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Food: A basic Necessity of Life

One that the simple necessities of life is food. Food is a source of energy that is forced for every day-to-day activities. 

As a human being or animal takes in food, that is spend by the human body so the the digested material deserve to be absorbed and use by the cell in the body. 

Waste product is removed through a process called excretion.

Lion, the King that the Jungle: existing Situation

Lions (Panthera leo) are one among many huge cat varieties of the world. A lion, being an apex predator, have the right to consume numerous different types of food animals. 

Lions will shot to attack any kind of other living biology courageous enough to come in former of them. Many will likewise be eaten, however not all.

Although searching lions is banned globally, illegal hunting and habitat devastation has decreased the civilization lion population to just 20,000. 

The Asiatic lions room slightly smaller sized than the african lions, and also some differences are likewise present in their life cycles. To protect against confusion, our discussion will focus mainly on afri lions. 

What perform Lions Eat?

The “kings of the jungle” have several pets at their disposal come eat. Even though your food choices are quite diverse, they perform prefer certain varieties of foodstuffs over others.

While lock might assault smaller creatures prefer birds, rodents, and also snakes, they typically prefer tool to large-sized ungulates. The ungulates are the hooved animals and also include gazelles, zebras, giraffes, and also water buffalos. They can additionally hunt bigger animals such as a rhinoceros or an elephant, yet they greatly target young people or the weak and also elderly of these giants. Desperate situations can force the lions to will to spend the carcasses of dead animals and also even stealing prey from various other hunters such as leopards and hyenas. 

What’s Their desired Food?

Although lions could hunt and kill the animals even once not hungry, usually, they won’t expend energy that way.

They desire to usage it to gain their favorite foods items instead, especially zebras.

How Much can a Lion Eat?

The active lifestyle and royal actions require them to eat a lot. They have the right to consume as much as 15% of their body load in a solitary meal. 


Studies ~ above wild lions have shown that they deserve to eat around 10-25 pounds (4.5-11.3 kg.) the food daily. The male lions call for considerably more food, about 15 pounds (7 kg.), contrasted to your female counterparts, eating approximately 9.9 pounds (4.5 kg). 

Captive lions eat much less as compared to animals out in the wild. 

Feeding habits of Lions

Being obligate carnivores, an interpretation they can’t digest vegetation, these apex predators have to eat meat to survive. Their social organization into prides provides them second advantage come hunt very large animals, such as elephants. 

Hunting tasks are normally done in ~ dawn and also dusk. Back lions like to stalk, sometimes they will additionally ambush prey. Commonly, a lion hunts about every 2-3 days. 

Females Are much more Successful Hunters

In human stories, the emperors go out searching while the monarchs remain in the palaces. This is no the case with lions. In ~ the pride, the females that do most of the hunting because the very prominent manes of the males make hiding really difficult. 


Although the females will certainly kill the prey, the Alpha male (the topmost male in the pride) is very first served because of your primary duty in protecting the pride from external threats. 

Food access in the Wild

Nature is an easy but ruthless. Food accessibility for a lion depends straight on its hunting success rate, which normally doesn’t exceed 30%. The success price itself is dependence on various factors such together health, age, and also the types of food available. 

You might be amazed to understand that the lions are poor hunters as compared to other large cats. They are slower when contrasted to many other huge cats, specifically the cheetah, i m sorry is the more quickly cat. A lion’s height speed usually does not exceed 50 mph (80 kph). 

What happens If food Is Scarce?

Can you imagine a king succumbing come starvation? It’s hard to imagine, however it can occur to any creature. 

A shortage of food may elicit the survive of the fittest response for most pet species. The older animals may be left to live on your own. 

Such animals can’t hunt or forage for food, and no other animal may be willing to sell food. Such pets may come to be emaciated and also will starve come death. 

While this scenario might not play the end within a proud of lions, because older pets usually died before they do it old age, it have the right to happen. However, all stays within the pride are at danger if food becomes scarce.

How Long can a baby Lion Live without Food?

A child cub feeds countless times a day. Cubs have the right to survive at the very least a full day without gift nursed by your mother. This ability is advantageous due to the fact that a lioness has to deliver and raise the cubs external of the pack for three months. She likewise has come go the end on hunting trips.

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The shortage of food does no threaten the survival of cubs for a short duration of time. The higher threat is other predators such as hyenas. 

Out in the wild, only 80% of the cubs space fortunate enough to with their 2nd birthday. In an overly large pride, the younger members have actually a greater chance of starvation in times of food shortages. 

How Long have the right to Lions walk Without drink Water

Do the lions quench your thirst v the blood that prey? This is an interesting question. The fact is yes, in many cases, lock do. 

In comparison to humans, lions deserve to survive an exceptionally long-time throughout the lack of drinkable water. This might seem amazing, but it is no so surprising once you consider that the bodies of your prey may consist of 50-95% water. Lions can obtain their forced water through eating their prey. 


Lions increase their chances of survive in major water scarcity by preventing direct sunlight and also resting under the shade during the warm summer days. Choose a pets cat, a lion can sleep as lot as 20 hours each day. In times of significant water scarcity, the lions have the right to survive increase to 4 days without water.

How numerous Days have the right to a Lion Live there is no Food?

The answer to this question can be variable relying on the ease of access of drink water. 

Lions have actually been observed life without food for up to one month when a water supply is available. 

Are lock doomed come starve?

The danger of starvation continuously haunts a lion transparent its life. If a masculine cub is fortunate enough to make it through its early childhood, that is then forcefully expelled the end of pride at around 2-3 years of age. 

The young masculine lion needs to survive versus extreme odds until they can overcome a proud of your own. 


After the conquest of their new pride, the lion may kill the male cubs the its predecessor to develop its preeminence. If all goes well, the brand-new head the the pride deserve to enjoy his an effective status for the next 3-5 years. 

The tenure for this place of power is not an extremely long. The entry of a lion into old age is brutal. A new and young lion might invade and defeat an aging king. Also if the life of a beat lion is spared, a rare occurrence, he might still be based on a terrible death by starvation. So fatality through defeat is a far better way come go. 

What Happens as soon as a Hungry Lion Achieves a Kill?

As you know well, only hunger deserve to teach a human being the prestige of food. But, as soon as a hungry lion gets a successful kill, its organic greed reasons it to overeat. 


They go into into a relaxing phase referred to as feline food coma after such an illustration of gluttony. Such a lion might not leave its location for as countless as three days also to quench that thirst. 

Do Lions Ever show a passion For Mercy?

The ruthless fight for the throne hardly leaves any room for mercy. But, unfortunately, this is additionally true for human kings who have the right to kill their siblings for the kingdom. 

However, over there are many fascinating exception to this rare occasion in the lion domain. In one report, the was listed that a team of males was relocated by the starvation of the male they had actually themselves dethroned. In a rare present of chivalry and also generosity, the conquerors enabled their beat fellow to feed alongside themselves. 

So, this marvelous creatures not just possess physics power, majesty and strength, they are also blessed with remarkable adaptability to survive food and also water scarcity.