Great because that melting, drizzling, dunking and also dipping, liquid Melts candy comes in a wide an option of colors and flavors. 


From just how to melt candy Melts candy to troubleshooting tips and also tricks, this is the substantial guide on exactly how to usage Candy Melts for baking and decorating

What is candy Melts Candy?

Often known for spanning cake pops, liquid Melts candy is a sweet confectionary coating that can be offered to emboldened treats, mold candy, pipe and also drizzle decorations and also even do ganache. It’s easily accessible in a range of colors and also flavors, deserve to be melted to a semi-liquid state and also sets hard with a smooth and also shiny finish.

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Besides the classic uses, candy Melts can likewise be provided to do ganache and also fudge. You have the right to pipe that or thin it the end to a pouring consistency. Colors can be combined to kind new shades and also leftover candy have the right to be re-melted and used again! From an easy dipped pretzel sticks to rainbow liquid curls, liquid Melts candy can assist you execute it all!

Candy Melts vs. Chocolate

Though liquid Melts have a similar look, taste and also texture to chocolate, castle are rather different. Melting cacao requires a process called tempering, i beg your pardon gives cacao that nice, shiny finish. Tempering entails temperature precision and also a candy thermometer to do it properly.

Candy Melts, top top the various other hand, carry out not require tempering, making them much easier to use for everyone, especially beginners! unlike chocolate, candy Melts will additionally hold their shape at room temperature, so girlfriend don’t need to worry about your candy melt if left out.

How to Melt liquid Melts Candy

Candy Melts deserve to be melted among three ways: in the microwave, using a dual boiler or in the liquid Melts melting Pot.

Microwave: The microwave is the quickest means to melt her Candy Melts. It’s additionally the preferred method if you’re melting smaller amounts of candy.

To melt in the microwave, ar your liquid in a microwave-safe container or disposable decorating bag and microwave at 50% power or defrost setting for 1 minute. Stir completely in container or knead bag. Return to the microwave, stirring or kneading in ~ 30-second intervals until candy is mostly melted.

Let your melted candy stand in the microwave for 30 come 60 seconds before removing. This allows the residual warm from the bowl or bag melt any kind of remaining candy. Proceed stirring or kneading to much better distribute any kind of residual heat. Once candy is nice and also smooth, it’s prepared to use.

Double Boiler: The dual boiler an approach uses steam to melt your candy and is great if you planning come melt big amounts.

To melt utilizing a twin boiler, fill a little pot with about 1 in. That water. Location a large heat-safe key on the pot and place the pot on short heat. Add your candy Melts candy to the heat-safe bowl, stirring constantly to aid distribute heat. The heavy steam from the boiling water will aid melt her candy.

If as well much steam is releasing native the saucepan, rotate down her heat. Water and steam can cause your candy Melts to seize, calculation them unusable.

Once almost completely melted, eliminate the key from the heat and also continue stirring till nice and also smooth.

Candy Melts melt Pot: maybe the safest means to melt your candy is with the candy Melts melting Pot. This pot have the right to melt approximately 2½ cup of liquid Melts in much less than 10 minutes and also will keep your candy heat until your project is completed. It’s good for any kind of project that needs dipping, such as cake pops or pretzels. The silicone pot is also easy come clean!


How to make Candy Melts liquid Thinner

If her melted candy appears too thick or is not smoothly extending your treat, you deserve to thin it out using EZ thin Dipping Aid. This crystals dissolve right into your melted candy, making that the perfect consistency for dipping and drizzling.

To use EZ Thin, simply include 2 tablespoons the crystals to 12 oz. Melted candy. Row until totally incorporated. If you’re using less than 12 oz. Of melted candy, start with a small amount of EZ Thin, then continue adding until you achieve the exactly consistency.

You can likewise thin the end your melted candy v solid vegetable shortening (2 tablespoons per 12 oz. Bag). Execute not use liquid vegetable oil, butter, milk, water or any kind of other fluid to thin her candy. These will certainly all cause your candy to rest or seize, calculation it unusable. This can also happen if her candy is burned or overheated.

