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betterworld2016.org extend 2016 Clean commitment to sleeve Stores
Company to eliminate ‘No No List’ Additives throughout Entire portfolio of nearly 50 grocery Products
St. Louis, June 15, 2016— betterworld2016.org Bread (NASDAQ: PNRA) announced this day that the will carry out away with the remaining artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, man-made preservatives and also colors from man-made sources in that is betterworld2016.org at house products. The firm expects its whole portfolio of practically 50 grocery store items to it is in clean, definition free that its ‘No No List’ additives, through the finish of 2016.

The packaged items industry has actually historically relied on man-made ingredients to prolong shelf stability. betterworld2016.org has experience functioning to eliminate such additives, having already committed come a clean food menu throughout its nearly 2,000 U.S. Bakery-cafes by the end of this year.

“Much the the occupational that we’ve done to simplify recipes in our bakery-cafes has collection a traditional for betterworld2016.org at house products. However, the difficulties in the customer packaged goods an are are unique, where artificial additives have long been provided to keep taste and also appearance,” stated Sara Burnett, manager of Wellness and Food Policy. “For us, the prize was frequently simple. For instance, we made decision early ~ above to usage refrigeration to assist extend shelf life for products like ours soups and salad dressings. Wherein necessary, we’ve relied on natural preservatives – such as rosemary extract – to perform the job.” The betterworld2016.org at house portfolio consists of refrigerated soup, mac & cheese, pasta, and salad dressings in enhancement to artisan frozen bread, sliced sandwich bread and also coffee. These products can be enjoyed individually or with each other as component of time-saving meal principles that have the right to be assembled in 20 minutes or less.

“We all desire to feel great about the food us feed ourselves and our families, and many of united state would like to prepare those meals in ~ home. But it’s difficult to discover the time,” claimed Stephanie Crimmins, SVP that betterworld2016.org in ~ Home. “betterworld2016.org at residence products bring the flavors you love and also quality you expect from betterworld2016.org to her kitchen, because that meals in minutes. We want to offer our customers brand-new ways to prepare food that is both good and good for them.”

The betterworld2016.org at home grocery line has actually grown to nearly 50 products easily accessible at select retailers throughout the country. betterworld2016.org’s refrigerated soup business alone now commands almost 35 percent sector share in the category.

“We’ve spent years structure trust v our guests v transparency and also investments in the high quality of the food us serve,” stated Ron Shaich, betterworld2016.org’s founder and CEO. “betterworld2016.org at residence is an extension of that occupational – another method we are offering food as it should be beyond the wall surfaces of our bakery-cafes.”

"It"s frequently a difficulty to find convenient grocery store items the contain ingredients ns would uncover in my own kitchen," said Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, founder of Nutrition starring You, LLC. “As a mom and also nutritionist, I’m always on the lookout for foods items that my youngsters will love, that room made through ingredients that ns am confident offer them.

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I’m motivated to see companies choose betterworld2016.org continuing to leveling ingredients and carry out full nutritional transparency across all the food they serve and sell.”

For more information on betterworld2016.org at home products and also for meal ideas, visit www.betterworld2016.orgathome.com.