adhering to the DVD/BluRay release of the final Hobbit installment, the ultimate fantasy marathon is finally within our with


Fourteen year ago, Peter Jackson"s adaptation that the nerd bible, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The lord of the Rings trilogy, to be released. Since then, fans have actually completed the epos movie marathon of the trilogy, usually entailing the expanded editions. But that’s a breeze contrasted to the newest difficulty that pan of Middle earth will now attempt.

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On march 27, 2015, the final installment in The Hobbit collection was released on DVD and BluRay, finally allowing us to finish the epic repertoire of both trilogies. So those the obvious next step? The many epic 17-hour movie marathon of all time. (Over 20 hours with the prolonged editions.)


But making that through plenty of hours that hobbits and magic and people screaming about rings is no for the faint of heart. I’m right here to help you prepare because that the long journey ahead, so girlfriend aren"t plagued with constant potty breaks and trips come the fridge.

Choose a path

Chances space you’ve already seen every the movies numerous times, for this reason why no switch it up a bit? top this overview of various marathon possibilities to best setup out your adventure right into Middle Earth.


Plan your journey

It every comes down to the W"s.

Who will sign up with you ~ above this adventure?

You don"t desire to be stuck to someone that can"t sit still because that 20 minutes, much much less 20 hours. You likewise don"t desire someone that would continually ask you to stop the movie because that them. Choose wisely!


What carry out you require with you?

All six moviesTV and/or computerSomething comfy to sit onBlankets and also pillowsA pan (or heater)PhonePhone charger (for as soon as your phone call inevitably runs out of battery)Food and drinks

Don"t weigh yourself down with distractions.

When will you embark ~ above this journey?


Pro: excellent by midnight

Con: Waking up super early


Pro: possibility to sleep in

Con: excellent by 6 a.m. (Not specifically sleep schedule-friendly)


Pro: possibility to enjoy an entire day beforehand

Con: No an option by to traction an all-nighter and nap the entire day far afterwards


Pro: done by 6 p.m. (You have the right to go to sleep on time!)


Where will this journey take place?

Remember to think about how much room you will have, how easy that is to accessibility any necessities (like food) and also where you will encounter the least exterior distractions. Loud roommates stumbling into the living room in ~ 3 a.m. In the center of Gandalf acquisition on the Balrog might ruin the entirety experience.

Food Preparation

You don’t desire to starve, yet you don’t desire to need to keep going to the kitchen come grab food. For this reason what perform you do?

1. Lug out all of the non-perishable food you can eat end the course the adventure. Psychic to take into consideration what meals you"ll miss.

2. If you have actually a mini-fridge, bring it into the movie-watching area, so there"s no need to go the end to the kitchen to grab any refrigerated foods.

3. Setup for your adventure to take place in or beside the kitchen. If her living room is linked to her kitchen even better! As long as you have the right to see the screen while girlfriend grab your cheese and also crackers, all is well.

4. Lembas bread. 

DRINK ready (and toilet breaks)

Let"s confront it: Drinking and bathroom division go hand-in-hand. Girlfriend don"t want to be that guy, perform you?

Pro reminder #1: Drink numerous water the day before, so you"re hydrated.

Pro tip #2: go to the bathroom instantly before the marathon starts.

Pro pointer #3: Fill all of your drink needs around 15 minutes prior to the finish of a movie. The way, you have the right to rush to the bathroom in between installments, and no one will have to pause for you.

"But what if we"e act the Lord that the ring drinking game?"

You can"t avoid mid-battle bathroom breaks there, so my advice is to make an agreement with your other adventures to pause the movie for no one. The strong-willed will have the ability to continue your adventure without interruption, and the weak-willed will be forced to miss a part of the film.

Sometimes, sacrifice is necessary.

Remember what you"re over there for 

Even the strongest, many faithful fan may stumble a bit throughout this adventure.

You"ll slump. You"ll tumble. Her leg will fall asleep. You"ll eat means too numerous chips. That guy who always has to walk to the bathroom will gain on your an extremely last nerves. But at the end of the day, you won"t regret a thing. You may also cry a bit, since the franchise is every over, and also chances are you thrived up with the suturing things.

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My friend, you"ll have actually completed the most epic film adventure of a lifetime.

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