If you’ve to be considering any kind of previous questions, you might have uncovered yourself asking:

How long deserve to lizards walk without water and eating?

Depending on the lizard’s age, size, and species, they have the right to go there is no food for anywhere between 2 weeks come 2 months. However, lizards normally cannot survive without water for much longer than a few days.

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As composed above, over there are plenty of factors to consider in determining the answer to this question.

If you desire a deeper knowledge of these concepts, you will find much more information and details in the remainder of this article.


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How Long deserve to Lizards walk Without Eating?

The amount of time a lizard can go without eating relies on several factors, including age, size, species, and overall health.

Age and also Size

In general, younger lizards have to eat ~ above a much more regular basis.

They space still growing and also adapting to their environment, which calls for a many energy.

Going too long without sustenance will hinder this growth.

As a basic rule, young or baby lizards should not go without food for longer than one week. 

In regards to size, bigger lizards have the right to usually endure for much longer without food than smaller ones.

When a lizard isn’t proactively eating, that breaks down its present fat stores to create brand-new energy to survive through the day. 

This fat, and water, is commonly stored in a lizard’s tail.

The an ext giant the lizard, the an ext fat stores it has at its disposal.


The form of varieties is also an essential consideration.

For example, adult leopard geckos can walk without food for over a month, while adult mustache dragons can just survive for about three weeks. 

Overall Health

Lastly, the as whole health of your lizard is an additional factor to take into account.

Healthier lizards deserve to usually make it through for more extended periods without food, however lizards with specific conditions or illnesses require an ext frequent feedings to sustain themselves.

Continue reading into the next section if your lizard has not to be eating because this can sometimes show something is wrong.

Why Is my Lizard not Eating?

If you’ve been supplying your lizard food but it doesn’t desire to eat, over there are numerous possibilities to consider. 

Remember, while we as people enjoy eating food because that enjoyment occasionally, lizards only eat because that survival.

While no eating can be completely normal, the could additionally indicate something else is going on, and you must act.

Identifying any potential issues and also correcting them is necessary to make certain your lizard eats.

Here space some reasons your pet may be preventing food:

Your Lizard Is Sick

Do you ever get sick and also find you’ve shed your appetite?

Lizards react the same when they space sick.

If you room worried her lizard may be ill, take it it to the vet.

Many signs deserve to indicate potential illnesses.

Check for alters in appearance, together as alters in shade or enhanced wrinkling.

Ensure there room no changes in your shedding schedule or appearance. 

Examine your feces and urine, consisting of how often they defecate or urinate and changes in thickness or color.

Monitor for any type of indications of physics injuries, such as limping, bleeding, or bruising.

Watch your pet’s behavior. 

You need to be more concerned if your lizard action lethargic, spends much more time ~ above the cooler end of the enclosure or the basking area, soaks in its key for lengthy periods, or becomes more aggressive external of breeding season.

Any of these concerns should advice you to consult her vet.

Your Lizard Is stressed Out

Any sudden alters can stress and anxiety out her lizard.

This can be anything indigenous rearranging things in your enclosure to relocating them come a new location. 

If you’ve recently included another lizard to the cage, monitor the situation for a few days come ensure the new lizard go not protect against your old one from getting to its food.

Make any changes as slowly as possible, and give her lizard a few days come adjust.

If her lizard still isn’t eat after a couple of days the change, return to the larger situation and also attempt again at another time.

A readjust in diet could likewise be the culprit.

Lizards regularly reject brand-new types the food and usually carry out not eat till they go back to their old diet.

Something Is Wrong with The Environment

Sometimes a new lizard may not eat as frequently when it is originally adjusting come its environment.

However, if the difficulty persists after a pair of weeks, something can be wrong.

Check the temperature and humidity come make certain they room within the desired range.

Make certain the cage is the appropriate size for your lizard.

There might not be sufficient hiding locations for your lizard to feel comfortable.

Making the essential adjustments come its house may encourage her lizard to feeding appropriately.

Your Lizard Is entering Brumation

Brumation is the lizard tantamount of hibernation.

Many lizards, consisting of bearded dragons and also leopard geckos, get in a period of brumation every year.

In the wild, this is once temperatures drop and days become shorter. 

If your lizard is hiding more, moving less, and also eating less, it may be going into brumation.

What must I feeding My Lizard?

The dietary actions of lizards depend mostly on your species.

Make certain you do some study to discover out which type of diet you require for her pet.

Lizards fit right into the classification of insectivores, herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores.

In general, the food available should no be bigger than the width of the lizard’s head.

Insectivorous Lizards

This form of lizard, like leopard geckos, just eats insects.

Insects include roaches, crickets, or insects caught out in the wild.

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When girlfriend prepare insects because that feeding, you will usually need come dust them v a vitamin supplement containing calcium and also vitamin D.