The chances are good that if you’ve never sent anything come Canada through the mail prior to you’ve never ever thought the the process – or the postage – can be a little different 보다 what it is below in the united States.

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Sure, probably you presume it was going to it is in a little bit more expensive (but no much, considering they are our north neighbors). However what about the whole procedure of sending mail come Canada?

Do you have to use various stamps?

Do you have to cover postage in the US and also Canada separately?

Just exactly how much money is that going to price to covering postage come Canada, anyway?

Well, we cover every one of that information (and more) because that you in the rest of this rapid guide.

Let’s obtain right into it!


Sending letter to Canada

Straight the end of the door it’s important to know that sending mail and also packages come Canada is (almost) as easy as sending mail clear throughout town, across the state, or throughout the country.

The process unfolds very an in similar way to what you’re used to already, with just a grasp of really minor differences – distinctions that we malfunction for girlfriend in simply a moment.

What you should know, though, is the every package and also every envelope you sent to Canada is going come be taken into consideration an international delivery. That means you’re looking at international shipping rates, even if her envelopes or packages don’t have to go that far.

Yes, this means that you’re paying worldwide postage also if you live near the Derby line in vermouth – a little town in vermont that (literally) shares a street as a border through Stanstead, Québec in Canada.

Derby heat homeowners have neighbors throughout the street the live in one more country, and also any mail traveling throughout that border is walk to have actually to incorporate postage charged out at worldwide prices.

Let’s dig a tiny bit deeper right into the prestige of finding the appropriate mail carrier to deliver your letter to Canada and also then run with the different kinds of postage price you can expect to salary (as the 2021, anyway).


Picking the ideal Mail Carrier

Finding the ideal mail carrier to supply your envelopes, packages, and parcels to addresses in Canada is specifically important, specifically if you desire your mail to come as quickly as possible.

The United says Postal business is possibly the many affordable mail transport of them all when it concerns delivering to worldwide addresses, and also they (obviously) have a rock solid reputation of taking care of their customers and guaranteeing delivery.

Both FedEx and also UPS space also an excellent options as soon as you need to have actually mail or packages yielded to addresses in Canada, too.

The USPS does place weight borders on parcels that they room willing to lug into Canada (66 pounds). As quickly as girlfriend get higher than this weight border you’re walking to should start thinking about going through someone prefer UPS.

If rate is the number one factor, though, you really can’t walk wrong through FedEx.

There’s a reason this this firm slogan is “when the absolutely, positively needs to be there overnight” ~ all!


Letter Postage to Canada

Sending envelopes and also letters to addresses in Canada is easily the most cost-effective solution, an especially when friend send your letter via the USPS.

International postage (for first-class postage) starts in ~ $1.20, spanning the postage expenses for as much as 3 ounces of letter to be yielded to any deal with in Canada. Shipment times are generally between five organization days come 10 organization days (or so).

Global very first Class Forever Stamps (priced in ~ $1.20 together of 2021) or 3 US first Class Forever Stamps will certainly cover her postage come addresses in Canada as well.

Just mental that just the first 3 ounces of her mail space going come be spanned with these simple postage fees. Every extr ounce over 3 ounces will require you to pony up an extra $0.49 (as the 2021) in postage, too.

You also want come make certain that the letters you are sending out are tucked inside of “standard” envelopes. Nonstandard envelopes – also if they accomplish the weight borders mentioned above – might require girlfriend to salary even an ext for postage.

Envelopes that can’t be processed by a machine, because that example, are going to require an extra $0.21 in postage (as the 2021).


Package Postage come Canada

Package postage come Canada is going come be uniquely priced depending upon both the size and also the as whole weight of the package the is being sent.

You’ll likewise have to aspect in any particular shipping alternatives (expedited shipping, insurance, etc.) attached to the shipments you room having yielded to addresses in Canada, too.

Luckily, though, if you room going to be sending out your packages via USPS you’ll have the ability to calculate how much postage will be before you need to pay any money at all.

Simply run on the USPS website (, navigate to the USPS Postage Price Calculator, and then get in “Canada” as the destination country option.

Insert information concerning your ZIP Code, select the sort of shipping organization you desire to take advantage of, and then schedule the date and time of as soon as you room going come drop your package off.

After the you are an excellent to go!

You’ll be listed with thorough information about exactly just how much postage come Canada is going to be for the details package she looking to send.

Of course, if you want to get rid of a the majority of the headache and also hassle in make the efforts to calculation shipping expenses (especially worldwide shipping costs) you could constantly choose to use USPS International flat Rate Boxes.

You’ll have the ability to pay a single, flat rate as lengthy as the item that you are sending fits in among these preapproved envelopes or packages. The doesn’t gain much simpler than that, either.


Postcard Postage to Canada

Sending postcards to addresses in Canada is quite inexpensive, as with it is right here in the unified States.

