The Clydesdale is a draft equine known for his style and elegance. The famous breed source in the Clyde valley of Scotland in the eighteenth century. Citizens in the U.S. Storage the Budweiser Clydesdales every year. Eight of the beer brand"s draft pull wagons to honor the prohibition laws" repeal, undoing the ban on alcohol consumption.

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Clydesdale equine Breed Overview

Clydesdales traction trees the end of the woods and haul up to 5,950 pounds. To boost the Clydesdale each other in the nineteenth-century, locals introduced shire equine blood. Today, the Clydesdale horse is recognized for its capacity to high step and carefully bred because that hard-wearing and good quality hooves. This steed is among the most successful hefty breeds.

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Origin and also History

The each other originated in Scotland in the mid-eighteenth century. The battle each other of Hamilton imported Flemish to improve and increase the dimension of the indigenous draft stock. Shire horse blood was likewise introduced in the mid-nineteenth century to improve the very first Clydesdale horse.


Clydesdale Height and Weight

The dimension of a steed is measure in hands or "hh." These hefty draft steeds are referred to as gentle giants because that a reason. Several of the tires stallions may weigh approximately 2,200 pounds.

height at the withers: The Clydesdale is between 16.2 and also 18hh. Weight: The typical weight for this each other is between 1,600 and also 1,800 pounds.

Clydesdale Colors

The most common color for a Clydesdale is bay. The steed breed"s remarkable markings are 4 white socks to the knees and hocks and also a well-defined blaze or bald face.

only Brown or chestnut Gray Roans black color


fun Facts around the modern-day Clydesdale

The contemporary Clydesdale is lighter than its ancestors and also is distinctive in appearance. Breeders focus on a few traits, including "close movement," through the forelegs put under the shoulders and also the hind legs close together.

Budweiser Clydesdales

In the U.S., the Anheuser-Busch Brewing company uses Clydesdales to encourage Budweiser beer. The brand only offers bay geldings with four white legs and also a white blaze. The heritage started ago in 1933 to celebrate the repeal the the prohibition regulations that banned alcohol consumption.


Clydesdales Must-Have Action

This steed is known for his high-stepping movement, and also every action lifts turn off the ground. This each other is designed through hard-wearing and good-quality hooves.

The each other That developed Australia

horse lovers may discover this each other in Russia, Germany, southern Africa, Canada, the U.S., brand-new Zealand, and also Australia. Clydesdales deserve the title, "the each other that constructed Australia." most Clydesdale live in Australia, the U.S., and also Canada.

big Animal Vet Consult

This horse breed is for any pet lover hoping for a draft steed for work-related or show. If this horse is top top the shortlist of each other you plan to carry over to your pasture, work-related with a big animal vet to determine the steed looks bright.

Clydesdale Lifespan

The lifespan of the Clydesdale steed is in between 20 and also 25 years. live because that a long time, for this reason this is a huge commitment. Occupational with your equine vet to ensure your steed is in great health.


Clydesdales Are hefty Draft

hefty are known as coldbloods and also draft All the draft steed breeds, consisting of the Clydesdale, share similar traits. For example, the hefty all have actually short, solid limbs, which permit the breeds to exert great power at slow-moving speeds. An excellent resource for this draft equine is the Clydesdale Breeders the the U.S.A.

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Clydesdales Are recognized For Style and Elegance

The beautiful Clydesdale equine is recognized for promoting Budweiser beer and also its high-stepping activity seen in parades! This draft steed is among the largest and most successful hefty horse breeds. If you think the modern-day Clydesdale is a good fit for her pasture or barn, dependable breeders might answer questions around this working horse.

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