From fancy birthday cake jello shooters to your straightforward jello shooting cups, we have whatever you could possibly need to know about making her own. MORE+ LESS-
We’ve every come throughout a jello shot at some allude in our resides (see: college), those wiggly party treats made v the cheapest liquor you have the right to find. But jello shots—or jello jigglers if girlfriend prefer—have come a lengthy way. Us promise, castle are more than a cheap party shooter. They can actually be fancy and sophisticated. It’s merely a issue of do the many out of her ingredients.

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Never had actually jello shots? They’re specifically what they sound like: an personal portioned size bite that jello, traditionally consumed as a shot. And also they’re good with or there is no booze. Use water or juice if you’re making booze-free, or change the liquid through alcohol if you desire an adults-only version.

Vegetarians and also vegans, don’t worry, there’s a jello shot alternative for girlfriend too. Continual gelatin is traditionally made v collagen, but substitutions can be made with agar agar (cooked and also pressed algae, supplied in a lot of of asian cooking) or carrageenan (dried seaweed). Due to the fact that these differ, both in texture and how they are prepared, friend may have to do a tiny testing until you reach the right consistency.

And that’s the beauty beauty of jello shots; they’re very easy to customize and there’s no wrong way to do them! Flavors, colors, shapes, everything you have the right to imagine, you have the right to make. Feeling the fall vibes? do pumpkin-flavored jello jigglers. Or get into the Christmas soul with red and green jello shots. There’s precise nothing you can’t do and also there’s never ever a dorn time to do jello shots. Birthday? Definitely. Halloween? the course. Bachelorette? difficult yes.

For the most basic, easiest, and also fastest shots, we’ll walk girlfriend through how to make jello shots and what you’ll must make ‘em great! Note: this recipe will certainly yield around a dozen shots depending on how complete you fill her cups.

What girlfriend Need:

1-quart measure cup with spout, or pitcher Mini plastic cups


1 box of premade flavored gelatin flour (jello) 1 cup of boiling water 1 cup that cold alcohol

Step 1: Pour the jello powder in the fluid measuring cup. Include 1 cup of boiling water and also stir until every one of the powder has totally dissolved.




How to make Jello Shots through Vodka

Although jello shots deserve to be made through any type of alcohol, vodka is the many common. You can use any type of brand or flavor the you’d like. To make a straightforward jello shot with vodka, simply follow the how-to over and usage vodka for the cup of cool alcohol. If you want to take points up a notch, shot our recipe for Rainbow Jello Shotsusing vodka and all type of jello flavors!

How to make Jello Shots with Rum

If you’re no a pan of vodka, friend can additionally learn just how to do jello shots through rum. Again, you have the right to follow our straightforward recipe above and use chilled rum for the cold alcohol. We recommend making use of clear rum favor we did v our Strawberry Daiquiri Jello shoot recipe.

How to make Jello Shots v Tequila

Love margaritas? Can’t imagine a party without tequila shots? great news! You deserve to learn how to make jello shots v tequila, too! Again, complying with the basic recipe that calls because that a cup of cold alcohol, just use clear-colored tequila. We most likely don’t need to tell you the cheap tequila isn’t the best choice to use for jello shots. If you’re a tequila fan, girlfriend likely have a tequila preference, but we introduce Jose Cuervo or Patron because that the party.

Use tequila in our five-star Margarita Jello Shots recipe. How to make Layered Jello Shots

Want the layered look? The secret is time and also patience. Every layer will certainly need sufficient time to set in bespeak to obtain those clean lines. It’s a good idea to do layered jello shots the day prior to the party, so each layer has enough time come set. You’ll additionally want to pick a different shade of jello for each layer, obviously.


To make the layers, you’ll usage the same quantities of liquid and jello powder because that each layer. After ~ you’ve poured a layer, you’ll should put the in the fridge till the jello layer has set. We recommend at the very least 30 minutes between layers. Climate you’ll pour the following layer and also repeat the process. When all of the layers have been added, you’ll want to allow the entire dish set in the fridge for at least two hours.

Try to make layered jello shots with our festive recipe for Holly Jolly Jello Shots. Watch the video and see exactly how easy the is!

If you pick to give up the boxed flavored flour mixes and also create your own from scrape then there’s a little an ext science involved. Whatever form of “gelatin” friend choose, you need to understand its “bloom” rating, or strength. The weaker the gelatin, the lower the bloom rate. Because that example, common grocery save brand Knox gelatin has actually a strong bloom. The more powerful the gelatin, the firmer the shot; a great thing to store in mental if you’re cutting your shots into cubes come be eaten with fingers or merely pouring them right into individual shooter cups.

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Another crucial to great jello shots is starting with boiling water, i beg your pardon will assist activate and also properly dissolve the gelatin flour so that can set and firm increase later. Indigenous there, the mixture the liquids is approximately you. While no required, if you’re do boozy shots, you can pre-chill your alcohol before adding it come the mix. Because water boils at 212°F and also alcohol boils at 173°F, making use of cold alcohol ensures that none the the alcohol will evaporate when including it come the boiled water and gelatin.

Obviously the ratio of liquid to gelatin flour will impact the taste of her shot. Much more alcohol will an outcome in a stronger alcohol taste and more potent shot. Add an ext water and also the more watered-down the shots become. Alcohol proof will also affect the texture and taste of her shots. Go ahead and also test out various combinations until you gain your desired taste and also texture, it will be totally worth the (plus you deserve to eat the rejects). If you need assist getting started, has plenty the jello shot advice andjello shoot recipes already tested and also verified tasty!


And don’t feel confined to just shot cups. Usemoldsfor fun shapes choose these banana jello shots, or to fill hollowed-out citrus peels and also slice intofruit slices prefer we did with these jello shots in orange wedges. Just make sure to spray any molds or containers you’ll be using through a thin layer of food preparation spray. It’ll make dislodging the shots much easier and also it won’t impact the taste!

If her shots space on the softer side, serve them in pliable plastic cups or small shot glasses through something come dislodge the shot choose a cocktail straw or mini spoon. Firmer shots can be made in one huge pan and also sliced into bite-sized squares.