Who doesn’t like salsa? that goes well not just with tacos and nachos, yet you can add it come pretty much anything.

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Even though it’s such a functional food, occasionally a half-open jar sits in the fridge for weeks or also months on end. Does salsa walk bad?

There are hundreds of choices when it concerns store-bought salsa and also at least simply as numerous recipes for homemade ones. Few of the salsa jars sit in the refrigerated aisle, when the rest are ~ above the shelves. That’s why it’s easy to acquire confused about how to store each selection of salsa and also how long does it last.

In this article, we will certainly go with the most well-known options, whereby to store them and for exactly how long they are safe to eat. If you’d choose to learn a bit an ext about salsa, check out on.

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How To save Salsa

Since the storage guidelines room slightly various for each type of salsa, we will certainly go through each of lock individually.

Let’s begin with store-bought salsa that’s marketed unrefrigerated. That method something favor the popular Tostitos Salsa Con Queso. You deserve to buy the in one of two people a jar, a bottle, or a can.

Before you open up such salsa, you can store it similarly to mayo. That way it should sit in a cold and dark place, far from resources of heat. The pantry or a kitchen cabinet away from the stove are amongst the ideal choices.

Once you open the container, you have to store the sealed strict in the fridge. If the dip come in a can, please deliver the leftovers right into an airtight container so they won’t dry out.

For commercially bottled salsa that’s offered in the refrigerated aisle, the warehouse guidelines room even an ext straightforward. Girlfriend should always keep that in the fridge. It’s no surprise due to the fact that pretty much everything you buy in the refrigerated section needs storing at short temperatures.

Homemade salsa, prefer homemade BBQ sauce, or quite much any kind of dip girlfriend whip increase yourself, calls for refrigeration.

When it comes to freezing salsa, most producers don’t introduce it. The texture will slightly readjust after defrosting. However, if salsa is only one of the ingredient in the sauce in a cooking dish, it’s worth providing freezing a try. The slim texture readjust of salsa shouldn’t be the noticeable if it’s just a component of the sauce.

Last but not least, you re welcome remember the practicing proper food hygiene is essential, particularly when it comes to dips.

If you don’t mean to use the whole jar that salsa in a solitary sitting, offer a couple of tablespoons in a bowl. I recognize using the initial container is more convenient and doesn’t need cleanup, but dipping fries, chips, or any type of other food in the seasoned is a sure method of transferring bacteria and also contaminants come the sauce. And also often the will result in it going negative prematurely.

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How lengthy Does Salsa Last

The shelf life that salsa counts on how it was produced and also sold. One thing to keep in mind is that salsa consists of a bunch of perishable ingredients. Therefore unlike mustard or ketchup, salsa won’t critical that long after opening. Also if it’s the store-bought sold-unrefrigerated variety.


The periods mentioned below, specifically those for opened up salsa, room rough estimates. Constantly check with the brand to do sure exactly how long you have the right to keep the dip around after opening.

Once again, let’s begin with the commercially bottled unrefrigerated kind. Such salsa normally comes with a best-by day on the label. That date is a rough estimate, and also since the product is most most likely pasteurized and also cooked, one unopen salsa deserve to last a couple of months past that date. When you open the bottle, it can sit in the fridge for just a pair of weeks, up to a month.

Store-bought refrigerated salsa most often comes v a “use by” date. As lengthy as you save it unopened, the should quickly last choose 5 days past that date. It’s a rough estimate, of course.

Once you open up the container, friend should complete it within 5 come 7 days. That course, these periods don’t add up. If you open up a container that’s 5 days past the use-by date, don’t expect it to retain an excellent quality for another week.

When it pertains to homemade salsa, it’s obviously finest if friend whip up only as lot as you usage in a single sitting. Yet if girlfriend would choose to conserve some time and also prepare a batch that pico de gallo or an additional salsa in advance, it can sit in the fridge for choose 5 days. It relies on the ingredient you use, so examine the recipe for the argued storage time.

Salsa (sold unrefrigerated, unopened)Best-by + 6 months
Salsa (sold unrefrigerated, opened)1 month
Salsa (sold refrigerated, unopened)Use-by + 5 days
Salsa (sold refrigerated, opened)5 – 7 days
Salsa (homemade)5 days

Please note that every periods above are stormy estimates.


How to Tell If Salsa Is Bad

Let’s begin with the noticeable signs the salsa has actually gone bad. These encompass signs the mold or any type of other organic development on the surface ar or within the container, foul or turn off odor, or cake taste. If you notification any the these, discard the salsa.

If every little thing seems to it is in in perfect order, the salsa is more than likely okay to eat. Give it a taste and also decide based on that if it’s good enough come use. If it’s not, throw it out for quality purposes.

As usual, there room a pair more things to remember once it pertains to going bad of salsa.

First is the usual reminder: if you’re not sure it’s it s okay to eat it, play it safe and discard it.

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Second, remember that salsa is more prone to spoiling than various other condiments favor BBQ sauce, or mustard. That method if you keep a half-open seasoned of refrigerated salsa in the fridge for over 2 weeks, it’s better to get rid of it, no matter if it seems edible and tastes fine.