Mashed potatoes space a kitchen staple, and also pretty lot everyone loves them.

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The problem is, occasionally we deserve to go overboard and make means too much, or we just acquire a whole bunch leftover.

So exactly how long can you save them in the refrigerator ? Well, it turns out the refrigerator is quite lenient with us, and also there’s a lot of we can do through leftover mashed potato !

Let’s take it a look at at how long they last in the fridge, exactly how to tell once they’ve gone off, and also how come reuse them


So just how long execute mashed potatoes critical in the refrigerator ?

In optimal storage conditions mashed potatoes have the right to last 3-5 days in the fridge.

This is in one airtight container, and also it’s ideal if it’s a shallow and broad one, for this reason the food cools evenly.

Know the mashed potatoes deserve to go bad, but they can still be retained for a reasonably lengthy amount the time in the fridge.

This doesn’t median you should cook in bulk and also store it for a week, yet it’s beneficial to understand what to perform with them if you’ve gained some leftovers.

Never leaving them ~ above the respond to overnight

The initial question is about leaving mashed potato in the fridge, in ~ a temperature together close to zero as possible.

But this needs to be said too.

Never leaving mashed potatoes on the counter overnight, especially if you’ve added any dairy assets to them.

This is is due to the fact that bacteria and also mold can and also will develop relatively quickly, and your meal can just revolve a little sour if the room is especially warm.

You can let the food cool on the counter for a couple of hours, yet stick that in the refrigerator as quickly as girlfriend can.


Adding butter and milk transforms them poor quicker

Adding any dairy, not just butter and also milk, will make mashed potatoes that much better, luscious and also just cursed amazing.

But the trouble v this is that we’re adding proteins and fats, which room not secure at room temperature and especially not at high heat.

So if your mashed potato is plain, it might keep a tiny better.

But if it’s got any dairy – milk, Parmesan cheese, Cheddar, cream cheese, butter, noþeles milk-related, the really needs to get into the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Always keep mashed potatoes in one airtight container

When save on computer mashed potatoes – any type of cooked food, in reality – you must be utilizing an airtight container.

This will aid you in number of ways:

the potato won’t absorb the smells native the fridgethey won’t dried out, but keep the humidity inif they’re contaminated, that won’t spread to other foods

Whatever airtight container you save your mashed potatoes in, make certain it’s vast and shallow. This will certainly ensure the food will cool evenly in the fridge, and also you won’t get any warm clues that will certainly go bad faster.


You can also freeze mashed potatoes

Freezing mashed potatoes is additionally an option, and also their texture won’t really readjust since they’re mushy to start with.

All you need is sufficient room in the freezer, and also some freezer-safe bags or containers.

Make sure to permit the masher potatoes cool at least to room temp before you stick lock in the freezer. If you put them in heat or hot, you’ll defrost the other foodstuffs in the freezer and also raise the basic temperature.

We don’t desire that, we want to food to freeze as conveniently as possible.

Portion her mashed taters in proper portions. You know yourself and your family, and how much you need for one sitting.

Once you’re done portioning the food into bags or containers, location them in the freezer and also they’ll save for up to 12 months.

Then, once you need some mashed potatoes with your food, just take out a serving and also microwave it very, very well.

How to tell if the mashed potato went off

Of course, also with the best storage problems mashed potatoes deserve to still walk bad, especially if you leaving them for too long.

There’s a couple of ways friend can number out if they’ve gone off, and also here they are.

They look bad

Including moldy patches, spring glossy in some locations or being totally dried in some parts.

Mashed potato look good and gold when fresh. You deserve to sort of watch them glow with butter or milk or every little thing you’ve included to them.

Plain mashed potatoes will certainly look pretty lot the same, whether they’re new or job old.

But as soon as they begin looking bad, or at the very least weird, you should try and remember as soon as you make them.


They odor bad

This goes alongside them looking bad, yet not always. Periodically the mashed potatoes have the right to still look fine but construct an unbearable smell, coming from the fermentation procedure that’s already happening.

Moldy spot don’t yes, really smell, but it’s not a an excellent idea to offer them a sniff together inhaling those spores can reason serious breath problems.

Please note that if you’ve included any dairy, the smell could get funky faster.

And if you’ve included aged cheese or a moldy cheese, friend can’t really depend on smell here.

They taste sour

Another means to see if they mashed potatoes have actually gone off is to taste them. Ns don’t recommend this, unless you’re yes, really unsure around the previous 2 points.

They look at right, they odor right, yet you’re still not sure.

You have the right to taste them, but only acquire a very, very tiny amount top top the reminder of a teaspoon. That should be sufficient to figure it out.

If you’re not certain after the very first taste, you might still taste it, yes, but try not come eat too much.

If they’re cake or otherwise weird, placed them down. It’s no worth heater them up.

You don’t remember when you put them in the fridge

It happens to the best of us. Us sometimes fully forget certain foods in our fridge, and this can take place with mashed potatoes as well.

If you really, important can’t remember once you put them in the fridge, go v the previous 3 points.

If you find anything wrong with them, discard them.

You deserve to use leftover mashed potatoes

What carry out you do once you’ve acquired leftovers ? Reuse them, of food !

But exactly how do friend reuse mashed potatoes ?

And exactly how old carry out they have to be prior to you litter them the end ?

Well, in regards to age, as long as they’re quiet edible – watch previous 4 points – they must be fine.

But keep in mental that when you’ve reheated mashed potatoes you shouldn’t save them for an additional 3 days. Eat them best then and also there, and also don’t save then any kind of longer.

So whatever you use them as/in, make certain it’s gone in one sitting.


You can include something come thicken castle up and make patties out of them.

Potato patties room great, and they don’t constantly need to be simply patties. You have the right to make baked mashed potato fingers, with some cheese included in.

Another choice is invited baked potatoes, or you have the right to just usage a cake decorating attachment and kind swirls with them, and also then bake them. Those are especially fun because that kids, and also they can make the themselves.


You can also stir part mashed potato into a cream soup come thicken it.

Something like a bacon and also potato cream soup, or a leek and also potato soup. Or, really, everything kind of soup you like, as lengthy as friend think it’ll go v potato.

Know the if you’ve added cheese or cream cheese then it’s not a great idea to boil the soup afterwards. Just include in the mashed potato at the end, and give that a few minutes to really blend in through the rest of the food.

If you to be to cook (even gently simmer) soft cheese or continuous cheese they’d begin to break apart and also get a monster taste.

Final thoughts

Mashed potato is everyone’s first love, and also we all like to have it relatively often. This is why taking treatment to know the food safety boundaries on mashed potatoes is a an excellent thing, due to the fact that it’s such a common food item.

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