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If you’ve ever before owned an ereader, one of the determinants in deciding i beg your pardon one to buy was really likely how numerous gigabytes of warehouse it has. However the dimension of the warehouse unit only matters if you recognize how countless of your things you have the right to fit right into it; a 6′ x 10′ x 10′ warehouse unit stop a different number of boxes or pieces of furniture depending upon what dimension each article is. For this reason I’ve done the math and also broken it under to price the most vital question: just how many books can a Kindle hold, really?

The short answer is, that course, “it’s complicated.”

Behind the Math

There are at this time three models of Kindle available on Amazon: the Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, and also the Kindle Oasis. Lucky for me and also my deadlines, the Paperwhite and the Oasis have the exact same storage capacity.

Book and paper size, however, is infinitely much more variable. Books themselves have a hugely variable variety of pages; translating the into record size calls for taking the cover, table that contents, and any illustrations into account. One can conveniently go under a hare hole, native which one have the right to only escape by climbing increase on the ever-growing TBR pile. This calls for parameters if one is ever before going to gain anywhere.

I did a fast Google search and also polled mine friends come brainstorm the best way to calculate, and also came up with a plan. Us crowdsourced books in rather arbitrary category of “Biggest publications We deserve to Think Of,” “Average-Sized Books,” and also “Novellas.” Kindle documents are proprietary, natch, therefore the paper sizes are different from ePub files. Figuring the end the switch of page number to document size is not precise science early out to previously mentioned factors. I essential to pick actual books to usage as one example.

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For the Biggest books We deserve to Think Of, Richardson’s Clarissa topped the list—and rightfully so, because it’s top top the height 10 list of the longest novels ever published—along with my personal favorite, Jonathan strange & Mr. Norrell, which at 865 pages and 4.6 mb is substantially shorter than mine 1330-page execution of Les Miserablés, but public domain books tend to have smaller paper sizes (2.6 mb in this case) therefore they throw off the data. (P.S. Go you understand Susanna Clarke finally has a new book comes out? I’m for this reason excited!)

Average-sized contemporary books it seems ~ to have a similar record size despite fifty percent as many pages. Tommy Orange’s There, There is 5mb, and also Yaa Gyasi’s gorgeous Homegoing is 4mb, however they space 304 and also 320 pages, respectively. One of the ideal books I’ve check out in 2020 is I’m no Dying with You this evening by Kimberly Latrice Jones and also Gilly Segal, comes in in ~ 1.2mb and 272 printed pages, for this reason we’ll usage that one.

And lastly, novellas. Together you’ve probably noticed, web page count and document size don’t it seems to be ~ to have actually a straight relationship; Seanan Maguire’s Every love a Doorway is 174 pages and also 1.1mb, if Martha Wells’s All equipment Red is 155 pages and 2mb. For this reason I’m using my authorial privilege and also will it is in comparing only huge to average-sized books.


Now, space you prepared for data? i love data.

To The Data!

First, the data top top the books:

And now the different Kindles:


The short answer to “how many publications can a Kindle hold?” is: a lot.


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2200 pounds is roughly the weight of 2 grand pianos, or one fifty percent of a giraffe or rhinoceros.550 pounds is the weight of one average domestic pig, or half of a polar bear.300 pounds is practically 2 15.5-gallon kegs that beer, or virtually 2 full-grown male kangaroos.


114 cubic feet is 4.5 hot tubs, or 20 bathtubs56 cubic feet is 10 bathtubs, or 950 ostrich eggs.28 cubic feet is 5 bathtubs, or 1500 20-oz lattes.14 cubic feet is 2.5 bathtubs, or 1000 baseballs in their packaging.7 cubic feet is 1.2 bathtubs, or 3.5-15.5 gallon kegs that beer.

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And pages-wise, I consider myself a medium-fast reader and also have a goal of 72 publications this year. So far I’ve review 45, making up 16,570 pages. If I save on in ~ this pace, I’ll fight 33,000 pages read this year, which means that also the smallest variation of the Kindle will hold enough books to gain me v until December 2022.

Are friend feeling an ext comfortable through the slim volume of publications that can fit ~ above a Kindle? Great! Time to go download the 50 best Kindle Unlimited publications You have the right to Read in 2020, or the 20 ideal Kindle complimentary Books You can Read in Isolation, or both! ~ all, you’ve obtained the room!