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Andrea Rice is an award-winning journalist and also a freelance writer, editor, and fact checker specializing in health and also wellness." data-inline-tooltip="true">Andrea Rice

Andrea Rice is an award-winning journalist and also a freelance writer, editor, and fact checker specializing in health and wellness.


Hydromorphone, sold under the brand names Dilaudid and Exalgo, is one opiate analgesic supplied to relax pain. It's prescribed for human being who need relief for major pain for an extended duration of time and who are currently familiar with exactly how opioids affect them.

Hydromorphone is easily accessible in liquid type or tablet that is bring away multiple times per day, or as an extended-release tablet computer that only needs to it is in taken when a day. Hydromorphone is a Schedule II medicine in the unified States, which way it"s thought about a drug v a high potential because that misuse, potentially leading to severe mental or physics dependence. The potential of hydromorphone is 2 to eight times greater than morphine.

exactly how Long walk It take to Feel the Effects?

The means in i m sorry hydromorphone affect your device depends on the path of administration. It deserve to be taken together a pill, a liquid, injected intravenously (IV), intramuscularly (IM), or put rectally.

Oral administration: When hydromorphone is take away orally in pill or fluid form, it begins to job-related quickly, regularly in about 15 minutes, and usually reaches its peak effect in 30 minute to one hour.Intravenous (IV) injection: IV injections of hydromorphone start to take effect in around 5 minutes.Intramuscular (IM) injection: IM injections the hydromorphone start to work in about 15 minutes.Rectal administration: Administration of hydromorphone rectally, which may be used in instances of significant nausea or once you can't have an injection, have to take impact in around 30 minutes.

Hydromorphone deserve to make friend drowsy, so till you know just how it affect you, it's no safe to drive or operate hefty machinery for two days after acquisition it.

HeadacheSleep difficultiesSweatingDry mouthAnxietyFeeling lightheadedSleepinessPain in your muscles, joints, or backItchingAbdominal pain

Hydromorphone can reason serious or life-threatening breathing problems, especially during the an initial 2 come 3 work of acquisition it. You need to be carefully monitored once you begin taking this medication.

Shallow, weak, or an extremely slow breathingSlow heart price or pounding heartbeatsConfusionHallucinationsLightheadedness or faintingCold, clammy skinSeizures (convulsions)WheezingSevere weakness or drowsinessExtreme mood changesDifficulty urinating

how Long walk Hydromorphone Last?

It usually takes 4 to five half-lives because that a medicine to be properly eliminated indigenous the body. The half-life the hydromorphone, or how long the takes for fifty percent of the drug to leave your system, additionally depends ~ above the course of administration, but generally occurs in ~ 2 come 3 hours.

If you have been prescribed Dilaudid or Exalgo and also need to take it a urine medicine test because that employment or other purposes, tell the trial and error lab the you have been prescribed the drug so the they room able to interpret the check appropriately.


For most healthy individuals, it will certainly take 1 come 2 days because that hydromorphone to completely clear the blood.

factors That impact Detection Time

The quantity of time the hydromorphone is detectable in your body counts on a number of variables, including which sort of medicine test is gift used, your metabolism, age, and also overall health. Every one of these factors make it virtually impossible to determine specific amount of time hydromorphone will show up on a medicine test due to the fact that it may be various for everyone.


Your metabolic rate plays a duty in the detection time of hydromorphone. In general, the slower your metabolism, the longer hydromorphone will continue to be in her system.

Liver and also Kidney function

People with liver or renal handicap tend to have actually longer elimination half-lives.


Since Hydromorphone likewise comes in one extended-release form, this can affect the quantity of time the takes for your body come metabolize the drug.

exactly how to obtain Hydromorphone out of Your device

The best way to acquire hydromorphone the end of your device is to protect against using the drug so your body has actually time to process and remove it. The said, it's ideal to occupational with your doctor to taper off hydromorphone in order come safely prevent unpleasant symptom of withdrawal.

symptom of Overdose

The extended-release kind of hydromorphone is provided to relieve serious pain roughly the clock in human being who need continuous pain relief. In stimulate to protect against a feasible accidental overdose, make certain you take her medication at the same time every day.

As a form of morphine, too much hydromorphone of any dosage can reason deep sleep and can slow your respiration. If more of the drug is taken prior to it's totally metabolized the end of her system, an overdose have the right to occur. Follow your doctor's indict carefully.

Even once taken together directed, hydromorphone can cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems, especially during the an initial 24 come 72 hrs after you begin taking the medication or after boost in dosage.

If you take it the extended-release tablet, be sure to swallow that whole. Crushing, chewing, or dissolve the tablet causes the medication to be released too quickly in her body instead of progressively over 18 come 24 hours, i m sorry can reason breathing difficulties, overdose, or also death.

Difficulty breathingSlowed or stopped breathingExcessive sleepinessDizzinessLimp or weak musclesNarrowing or widening that the pupilsCold, clammy skinSlow or stopped heartbeatBlue shade of skin, fingernails, lipsLoss of consciousness or coma

If you think a love one has actually overdosed top top hydromorphone, call for emergency help immediately. First responders will likely be able to revive your loved one with Narcan (naloxone), a medicine that treats opioid overdoses, but the success the the treatment counts on how conveniently you acquire help.

Dangerous interactions

Certain medications can adjust the means hydromorphone affects her body by increasing, decreasing, or prolonging the effects. the is really important to discuss all prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbs the you space taking v your doctor or pharmacist for this reason they can advise you and adjust your prescriptions appropriately for her safety.

You must not drink alcohol, use any medications that contain alcohol, or use illegal medicine while acquisition hydromorphone due to the fact that these all boost your hazard of major side results or a deadly overdose.

Getting aid

It is critical to proceed to take hydromorphone on the schedule noted by your doctor. If girlfriend suddenly avoid taking the after you have been acquisition it for several days, friend are likely to go v withdrawal, which deserve to be dangerous. Only mitigate your hydromorphone when advised to perform so by your doctor and also follow the schedule provided.

Severe cravings for hydromorphoneSweatingFever or chillsHeadachesGeneral aches and painsNauseaVomitingDiarrheaRapid breathingRapid heartbeatHigh blood pressureTremors and muscle spasmsAnxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughtsRestlessness, agitation, or trouble sleepingDecreased appetite

People are an ext likely come relapse and also make bad decisions once withdrawal symptoms room at your peak. Physics symptoms have the right to lead to plenty of cognitive problems as well, such as attention deficit problems, problems with problem-solving, and memory function.

When used properly, and during the early part of recovery, hydromorphone is frequently not an issue. The illicit usage of hydromorphone, meaning without a prescription or without medical necessity, can lead to addiction.

If you or someone you love is showing indications of hydromorphone exposed or opioid usage disorder, help is available. Your doctor might prescribe an alternative medication to help you taper off the drug and also refer you come a mental health skilled or addiction specialist who may recommend treatment and also support.

The substance Abuse and Mental health and wellness Services administration is likewise a great resource. Girlfriend can speak to 1-800-662-4357 or try theironline toolto find an seeks treatment source in your area.

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