Golf Scrambles: Rules, set Up, and How to Win

A scramble is just one of the most usual formats for golf tournaments. The video game is play by a team of 4 players where each member hits their sphere throughout the match. Team captains pick the finest shot native the very first stroke and use the very same spot for each player. After completing one round, the team engages in one more stroke wherein they select one location and play the balls from there. The procedure continues until all holes are completed.

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The scramble golf format is common amongst charity events since of the serene rules and lack of push to accomplish individual scores. Its rule of play are likewise informal and also modified based upon the organizer’s wishes. In part cases, the scramble enhance can involve allowing players to carry out two tee shots because of the unshened rules. This method golf scramble go not have actually an official layout covered through the official golf rules.

The rules for play Golf Scramble

The football player are permitted to boost their lie by one club size through the green, other than hazards. In situations the team’s ideal shot falls on a danger such as sand or water, they are required to play indigenous the location without moving. This method a player cannot enjoy the one club length advantage when the ball dropped in a hazard.

During the tournament, all four members of a team begin by teeing off on every hole before deciding ~ above the finest tee v a consensus. The captain regularly decides ~ above the ideal shot, i beg your pardon mostly entails the longest dive top top the fairway. After identify the spot for the second stroke, it is significant for visibility.

Each golfer will then hit his ball from one chosen place and proceed similarly until the lowest score for the hole is achieved. The procedure will then start anew top top the following hole until the end of the round through score figured out by hitting the hole.

Only one ball, and thus one score counts per hole for each team. The finest score for each feet is added up prior to determining the rating the a scramble team from the total of the best shots. The team v the lowest total score because that the ring wins the yellow scramble tournament.

If teams have actually a tie native the scramble gold, the organizers draw a random hole number and also use a team’s lowest score in the hole to identify the winner. Because that example, hole number 6 deserve to be drawn to break the tie. In instance the score is still tied, then competition organizers will call for progression from that hole till a tie is broken. Players have the right to speed pat in Scramble by play for Bogey.

Strategies to assist Win in ~ Scramble Golf

Choosing the appropriate playing bespeak is vital in scramble golfing. Since the ideal player may not be ideal at every phases of the game, setting up the play orders helps obtain the best result. If a team desires to win a golf Scramble, the strategy is to permit weaker players to hit an initial while the ideal putter dram last for every solitary green. This is due to the fact that if the first three miss, a team still has actually a better putter come play last.

Secondly, when selecting which ball to hit during our method shots, always choose the sphere with the finest lie and view come the hole. Scramble game is characterized by gaining to the green in the the very least amount that strokes. Golfers whose journey was selected to be hit have to be very first on the 2nd shot to cater to their confidence.

A scramble team consists of an excellent putters, others that are good off the tee, and also one that is the finest in the group. The team should have actually a player that hits a lengthy ball and another who hits accurately. In most cases, the many accurate player must go first and placed the ball in the fairway. The longest hitter climate goes last together there is less pressure come hit the ball, and the football player who require the most aid improving your tee shots wedged in the middle. The forward tees and long balls gain a team closer come a reduced score and win the tournament.

Similarly, the worst putter have to take the an initial shot, the second-best putter in a team need to take the second shot while the finest putter need to go last. Once the sphere is on the greens, the more excellent putter should go critical to ensure the accuracy that hitting the hole. On par-5s, the much shorter hitters have to play very first before huge bombers have the right to take your shots.

Different layouts or variations of scramble golf

Texas scramble

This sports of scramble wrinkles is similar to the regular format with 4 team members and similar rues. However, Texas scramble differs from the continual format due to the fact that members are compelled to each contribute at least four drives throughout the series.

Florida scramble

This variation requires golfers whose ball was selected after each stroke to sit the end the complying with stroke. Therefore, one member the a team skips every stroke played except in each hole"s drive.

Las las vegas scramble

This sports is a 4-team style that requires the usage of a 6-sided die. A role of the dice is supplied on every hole during the ring to identify which member"s drive will certainly be provided on the hole.


In this variation of Scramble, over there is a combination of Scramble and also best ball. The game starts v gofers playing a scramble turn off the team. Indigenous that suggest on, climate every player is because that himself right into the hole.


This sport of the Scramble is when a scramble is combined with a team handicap, which means you play making use of net scores based upon a handicap for her team.

Additional information

Choosing the right layout for the golf tournament can make or rest a golf event. In most cases, a complement decides come play a scramble golf layout to rate up the pace of play, specifically when high handicap players space invited. Together such, the type is set up by event organizers to be much less intimidating and welcoming to golfers the all skill levels.

Therefore, this style is taken on by casual golfers who execute not need to play a full round making use of their balls. As such, those who are keener or with an excellent handicaps may discover the game unfortunate, since their odds of to win the tournament are diminished since the golfers room alone in contributing to the team"s effort.

The scramble format is ideal suited for fields composed the novices and groups that feature non-golfers. That is also appropriate because that charity or fundraising attributes by giving the facade of content yet keeping the breezy atmosphere. Therefore, when organizing a golf scramble tournament, it is crucial to take into consideration each team"s makeup and also ensure it has at least one an excellent golfer to provide organizations v a continuous flow of good shots.

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At the exact same time, there are no official rules around playing handicaps in a scramble tournament. This method the tournament organizer can set their guidelines because that team handicaps. Scramble handicaps can be carry out by 2-, 3- or 4-person teams, where all football player tee off prior to selecting the best drive. A 4-person scramble entails players calculating their course handicap and taking 20, 15, 10, and also 5 percent of the course handicap and including them together. A 3-person scramble involves taking 20, 15, and also 10 percent of the player"s food handicap while a 2-person scramble involves taking 35 and 15 percent the the food handicap and adds together.