Whether that thinned with EZ slim or vegetables shortening, liquid Melts will certainly still harden and also retain that is sheen.

For more information on how to melt and thin her candy, examine out our post, “How to Melt liquid Melts Candy”.

How to shade Candy Melts Candy

Candy Melts come in a wide an option of colors, but if friend can’t discover the color you need, you can develop your very own custom shades making use of our main or Garden Candy color Sets. These candy colors are comparable to icing colors, but are specially design to work with candy Melts.

We suggest not making use of icing colors or shade Right food coloring to color your candy, together these are not oil-based and also may destroy your candy.

You can also mix different colors of liquid Melts candy together to attain a whole slew the colors! inspect out our candy Coloring Chart for a selection of practice shades.


What room Candy Melts used For?

From dipping cake pops come molding your own candies, liquid Melts have the right to be supplied in every kinds the ways.

Candy Melts because that Cake Pops

Perhaps the most typical use for candy Melts is come coat cake pops. The liquid helps seal in the flavor and also moisture of the pop and likewise acts as a blank canvas for decorating!

To cloak cake pops, we suggest using a Candy melt Pot, then thinning her candy with EZ Thin. This will aid ensure her candy remains at the best consistency from the first pop to the last.

Dipping and also Drizzling

Everything is much better with a candy coating! from apple slices come potato chips, you deserve to have fun dipping all her favorite foods into her favorite candy Melts candy colors.

For a fast decorating technique, usage our liquid Melts Drizzle Pouches, which have the right to be melted and also drizzled right from the bag, come decorate pretzels, popcorn and more.


Candy Melts can additionally be molded right into a range of shapes and also designs making use of plastic and also silicone liquid molds. For finest results, we imply melting her candy in a disposable decorating bag, then piping it straight into the mold.

Molded candies have the right to be provided to optimal cakes and cupcakes, or just appreciated on their own! you can even fill them with candies, nuts, coco or peanut butter.


The marble effect looks an excellent on whatever from cake pops to donuts. Every you require is one main shade (often glowing White) and also a few highlighting color (Drizzle Pouches are good for this).

To do marbleized treats, just melt all your candy, separately, according to parcel instructions. Drizzle your highlighting colors end the key color, then usage a toothpick to easy swirl the colour together. Dip her treats in the swirled liquid for a distinctive effect!


For quick and also easy decorating, rotate your favorite shade of liquid Melts candy right into a pourable ganache or mirror glaze. By combining her candy with hefty cream or condensed milk, you can easily cover cakes, petit fours, cookie and an ext with a sweet and also colorful topping.

Candy Bark

Candy bark is a great candy project for beginners. It’s easy to customize through your favorite colors and toppings and also makes a an excellent handmade gift for parties or the holidays.

To do candy bark, merely melt your candy, to water it right into a huge cookie paper tray (usually 9 x 13 in. Will job-related for this), and also top v your favourite candies, sprinkles or icing decorations. When it sets, break it increase into large pieces and serve.

Candy Brush Strokes

Use a brush or a spatula to spread a slim layer of liquid on parchment paper. Once set, these liquid strokes have the right to be added to cakes or cupcakes for height and dimension, or have the right to be provided to kind wings, leaves and feathers.

Candy Curls

Candy curls are a fun way to dress up cakes, cupcakes or even hot chocolate! do by layering melted liquid in a small loaf pan, then shaving through a vegetable peeler, candy curls space a fun and simple method to add color and texture to her desserts.

How to store Candy Melts Candy

The good thing around Candy Melts is the leftover melted candy, or liquid that has actually dripped off your treat and also is crumb-free, can be re-melted and re-used. To save your candy as fresh as possible, follow these an easy storage instructions.

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Allow pre-melted candy to cool completely.Place candy (or leftover liquid wafers) in one airtight plastic bag or container.Store her candy in a cool, dry place. Execute not frozen or refrigerate your candy, as the moisture from these cold atmospheres can be soaked up into your candy, leading to uneven melting.