This overnight sausage, vegetable, and egg casserole deserve to be baked right away, consisted of to a day in advance, or frozen for simple entertaining. Fully customizable and an excellent for feeding a crowd!


Maybe this is your an initial time stumbling top top this simple breakfast casserole, or maybe you’ve been below a time (or seven) before. Whatever brings you here, recognize that this is just one of my many tried and also true recipes and also you are not walking to leave disappointed!

Many year ago, once we had actually our first son, ns filled my website with make ahead recipes the were at the same time filling ours refrigerator and freezer. I made so countless muffins, a double batch the buffalo chicken chili, one overnight French toast casserole, and had this do ahead breakfast casserole top top repeat so many times that summer.

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That kiddo is currently in school, and this is quiet the ideal breakfast casserole recipe I have that graces our range at almost every holiday, is regularly handed end to a family with a new baby, and also has confirmed to be a reader favorite (you can see how countless 5 star evaluate it has!).

THE benefit OF A do AHEAD MEAL

I think everyone’s meaning of a “make ahead meal” is different. Part folks might mean you deserve to prepare ahead of time and also bake ~ above demand, others might be in search of something that you can prepare and also then frozen in its pre-baked state or that post-baked state.


But guess what? girlfriend don’t have to decide exactly what “make ahead meal” means to you when it concerns this super basic breakfast casserole, because it deserve to be made in any type of of those manners, and also I’ll explain the best way to prepare it for each of these instances.

So basically, you can make this breakfast casserole to freeze ahead of her event, come hand turn off to someone else to freeze and also pull out when they need it, or mine favorite, guests coming because that brunch ~ above Sunday morning the you’d like to actually spend some time with and also not have your back on while friend prepare food in the kitchen.

This is likewise a an excellent easy sausage casserole for youngsters who wake up at an early stage Christmas and also want presents and something for their bellies all at one time (and likely at dark thirty in the morning as soon as all you’d like to execute is save sleeping).


And it’s seriously perfect for a household with a newborn baby who now runs the show and also only permits their parents a small bit the time to carry out something at one time, forcing them to walk far from other at any given time and rendering said parents can not to do anything begin to end up in one sitting.

(Yeah, we’ve been there.)

So that’s what this freezable breakfast casserole is all about.

Our favorite overnight breakfast dish that comes together in about 15-20 minutes, have the right to bake appropriate away or sit in the fridge for approximately 24 hours, and then bakes for 45 minute right prior to you’re prepared to eat it.

That’s just 1 hour of manual time that can spread out over 24 of them. See just how this make ahead business is therefore handy?


For this freezer trusted breakfast casserole, you require a base protein (we typically pick sausage, however you have the right to use ham or bacon), part vegetables choose spinach, bell peppers, and an onion, part garlic for flavor, and then eggs, milk, and also shredded cheese for the egg custard part of the casserole.


Vegetarian? Leave the end the meat completely. Replace it with another veggie, or not. It’s completely up come you. This overnight breakfast casserole is completely customizable.

After all, this is your breakfast. You do you, friend.


Another guideline to rate up the process: start with fully cooked meat. This is especially valuable if you’re utilizing something like leftover ground beef indigenous the week or even something choose a ham or rotisserie chicken. However if you’re walk the sausage route prefer I did, we favor to buy fully cooked chicken sausage.


It’s one of our favorite meats come eat throughout the week, and including it to this breakfast casserole takes the lull of this dish end the top!


To acquire this breakfast casserole that deserve to be frozen started, begin by cooking or browning the meat. As soon as it’s finished, placed it right right into your casserole dish.

Cook up the vegetables and also wilt the spinach, then add those to the dish v the meat.

Next, mix up the egg custard and also pour it evenly end the meat/veggies. Bonus: this breakfast casserole functions 12 entirety eggs. No leftover egg white skin - man or partial cartons of egg here!

If you’d choose not to use a whole dozen, friend could absolutely get away through 10, or merely replace some whole eggs with egg whites instead. Prefer I said earlier: customizable. This cooking recipes is no set completely in stone. It’s not cake! although cake for breakfast… Hmm…

Ok, I’m getting distracted.

Sprinkle part extra cheese ~ above top, then it’s all set to either bake right away, sit in the fridge till you desire to bake it, or walk right right into the freezer to pull out to bake one more time.

Voilà. Basic sausage breakfast casserole overnight in the fridge = at sight tasty sausage breakfast casserole in the morning in mine mouth.

Don’t acquire me wrong, mine quiches are few of my favorite meals come make, yet this one has extra protein (meat) built right in. One protect against shopping breakfast. An ext reasons come love this make ahead recipe.

Pssst… inspect out those crispy edges!!

This food is typically kid, parent, adult, and picky eater approved. The very first time we took this healthy breakfast casserole come someone’s house, we were visiting friends with a (then) 2 year old and also he ate it best up.

Not without obtaining bell pepper chunks ~ above his confront (adorable), yet most that it gained in his ship which way I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it a lot.

Quick, easy, enjoyable hot, cold, or even room temperature… It’s for this reason versatile and also a good way to have a enjoy the meal ready once you’re high top top hunger and also short on time. It’s also the most an extremely perfect breakfast casserole because that a crowd. Tuck it away for the holidays!


Yes! If you’re in search of a freezer breakfast casserole to eat at one more time, this cooking recipes is still for you!

To do ahead/freeze this casserole: you can freeze unbaked casserole up to 2 months. Cover an extremely tightly with plastic wrap and also foil. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator and also continue with step 5 in the cooking recipes (which is baking it).

I have actually a feeling your upcoming holidays and also busy weekday mornings will attribute a most this make ahead freezer breakfast casserole. It mirrors up in our rotation at the very least every couple of months and is heavily visited by reader on Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve.

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All those persons can’t it is in wrong. Include this to your repertoire of straightforward freezable breakfast casserole recipes and check one (or more!) points off her to-do list the following time you know you’ll be brief on time!

Or, you know, just want to spend more time enjoying a holiday through your family members instead that in the kitchen.

And don’t sleep top top the possibility to pair this egg casserole through my favourite herbed potato that room perfect as a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner side! friend won’t regret it!

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