship. Exemplary plating, plate construction, taste and finishing skills are scrutinized.

Candidates need to use every ingredient in the sector basket come prepare a five-course menu presented as four plated portions and also six sections for platter service. The 5 courses include an appetizer, soup, fish course, salad and main course. Time format: 5 hours preparation and 30 minute service.

After eight work and nearly 90 hours of cooking, the American cooking Federation is pleased come announce the 2017 Certified grasp Chefs: Gerald Ford, CMC; Joseph Leonardi, CMC; and Shawn Loving, CMC.

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Two candidates will have actually the chance to retake the final day the the test at a later on date: cook Kevin Storm due to an injury and Chef Arnaud Berthelier based upon his score. Us wish lock success as they arrangement ahead for the retake.

ACF sincerely many thanks the entire team and also apprentices in ~ Schoolcraft College because that helping to do the CMC test a success.