Nipple – Yes, both male and female dogs have nipples. These little bumps expand from your groin area up your stomachs, and also the variety of nipples have the right to vary. Dogs tend to have between 8 and 10 nipples, but some have actually more, if others have fewer nipples.

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Vulva – thevulvais the outer part of the mrs genitals.

Lets start.


Is she pregnant?

Psychological changes

The key thing friend would more than likely like come know about your dog’s pregnant is just how to test whether she actually is. The very first sign is behavior. Behavior is bound to transform under overwhelming press of hormones. She will certainly look an ext so to say friendly; will shot to look for her attention more than usual. Or she might look depressed and also lethargic. Anyway, her habits will digress from the usual.


Apart from mental changes, check your female Shih Tzu’s body. Swollen, hardened, sharpened and also pink nipples space a true sign of pregnancy.


When pregnant, Shih Tzu’s vulva swells up. Yet unlike swelling during heat, in this situation vulva no bleed and also the swelling will not walk down until after the an extremely birth. If her bitch beginning licking she vulva native time to time due to the fact that of elevating discomfort, this is likewise the sign.

Pregnancy Bump

It’s a typical knowledge that throughout pregnancy a ship starts growing. For this reason if you watch a bump on her side and notification that her gait has readjusted (she’s swelling ago and forth while walking), it way she is pregnant. The tummy steadily grows starting from the 3rd week.

Other ways to recognize she is pregnant

Ultrasound – the best and also expensive(in united state $100 and also $1000 relies on region) means to know. If you want to obtain 100% correct result you have to do this just after 4 week after mating. Friend may previously but an outcome couldn’t be not so correct. This porcedure pain-free, but may it is in stressful for her Pet since it’s ship hair will certainly be shaved off.Blood Tests – second method blood test however only 35 days(5 week) after ~ mating. It’s not expensive however less accurate particularly if she mating less then 35 days.X-rays – 100% accurate way but can be done only because 7 week. By this job puppies will certainly be large enough within tummy and also doctor have the right to see them on x-ray and also even count them through skulls.

If you trying to find answer, need to you do among this test? No, we are not recommend, only if girlfriend are very curios.

How to make pregnancy easier

Your Shih Tzu pregnancy Diet


4 main of pregnant – she will should eat 5-15% an ext food;by 7 mainly – 25 – 30% an ext than usual;by 8 week – 50% more.

All this numbers are approximate. You must take treatment of her and I also recommend provide her as much as she need due to the fact that 7 week.


If her dog eat good brand food no require to provide her extra vitamins or minerals. However if you feel worry about your dog you should consult v your vet.

If you want to give some medicine to your pregnant Shih Tzu also ask vet before.

Also very popular question around calcium. Be cautious with it, I also recommend come ask her vet before because it have the right to be harmful for your dog.


Keep up through your practice routine throughout your Shih Tzu Pregnancy.Exercise is great for Shih Tzu dogs and especially for pregnant Tzus. If you usually walk your dog, proceed to execute so. However don’t allow her to over exert herself.

Shih Tzu pregnant calendar

Knowing week by week timeline of events and how long they last can help you to face any difficulties v bells on. All in all, the length of pregnant cycle is nine weeks in total.

Week/Days What happensWhat come do
1 (Days 1 – 7)after mating fertilization ovulation occurs, back it may take much more than one adjustment to achieve ovulation;in the beginning of mainly 1, the bitch may show signs the morning sickness.she might need a vitamin supplement her vet have the right to prescribe
2 (Days 8 – 14)the cells start to grow and separate, new embryos descent right into uterus;usually throughout this mainly the vulva swells.feed and also exercise your dog together usual
3 (Days 15 – 21)embryos start to implant right into the uterus, whereby they will certainly get vital nutrients indigenous the body;the fetuses top top this stage are much less than one cm the eating habits. If the dog’s appetite increases, prolong her ration accordingly;keep content of the ration the same.
4 (Days 21 – 28)fetuses’ spine and eyes begin to develop, faces start to form;fetuses rise to about half an inch. The dog’s nipples swell, she vagina discharges thin, clean liquor.limit turbulent play, and active exercises;on this stage the dog’s diet should more than likely be adjusted, above a vet to discover out if it’s necessary.
5 (Days 29 – 35)amniotic liquid increases to defend puppies, which means they space not as delicate to physical damage as before;their separation, personal, instance toes start to shape; whiskers and also claws begin to grow;besides, on this stage fetuses’ sexes are the bitch’s weight increases, friend should expand the ration currently if friend haven’t excellent it yet;feed often and also in small portions;start feeding the bitch puppy food, for this is the ideal diet because that a pregnant dog, buy she puppy replacement milk and enable her to drink the a pair of time a day together it is high in protein and also fat;make ultrasound scan to know variety of puppies and also search for difficulties they might have.
6 (Days 36 – 42)the ship increases;the puppies gain skin pigmentation and markings.increase the quantity of puppy food in the diet;add multivitamin complement to the ration;prepare a crate for whelping.
7 (Days 43 – 49)the dog start shedding hair ~ above the belly;the puppies ~ above this stage complete their pre-natal development.stop feeding puppy food and get ago to the regular diet setup your dog had had before the conception;yet, the lot of spend food should stay high.
8 (Days 50 – 56)the bitch screens so-called nesting behavior; she is thoroughly looking for suitable place for birth and breastfeeding. Alas, there is no chance you can pressure her to choose some location over another, you will do it just need to accept whereby this place is positioned (e.g.) under your bed.the dog starts developing colostrum(a yellowish liquid, especially rich in immune factors, secreted through the mammary gland of woman mammals a few days before and also after the birth of your young);even though the dog may provide birth on this stage, she is an alleged to continue to be pregnant for one an ext week.avoid anything i beg your pardon may result in the beforehand labor – turbulent play or any stimulation.
9 (Days 57 – 63)the dog’s appetite might dropyour bitch need to comfortably lie in the whelping area. You deserve to arrange one;don’t try to feed her more than she demands.
The birthtemperature drops from 101°F to around 99°F prior to the labor;the bitch starts providing had much better call someone proficient to supply a puppy;lay down plastic and cover this through clean towels or blankets because that the dog to lay on;if there are more than 4 puppies to it is in born, the dog will most likely need C-section;if the dog doesn’t lick the sac off the puppy and also doesn’t rest the umbilical cord by she own, use your finger to simulate the licking, and also cut the umbilical cord by a string;if the mother doesn’t lick the puppy, obstacle him with towel to wake up blood flow;if a puppy’s breath is hardened, usage a syringe pear to remove fluids from the mouth and nose of the puppy;after it’s done, market your dog food and also drink.


In the finish we would like to say the the key thing you have to know around pregnancy and all the ingredient is that any disturbing authorize (bleeding, overly lethargic or irritated behavior) must ring the bell – a vet knows much better what to perform in any kind of case.

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