When we very first decided to look into buses for our conversion, we were conveniently overwhelmed by every one of the college bus size available. We learned that every skoolie size has actually its perks and also disadvantages and what is best for you may not be the finest option because that someone else. We’ll share the 3 most common school bus sizes, your perks, and some that our favourite skoolies in that length.

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The 3 primary varieties of college bus size include:

1. Quick Buses 

2. Medium-Size Buses 

3. Full-Size Buses / Coach Buses 

Short Buses (20-25ft)

Short buses can be a viable option for you for a variety of reasons. Because that one, a smaller sized bus is much much more maneuverable than some of the lengthier skoolies. In addition to being a bit much easier to drive, mini buses can normally fit right into most parking spots. This provides it simpler to operation errands consisting of grocery shopping, the gym, or laundry.

Ideal Candidate: Short buses are great options because that 1 or 2 people. They’re also a an excellent choice because that someone no interested in towing secondary car or feather to get into harder come reach boondocking spots.

Downsides: While maneuverability is certainly a bonus, you will be offering up a far-ranging amount the living room on a brief bus. In addition to the ns of space, friend may have to make compromises come what you desire in her build. Because that example, many short buses might not have actually a toilet or shower.

Skooliana: Isaac lives in a 21 ft. 2003 Ford E450 7.3L Diesel brief bus. When he certainly thinks the institution bus dimension meets their needs, he desire he could’ve included a bathroom and shower.

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