How long prophylactics last counts on what they’re do of and how you save them. Using an expired condom isn’t a good idea, since expired prophylactics can construct tiny holes, come to be brittle, or tear open during sex. Presume they’re save correctly, latex and polyurethane condoms have the longest shelf life—up to 5 years. Yet be sure to usage the right type of lube, as part chemicals can make certain varieties of condoms much more likely come break.

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All condoms expire at some point. How long castle last counts on what they’re do of and also how you keep them. Unlike other contraceptives, most prophylactics can defend you indigenous both unintentional pregnancy and also sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The exemption is natural prophylactics made native lambskin or sheepskin, which don’t protect versus STIs.

Different kinds of condoms

There room three main types of condom materials: latex, synthetic, and natural (Mahdy, 2020).

Latex condoms are do from organic rubber. Around 80% of condoms on the sector are latex.Lambskin/sheepskin (natural) prophylactics are make from lamb or lamb intestinal membrane. They account for the remaining 5% of the condom market. Bear in mind that, unequal the other varieties of condoms, lambskin and sheepskin prophylactics don’t protect against STIs, favor HIV/AIDS.

You can likewise find prophylactics coated v a spermicide, commonly nonoxynol-9. Although in ~ first, this would seem prefer a good idea for providing twin protection against unintended pregnancy, it’s yes, really not. Spermicide-coated prophylactics don’t occupational any better than uncoated condoms to avoid pregnancy. They deserve to even cause irritation and also urinary tract infections in women. And also they alleviate the lifespan (the time before they expire) of prophylactics by increase to 2 years (Mahdy, 2020).


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When perform different types of prophylactics expire?

The exterior of every box of condoms and every individual condom wrapper has actually a stamp with an expiration date. Be sure to check the expiration date prior to you purchase condoms.

Condoms have really different lifespans, depending upon the product they’re made of and also whether they have ideal storage (Mahdy, 2020; nationwide Coalition, 2021; FDA, 2020):

Latex condoms last because that up to 5 years.Polyurethane condoms last because that up to five years.Polyisoprene condoms last for up to three years.Lambskin/sheepskin condoms last for up to one year.

These days assume the condoms aren’t coated with spermicide—which, as mentioned, reduces your lifespan by around two years—and the they’re save on computer correctly.

Where need to you save condoms?

Heat, humidity, and direct sunlight can degrade both the condom wrapper and also the condom, causing them to rest down. For this reason it’s ideal to store prophylactics in a cool, dark, dried place, choose a closet or drawer. Avoid keeping them in places that can acquire warm or humid, choose your bathroom, wallet, or car. It’s essential to protect against exposing lock to straight sunlight, like maintaining them near a window.

Should you usage different varieties of lube with various condoms?

It’s essential to use the appropriate kind of lube with different condom materials.

Latex—Use just water-based or silicone-based lubes (like K-Y Jelly, saliva, or glycerin).Don’tuse oil-based lubes v latex condoms. Oil-based lubes incorporate baby oil, coconut oil, petroleum jelly (like Vaseline), many hand and body lotions, massage oil, mineral oil, edible oils, and whipped cream. Oil-based lubes can cause latex come tear.Polyurethane—Use water-based or oil-based lubes. Don’t use silicone-based lubes—some types of silicone can breakdown polyurethane.Polyisoprene—Use water-based or silicone-based lubes. Don’t usage oil-based lubes. Polyisoprene is a synthetic rubber, and also like latex, it have the right to tear when offered with oils. (However, it’s safe to usage polyisoprene prophylactics if you have actually a latex allergy).Lambskin/sheepskin—Use with any lube.

All of that could be a bit much come think around when you have something much more urgent on your mind 보다 comparison shopping—so it’s good to understand that you have the right to use water-based lubes with any type of condom.


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How can you tell if a condom is still good?

In enhancement to check the expiration date, you should constantly (National Coalition, 2021):

Check the wrapper because that holes, rips, or tears.Squeeze the wrapper. An wait bubble need to form, which speak you the wrapper is unopened.Examine the unwrapped condom. Is it dry, brittle, stiff, or gooey? If so, litter it away.

What are the chances of gaining pregnant once using a condom?

The chances of getting pregnant as soon as using prophylactics have a lot to perform with “perfect use” matches “typical use.” Perfect use is using prophylactics during and throughout every time you have actually penetrative sex. Usual use method failing come use prophylactics during every sexual encounter or not utilizing them correctly—the kinds of mistakes that can occur in real life.

Male condom success rates (Marfatia, 2015):

Perfect use: 97% success rate (three females out that 100 will acquire pregnant)Typical use: 86% success price (14 females out that 100 will obtain pregnant)

Female (internal) condom success rates (Planned Parenthood):

Perfect use: 95% success price (five females out the 100 will gain pregnant)Typical use: 79% success price (21 females out the 100 will acquire pregnant)

Condom slippage or not correct is rare, yet it’s to be reported in 2% of situations (Mahdy, 2020).

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Should you usage an expired condom if nothing rather is available?

Suppose you have no other form of security available. In the case, a condom that’s pass its expiration day is much better than nothing. But remember that using an expired condom is placing you at danger for pregnancy and also STIs. To prevent those risks, you’re much better off engaging in other varieties of sex the don’t need a condom, like shared masturbation.