Triple C is a slang term because that the cold medication Coricidin HBP sneeze & Cold, which consists of the hallucinogenic ingredient dextromethorphan. The most frequently abused DXM product, triple C is regularly used by teens searching for a quick high.

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Triple C is a street name for Coricidin HBP sneeze & Cold, a popular brand that cough and cold medication that is commonly abused by teens. Many Coricidin assets contain the cough suppressant dextromethorphan,a medication the can create hallucinations and also dissociation once taken in high doses.

DXM assets are no regulated by the federal government. This way that they have the right to be purchased without a written prescription. The substance is safe once taken together instructed, however abusing Coricidin products can result in coma or death.

Although 15 states have banned the revenue of dextromethorphan commodities to minors, teens continue to misuse the medicine for their hallucinogenic effects. To protect against your son from abusing triple C, itis essential to recognize the dangers of DXM medicines.

What does Triple C look at Like?

Coricidin HBP is easily accessible in number of versions, including formulas for cough and cold, chest congestion, and also the flu. Some teenagers call the drug “skittles” because the pills resemble the famous candy.


Teens to speak Triple C looks and also tastes like candy.

Commonly Abused Triple C MedicationsProduct NameAppearanceDose the Dextromethorphan
Coricidin HBP cough & ColdRed tablet computers (round)30 milligrams
Coricidin HBP Chest congestion & CoughRed softgel capsules10 milligrams
Coricidin HBP Maximum strength FluRed tablets (oblong)15 milligrams

People who abuse triple C regularly swallow high doses of the medication in pill form. Powdered creates of dextromethorphan, which are easily accessible over the internet, can be ingested, injected or snorted. However, the is not recognized whether the flour is extractedfrom Coricidin assets or various other DXM medications.

Effects that Triple C

Dextromethorphan is a hallucinogen that can transform a person’s perception and behavior. As soon as misused, it can produce euphoria, hallucinations and also delusions. The more of the medicine consumed, the an ext intense the impacts become.

A triple C high, also known as robotripping, can cause the adhering to health effects:

Stomach painSlurred speechVision changesPoor muscle controlIrregular heartbeatIncreased blood pressureNausea and abdominal painBrain damage

The impacts of Coricidin HBP commodities can last approximately six hours when take away in excessively high doses, according to the U.S. Room of Justice.

The medication is commonly safe and effective when human being take 10 come 30 milligrams every 6 hours. However high doses deserve to lead to disadvantage reactions, consisting of overdose. Symptom of a DXM overdose encompass breathing problems, raised body temperature, intensehallucinations, seizures and also coma.

Repeatedly acquisition high sheep of dextromethorphan can reason toxic psychosis, a mental problem in i beg your pardon a human loses contact with reality.

Coricidin assets may contain medicines other 보다 dextromethorphan the can cause health problems. One example is acetaminophen, one ingredient the can cause liver damages in high doses.

Preventing Triple C Abuse

According to law enforcement, triple C is mostly misused through adolescents. Teens often steal the medication and also sell that to your friends. This has actually caused numerous retail shop to location it behind counters rather than on open shelves.

Many parents room unaware of their child’s misuse of this products. However, a teen using dextromethorphan recreationally may exhibit a number of physical and also behavioral changes.

According come the college of Rochester clinical Center, teens who abuse cough medications such together triple C might exhibit:

Nausea or vomitingDizzinessSweatingRapid eye movementDrowsiness or lethargyParanoia

Signs that triple C abuse include empty cough medicine packaging in the trash, lacking products from the medicine cabinet and also declining grades. Teenagers abusing Coricidin HBP may likewise become hostile and uncooperative v parents or teachers.

Teen medicine abuse can cause lasting harm to the adolescent brain, yet you can safeguard your kid from the threats of triple C in several ways.

First, educate you yourself on the results of dextromethorphan. Understanding just how DXM commodities can influence a person’s physical and also psychological wellness can assist you define the dangers of this drugs to her child.

Be sure to very closely monitor her teen’s internet accessibility because DXM medicines are regularly sold online. You should also safeguard your medication cabinets to avoid your boy from misusing sneeze medicine and prescription drugs.

Teens who proceed to abuse triple C in spite of the threats and after-effects may require skilled treatment. Rehab facilities offer evidence-based treatment that meets every patient’s certain needs. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a usual treatmentoption that intends to change thoughts and also behaviors towards drugs such as triple C.

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