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Smoked Salmon is a technique of preparing salmon (usually a filet the salmon) the uses warm or cold exhilaration to keep and add flavor come the fish.

This technique of preparing fish can be traced ago to ancient times and also connected v any variety of cultures and peoples that had access to species of salmon.

Smoked salmon is generally thought of together a much more elevated food now, yet it originated just as a way to keep fresh salmon for sure to eat for much longer periods the time.

That being said, just how long does smoked salmon critical in the freezer?

We recognize that the is currently a kept food, yet that does not average that it stays great forever merely existing in a smoked state.

If girlfriend buy a pack of smoked salmon native the grocery store, you’ve got approximately one week before it starts come turn; granted this is much longer than the shelf life that raw new salmon i m sorry is only an excellent for a pair of work in the mean refrigerator.

In this article, we will go over some of the things that add to acting salmon’s longer shelf life, and give girlfriend a few tips for preserving your exhilaration salmon because that as long as possible.

Cold acting vs. Hot Smoked Salmon

When it comes to smoking foods there are countless different methods relying on the kind of food you are smoking, the tools you have actually available, and your an individual preferences.

Largely, however, when it involves smoked salmon you deserve to choose between a cold exhilaration salmon or a warm smoked salmon.

This does not refer to the temperature of the meat, yet instead refers to the temperature the the smoke offered on the reduced of salmon.

Both cold smoked and also hot exhilaration salmon space equally very delicious (and efficiently preserved) but do have different characteristics and also different typical localities.

Hot and cold smoked foods items alike are preserved because the heat of the exhilaration kills turn off harmful bacteria.

If her salmon is cold smoked, ( which is more common on the east coast – think something prefer a brand-new York bagel through “lox”, capers, and cream cheese – yum!) warm is tho involved.

The meat is maintained at a low temperature for much longer which allows the fish to take it on much less of a “smoky” flavor and also maintains the smoothness that the salmon meat’s texture.

Because the structure of the meat remains vulnerable and nearly “sashimi” like, this form of acting salmon is an excellent served over a crostini or on top of a salad.

Though it provides a delicious and also delicate product, cold smoking cigarettes salmon deserve to be more dangerous than hot smoking if done improperly.

Because cold smoking requires you to save your meat approximately or listed below 90 degrees fahrenheit (right smack in the middle of the “danger zone”), there is a higher chance of her meat collecting bacteria together it smokes.

If you are attempting cold smoked salmon at home, make certain that the tools you room using are made for cold cigarette smoking fish, and also make sure that the reduced of fish girlfriend have and anything girlfriend may add to the or placed it top top is sanitary.

On the other end of the spectrum is hot smoked salmon.

Hot smoking cigarettes keeps the meat cigarette smoking at temperatures between 120 come 180 degrees fahrenheit for in between 6 to 12 hours.

This kind of greater heat, much less time smoking produces a salmon cut that is flakier and smokier 보다 the cold smoked variation of this fish.

This kind of acting salmon is finest used in things like warm pastas and chowders due to the fact that it is more thoroughly cooked through than cold smoked salmon.

The structure of the meat also makes because that a an ext pleasurable bite of heat chowder 보다 the silky (dare we say slimey) texture of cold acting salmon.

Freezing her Smoked Salmon

With both types of exhilaration salmon, more freezing the meat can include months, if not years, to the expectancy of her fish.

Most exhilaration salmon comes currently vacuum sealed; however, if you have a fresh catch of salmon that you have smoked and also are looking to preserve, you will must vacuum seal the meat before attempting to frozen it.

Vacuum sealing helps keep food by removed oxygen and also thereby avoiding mold and bacteria from growing on the vacuum sealed food.

Before attempting come vacuum seal any sort that fish girlfriend will require to give it a rapid freeze.

Laying the end your exhilaration salmon ~ above a baking sheet (be mindful not come let pieces you want to continue to be seperate touch) and pre-freezing lock for around an hour or 2 can help to keep the integrity of the meat so that it does not crumble or squish increase oddly once being vacuum sealed.

When girlfriend are prepared to get to vacuum sealing, make certain that you have actually a top quality vacuum sealer machine to provide your acting salmon the best chance of staying pristine in the freezer for as long as possible.


The FoodSaver FM2435 Vacuum Sealer machine with Bonus Handheld Sealer and also Starter Kit (view at Amazon) is a great example of a high quality vacuum sealer an equipment that would work an excellent to aid you in preserving your acting salmon.

This vacuum seal device claims to assist preserve the “fresh” taste of meats and keep castle freezer burn complimentary for increase to three years.

A starter kit and also a handheld sealer are contained with this vacuum sealer machine so that you can easily figure out how to get your fish vacuum sealed even if you have never offered a vacuum sealer before.

The lid top top the FoodSaver an equipment has a latch that just requires one hand to operate, for this reason you have the right to keep your smoked salmon secure while the is being vacuum sealed.

A catch all tray is likewise built right into this machine, which records juices that may flow from her vacuum sealed food.

This tray is easy to remove for dishwasher for sure cleaning.

This machine also has built in roll storage and a cutter which permits you to create custom sized bags to fit the certain dimensions of whatever cuts of acting salmon you discover yourself with.

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer can efficiently regulate to develop 60 continuous airtight seals prior to requiring a cool down period.

FoodSaver supplies a 5 year restricted warranty through the acquisition of this product, for this reason you have the right to make the investment without having to fret around potential mechanical issues down the line.

How lengthy does exhilaration salmon critical in the freezer?

No matter if you space looking come vacuum seal and freeze your own smoked salmon, or merely freezing a pre-packaged salmon product, girlfriend will have to be careful around how friend store and thaw her fish.

Smoked salmon maintains its best flavor for about three month in the freezer.

This walk not typical that the fish goes “bad” after that period, that just means that the flavor and also texture may change after that 3 month mark.

That gift said, just how long go smoked salmon last in the freezer after being vacuum sealed?

A long time. . .

As long as her smoked salmon stays tightly covered to stop freezer burn, and is kept at a constant 0 degrees fahrenheit, it can be for sure to eat pretty much indefinitely.

That go not mean it will taste as great as fresh smoked salmon, yet it need to not have actually the chance to harbor any type of harmful bacteria in ~ any point if prepared and also frozen properly.

Keep in psychic that when you walk to thaw frozen exhilaration salmon, girlfriend will desire to do so gradually and in a managed environment to maintain the verity of her fish.

You can pick to thaw the fish tenderness in the refrigerator over a few days, or let the hang the end under cold, running water because that a small while to defrost.

It is an extremely important to remember that if you pick to defrost your salmon under to run water, her water has to be cold.

If girlfriend thaw something under warm or hot water, you are developing an atmosphere for bacteria to begin to grow and your meat may spoil.

Additionally, girlfriend should typically not refreeze fish that has been frozen and then thawed.

If your smoked salmon has actually been out at room temperature for also long before being refrozen, this can enable bacteria to collection up in the fish i beg your pardon will just be removed by additional cooking.

Refreezing pre frozen acting salmon might also adjust the texture and taste of the meat because of repetitive freezing.

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Ultimately, no issue if you space cold smoking your salmon, hot smoking your salmon, vacuum sealing the yourself, or buying it pre all set from a market or grocery store, you can an ext often than not trust her eyes and also your nose when deciding if it is safe to eat or not.

If your fish smells weird or watch funky (even if it has actually been smoked and frozen) it is more than likely not going to be a good idea come eat it.