Obviously, the global postage to Canada price on postcards are a small bit more expensive 보다 they room in America. You’re looking at having to spend at the very least $1.20 in postage (though that deserve to jump up to virtually two dollars quite quickly depending upon the extra postcard delivery alternatives you might be interested in).

It’s important, though, the you make certain that her postcard matches the size handed under by the USPS also though her postcard is being sent out to Canada. You must be sending out a card that is rectangular in shape and is in between 3.5” x 5” and 4.25” x 6”.

As long as it fits those parameters friend are an excellent to go.

How lengthy Does it Take because that Mail to gain to Addresses in Canada?

As highlighted above, shipment times come addresses in Canada are generally pretty rapid – though you can expect at the very least five organization days to pass in between when girlfriend drop your letter in the post and also when it come at its ultimate location in Canada.

Traditional first-class letter being sent to addresses in Canada deserve to take also longer 보다 that, though many are going to be delivered in between 7 days and 21 days. If your mail still there is no arrived after 21 days it’s a great idea to get a organize of the post office to see what’s happening.

Priority Mail and Priority mail Express international options guarantee that your mail gets to Canada a tiny faster, despite the postage is (understandably) walk to be a tiny bit an ext expensive, too.

You can expect distribution anywhere in between 6 days and also 10 job with timeless Priority mail to Canada and 3 to 5 days with Priority mail Express.


Will My mail Go through Customs?


Anytime girlfriend are sending something to an additional country – even if it’s just an envelope filled with a letter – that item of letter is walk to it is in routed with customs.

Not only will the United states Postal organization handle your side that the us Customs procedure to relax your mail right into Canada, but packages (and part envelopes) are going to be screened by the Canadian Border Services agency as well.

All kinds of information concerning customs declarations will be printed directly on the label of any kind of packages that you are sending out to Canada. Letters, however, usually perform not have actually these kinds of declarations – and also only really require them if miscellaneous of real value is being sent over the border.

If you’re having actually a hard time filling out these declaration labels, though, don’t be shy about reaching out to her local post office or employee at FedEx or UPS because that help.

This is the sort of point they take treatment of all the time (maybe even every day). They’ll have the ability to give you the aid you need much faster than friend would have thought possible!

Can i Track Mail when It Moves v Canada?

You absolutely will be able to track her mail as it moves through Canada, nearly always with the exact same tracking details that friend were listed with when you first dropped your package, parcel, or envelope in the letter to start with.

First-class mail sent out via the USPS no trackable (traditionally), though you have the right to pay a small bit of extra postage to Canada for premium tracking services even on letters. Registered or certified mail may be a much better (and less expensive) approach, though.

Packages are certainly going to be tracked every prevent of the way, even after they crossed the border and also going to Canada. You’ll have the ability to watch as your package moves from the originating address in the United states to that ultimate location in Canada, too.

Are over there Prohibited Items ns Shouldn’t mail to Canada?

Every single country on the planet has a malfunction of things they prohibit native being sent out over their borders, and Canada is no exception.

This is really important come remember. Plenty of human being have just assumed the if they can send something safely transparent the United claims they space going to have the ability to do for this reason to other countries too when nothing can be additional from the truth.

A quick break down of several of the an ext common things that room not permitted to be shipped right into Canada include:

Live pets (though there room some little exceptions that exist) Tobacco item of any type of kind different varieties that plants any kind of currency whatsoever, consisting of US currency any type of gambling related items, including lottery tickets Anything firearm or ammunition (or explosive) associated

If girlfriend have any doubts or concerns about whether or no you room actually walking to have the ability to send something come addresses in Canada it’s no a negative idea to talk to the article office prior to you seal points up and also zip them along on their way.


Simplify Forwarding – and also Receiving – mail to Canada with US worldwide Mail

One that the biggest advantages of utilizing US worldwide Mail and also their online mailbox business (aside from gift able to get mail from any type of carrier under the sun, including Canadian letter carriers) is being able come forward her mail to practically any attend to on the planet at up to 80% turn off of timeless retail prices.

The digital mailbox indigenous US global Mail gives customers with a 100% legitimate physical street deal with that they deserve to receive mail, packages, and parcels in ~ – yet then can additionally forward the mail (including come addresses in Canada) without having to pay classic shipping prices.

The capability to conserve so lot money ~ above postage come Canada is a huge benefit, particularly if you are going to be spending a most time up phibìc (or must route packages, envelopes, and also parcels that means every now and also again).

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Of course, there space a totality host of various other benefits that the virtual mailbox business from US worldwide Mail brings to the table. Yes a factor why so many world have been utilizing this business to modernize and simplify their mailbox for an ext than 20+ years.

For much more information, particular details, and also instructions around how to collection up your own virtual mailbox, visit the US an international Mail website today!