I purchase 11 various brands of AA batteries and also put them in similar flashlights to shed some light on which ones last the longest. I"m testing significant labels, drug save brands, and also a few I uncovered at the disagreement Store.

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I turned the flashlights on and waited. The an initial to walk was the Panasonic alkalines. Castle lasted a minute embarrassy of two hours. The Rayovacs that came with the flashlight were next. They just lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. The Panasonic Plus provided out at 2:45. 3 hours and 33 minutes is as soon as the Evereadys died.

The disagreement Store"s longest-lasting battery to be Sunbeam. These batteries space 25 cent each and lived four and also a fifty percent hours.

Nine minute later, Walgreen"s batteries went dark — which hurts when you"ve paid 98 cent for each one.

The Dollar save batteries were inexpensive and now I watch why. The one ray of light to be the Sunbeam brand.

The drug store brands fared much better, however with a pricetag roughly a dollar a battery, they"re much much more expensive.

CVS battery outshined many I experiment — they clocked in at five hours and also nine minutes. But the Energizer you thought would save going and going just lasted 2 minutes longer than CVS.

And then there to be two: Kirkland and Duracell. Both dilute at the same time , yet Duracell beat Kirkland by 5 minutes with a total lifespan of 5 hours and also 56 minutes. The coppertop come out top top top.

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Kirkland"s price is what sets lock apart. They space 27 cent per battery versus 94 cent for the name brands. I"d dislike to pay 3 times as lot for a 5 minute difference.

Here is the complete breakdown of expense versus longevity:

Store Brand Price # in Package  Cost every Battery Hours Lasted
Costco Kirkland $12.79 48 $0.27 5:51
Walgreens Walgreens $3.99 4 $0.98 4:39
Dollar Tree Eveready Gold $1.00 4 $0.25 3:33
  Sunbeam $1.00 4 $0.25 4:30
  Panasonic Alkaline $1.00 4 $0.25 1:59

Panasonic SuperHeavy Duty

$1.00 2 $0.50 2:46
CVS CVS $4.39 4 $1.10 5:09
Walmart Duracell $3.77 4 $.0.94 5:56
  Energizer $3.77 4 $0.94 5:11
  Rayovac Came withFlashlight 2 n/a 2:15
Rite Aid Rite Aid $4.49 4 $1.12 5:27





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