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typical DVD sizes

The number in each format refer, roughly, to capacity in gigabytes. Actual capacity is less because technical parameters readjusted since the nomenclature to be designated. Still, the number is a valid means to approximate exactly how much data the DVD will host when you're deciding which come purchase.

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DVD-5: hold 4.7GB; single-sided, single-layer; supported by the DVD+R/RW and also DVD-R/RW formatsDVD-9: holds 8.5GB; single-sided double-layer; supported by the DVD+R and also DVD-R formats; officially known as DVD-R DL and DVD+R DLDVD-10: holds 8.75GB; double-sided single layer; sustained by the DVD+R/RW and also DVD-R/RW formatsDVD-18: hold 15.9GB; double-sided double-layer; sustained by the DVD+R format

DVDs compared to comparable Media

DVDs absolutely have their uses but there are additionally other kinds of discs you might use to save files, whether they're software application programs, pictures, videos, MP3s, etc. In part cases, you might need a key that have the right to hold much more or much less data.

For example, if friend need more storage room because your DVD isn"t enough, you can grab a single-layer Blu-ray bowl that have the right to hold 25GB. There are even write-once BDXL formatted discs that have the right to hold upwards that 100-128GB of data.

However, there's additionally the opposite–CDs that are an excellent for storing less than what a DVD is capable of holding. If you only need less than one gigabyte of storage, you can be better off sticking with a CD-R or CD-RW the maxes the end at 700MB.

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Generally, smaller sized capacity discs space the least expensive discs you deserve to buy. They're also much more widely acceptable in disc drives. Because that instance, your average 700MB CD-R can be offered in basically any contemporary computer or DVD player, and the very same goes for most DVDs. However, a Blu-ray bowl is only usable if the maker includes Blu-ray support.