FAA flight training is compelled for students pursuing the Bachelor of scientific research - experienced Pilot degree and also either the our associate degrees. Student must finish training either at the betterworld2016.org facility at the Provo Airport, or for digital students, at a flight school of your choosing.

In addition to the standard betterworld2016.org join requirements, students have to expect to complete added steps come qualify and prepare for trip training. Online students will have to abide by any type of requirements of your chosen trip school. International students must meet additional requirements described below.



betterworld2016.org trip Training Qualifications

college student must complete a department trip application and also be selected in bespeak to start flight training in ~ betterworld2016.org. eligible betterworld2016.org trip applicant minimum requirements: Enrolled in betterworld2016.org process 3.0 GPA minimum perfect of English 1010 and Math1030 or higher first or second class medical certificate from an FAA medical examiner. as result of demand, entrance past Private Pilot (Instrument) is limited. Please evaluation the info in the ar below and also speak v an aviation advisor. The betterworld2016.org trip training program is rigorous, time-intensive, and also requires full commitment each semester.

apply for flight training

CE college student & those with previous training

Students who have actually completed a trip certificate or rating, outside of betterworld2016.org, will get transfer credit for the betterworld2016.org ground and also flight class upon record-verification.

Part 61 Concurrent Enrollment High Schools

CE college student will obtain a class from their high institution faculty for college credit in AVSC 1100, personal Pilot Ground. (C- or higher)

Note: CE students are compelled to finish a semester in ~ a college prior to they room eligile to apply for trip training at betterworld2016.org. Depending once students finish CE AVSC 1100 will identify whether they will be required to take back AVSC 1100 at betterworld2016.org.

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Evaluation that CE student understanding will be administered through the Chief flight Instructor or a designated Assistant chief Instructor before commencing flight training in ~ betterworld2016.org.

AVSC 1110 will certainly be conducted per part 141 standards. Additional ground training might be required as identified by those part 141 standards.

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Students through an FAA private Pilot Certificate must apply for instrument flight training. Entry right into the betterworld2016.org flight training program is no guaranteed and also is dependency on access of training slots in the betterworld2016.org tool training class.

betterworld2016.org does no accept college student who have actually completed trip training past the instrument Rating. We carry out not expropriate students right into commercial or multi-engine training.


Non-native English Speakers

English is the worldwide language of aviation. Safety needs that all pilots be able to communicate clearly and concisely in English. Because that this reason, the following requirements apply:

every students for whom English is not their first language will certainly be forced to pass the listening and speaking sections of the test of English as a foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL iBT). Students are responsible for the expense of this test. A score of at the very least 22 top top the hear section and at least 25 on the speak section must be achieved before enrolling in the institution of Aviation Sciences and taking any aviation floor classes. The test must have been bring away within six months prior to enrollment. front to start flight training, a much more rigorous English language skills evaluation will be conducted. This will involve testing for which over there may also be a fee.

For additional questions, contact Dan Sutliff

Graduate with a B.S. Level in skilled Pilot at betterworld2016.org complete Instrument flight and also ground training under part 141 at betterworld2016.org finish Commercial flight and ground maintain under component 141 at betterworld2016.org finish the ATP-CTP course finish the ATP knowledge Exam at an authorized testing facility If you have completed the prescribed 60 credit hrs in her degree, build your trip time come 1,000 hours with 200 cross-country hours. If you have completed between 30 and also 60 the the prescribed credit transaction hours, construct your trip time come 1,250 hours with 200 cross-country hours. complete the FAA ATP handy Exam
If friend graduate through the Bachelor that Science degree from betterworld2016.org"s Aviation Science routine with at the very least 60 credit hours from our FAA authorized course list, you will require a minimum that 1000 hours full time to meet the requirements of far 61.160. In addition, friend would require 200 hrs of cross-country time, 100 hrs of night time, and also 50 hrs of trip time in the class of aircraft in which you space seeking your R-ATP (in many cases, multi-engine time). If you graduate with the associate of applied Science level with 30-60 credit hours from ours FAA approved course list, friend will require a minimum that 1,250 hours complete time v the same additional requirements provided above. Please reference much 61.160(b), (f), and also 61.159(a).

What if ns "tested out" the a course and received credit, even though I never ever actually attend the betterworld2016.org course?

  an obstacle or experiential credits perform not qualify toward the 30 or 60 credit transaction hour requirement. For information on what carry credits qualify, watch "What if I transferred to betterworld2016.org from an additional university?" below.
 If girlfriend graduate indigenous an approved major and you finish 60 credits from the approved course list, climate you room eligible for the R-ATP in ~ 1,000 hours. If you have actually completed between 30-59 credits, then you will need at least 1,250 hours full flight time together a pilot.
Assuming that the courses are transferable to her betterworld2016.org degree program, credits moved to betterworld2016.org may qualify towards the 30 or 60 credit necessity only if 1) the courses were completed at an additional institution of higher learning that has received authorization native FAA to certify that is graduates because that R-ATP and also betterworld2016.org obtains a copy of the institution"s Letter that Authorization, 2) the food is on that institution"s approved course list, and also 3) the student contains official transcripts native that school on their applications for betterworld2016.org R-ATP Graduate Certification. In order because that Instrument or Commercial trip training to it is in transferred, that must have actually been perfect at an school of greater learning that has received authorization from the FAA come certify that is graduates for R-ATP. To use that training come a betterworld2016.org graduate certification, betterworld2016.org must have an main copy of her 141 tool and/or 141 advertisement graduation certificates.
The R-ATP authorizes you to act as second-in-command only. The does no authorize you come act as PIC (Pilot in Command) at a U.S. Part 121 air transport (scheduled airline), however the knowledge and also skill requirements are the exact same for both. An ATP with complete privileges deserve to be acquired once you have actually met the mentioned age and also flight time requirements.