Hair resists decay due to keratin, a structure protein. The structure and chemical composition of keratin make it challenging for organisms to break it down.

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Zombies, mummies, vampires… these undead ghouls have developed several myths in pop culture about what wake up to life after that dies. However, what yes, really happens to our mortal body after ours hearts avoid beating?

You understand the general process: after the decaying procedure is mainly over, our bodies begin to shrivel up. What remains are the dry and tough components – bones, nails and also perhaps many interestingly… hair!

Before us jump right into what happens to hair ~ death, let united state look at the biological of hair.

What is Hair make Of and How Does that Grow?

In life, hair development is directly connected to the blood vessels at the base of each hair follicle. This blood vessels feeding the hair roots to store them growing and break with the skin. By the time the hair reaches the epidermis (the outer surface the the skin), the cell within that hair space no longer alive. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to cut your hair… it’s basically currently dead!

The key component of the hair is keratin, a protein that does no contain water and is also fully insoluble. The reason for this insolubility is the amino mountain – the structure blocks that protein – that make up the hair and the hair framework of the hair—linear and also tightly coiled. This provides hair among the strongest organic substances in nature.

Does Dead Hair Grow?

One idea that has captivated our collective imagination is the your hair will continue to flourish after you die! However, this is untrue.


Ancient Egyptians be like….

In short, the answer is yes! there is a possibility that her hair will revolve red after your death! If you require a suggest of reference, you must look in ~ the ancient Egyptians. Egyptian mummies it seems to be ~ to sports a healthy shade of rust-colored locks, despite the century of decay. It does take longer for the oxidation process to happen in controlled dry conditions, favor in one Egyptian tomb. Nevertheless, nature doesn’t discriminate. Red hair, the fashion that the undead, ultimately gets to us all.

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It is interesting to note exactly how transient we take into consideration our hair to be, cut it confidently, knowing that it will certainly simply grow back. However, the last collection of hair follicles you construct will probably outlast whatever human being you call home! not so transient after ~ all. Who knew the hair on our head might be so dynamic—even after death.