15 Jokes native HIMYM that Have already Aged Poorly exactly how I Met Your mother was a hugely renowned sitcom... Yet one that definitely hasn"t to be aging well.

Updated march 20th, 2020 by Alyssa Avina.

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How i Met her Mother had countless instances the offensive and also inappropriate habits being play off together jokes as soon as in actuality lock were extremely problematic. Every character on the show has fallen right into the classification of problematic and also over time, the matter at your disposal has only grown much more impossible to ignore. Lock have found a means to offend almost every team of people -- every minority -- and it is not easy to swallow this so-called jokes any kind of longer.

How ns Met her Mother is just one of those TV reflects that to be wildly effective in that day, yet never ever seemed to period well because of its remarkable racism/transphobia/sexism throughout the whole course that the series. Yet this ignorant behavior (especially the sexism) doesn"t simply come from well-known chauvinist/womanizer Barney Stinson. It originates from everyone. And also we do mean everyone. This includes the ladies on the present who proud themselves on that entirety supposedly superior "not like other girls" attitude. Robin Scherbatsky and Lily Aldren space constantly slut-shaming various other women and labeling them as "idiots" because that falling for Barney"s schemes. Barney is continuous committing action of sexual attack but according to his pals, that"s simply a part of his charm. Ted Mosby, the an alleged "nice guy" of the collection is pretty much just as awful to females as his friend Stinson, creator that "The Playbook" himself.

In 2019, the series" problematic nature is lastly being noticed, and also for good reason. Let"s look ago at some of How i Met her Mother"s most problematic jokes the (seriously) haven"t aged well.

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all throughout the series, HIMYM made it a point to present their great disdain for fat human being -- particularly fat women. Even if it is it to be the therapy of Robin"s co-worker Patrice or the time Ted broke up through a girl because she used to it is in fat, there to be no hiding the reality they do fat people the butt of the hoax whenever they could.

It was gross and wrong the number of times lock made the seem together though fat civilization were undesirable, unlovable, and more than anything favor they were nothing an ext than a disgusting problem.

Barney Stinson go a many sketchy things over the years to gain women to sleep through him -- a.k.a. The manipulated them into bed i beg your pardon is so wrong. But by much one that the most offensive methods he go this was by dressing as what he thought a stereotypical lesbian come look choose so he could somehow "conquer" this goal of having sex through a gay woman.

It to be wrong top top so countless levels and also beyond offensive to the LGBT community. No to point out that it would certainly not it is in consensual if she to be tricked right into bed v him.

This hoax is yet another offensive concept Barney Stinson had about women. Basically, he believed that no matter just how "repugnant" you initially found a woman, the longer you spend time with her, you are bound to desire to sleep with her.

This was since he said sailors would certainly be in ~ sea for this reason long, they started to watch the manatees together mermaids. The made this even much more insulting by saying they end up being unattractive and also a "manatee" again only once they come to be pregnant.

12 The personality Ranjit

Every single time Ranjit would certainly be connected in the show, he was a caricature and also depicted in such a racism fashion. He was an alleged to be a lovable recurring character, but any person of shade would likely tell you exactly how deeply problematic the means he was composed actually was.

The casual racism as soon as it involved him -- among other characters -- do this show complicated to watch. As it is, there was a serious absence of diversity, so why did we must make a character favor Ranjit therefore blatantly laced in racism?

So numerous times ~ above the show Robin"s deep troubling relationship with her father to be treated together nothing an ext than a joke. He elevated her as a boy, to begin with, left she in the woods on she birthday, and exhibited numerous other terrible actions towards his daughter.

Yet, at any time their partnership was focused on, it was just a funny punchline according to the writers. Even when she was obtaining married, Barney was more concerned about connecting v her father over laser tag than helping his soon-to-be wife find her locket. Truly disheartening.

10 THE naked MAN

How ns Met her Mother had an entire episode that was based upon a dating concept of "the naked man", i beg your pardon basically says if you"re a guy who strips nude in former of her date, 2 out of three times you will end up obtaining laid, follow to Barney Stinson. This is wildly unreasonable behavior, and also of course a show such together How i Met your Mother would play this theory off as a clever joke... Therefore funny?

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When Robin speak the corridor she went ahead and also had sex through "the nude man" after the stripped down for her, lock are an extremely quick to contact her a "slut". We"re sorry, we didn"t establish this was the Puritan Era... Oh, wait no, it"s just an additional episode the HIMYM.

This totality theory of females being emotionally unstable and also "crazy" as soon as it pertains to their romantic stays is one overused and ultimately sexist trope that has been debunked in recent years by movies and also shows such together Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, unable to do Girl, and Orange is the new Black.  This idea that women go "psycho" once they space rejected romantically is so archaic in nature that it seems as though HIMYM need to take place in the "50s quite than the early 2000s. It would be one point if they likewise made "crazy" male characters that the women had actually to suffer through in order to balance things out, however for the most part, all the sexist tropes were offered to the one-dimensional women these dude-bros date throughout the series.

On the same note, Barney also creates a Hot/Crazy range for women, where a mrs is "allowed to be crazy as lengthy as she"s same hot". Truly groundbreaking content here, folks.


How ns Met your Mother had an recurring joke transparent the course of the series in which Barney would fake his identity to one outrageous level in bespeak to acquire women at the bar come sleep v him. Otherwise, they wouldn"t stroked nerves (and he knows this).

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The worst component is, all of his friends select to carry out nothing about his actions since in your eyes if the women who loss for his trickeries space "stupid enough" to believe his acts, they deserve to be manipulated into having actually sex with him. Many world would take into consideration his plot to be illegal due to the sex gift under false pretenses, and also his actions room so low-class and slimy that us are nearly positive HIMYM would never fly today.

Ha... Ha? Why go anyone in the writers" room think this little fun fact about Barney Stinson to be somehow comedy gold?

What was claimed to be played off together a hoax on the present turned out to be a truly uncomfortable moment for viewers of How i Met your Mother when Barney open admitted and basically bragged around the fact that he movies women throughout sex without your consent or knowledge. Keeping a hidden camera in his bedroom, the is able come record all of his late night encounters with women and this is all different kinds of illegal. Follow to "Stephanie"s Law" created in 2003, filming a person throughout a sexual act without their expertise or consent is taken into consideration an illegal act. Through this in mind, Barney has produced hundreds that illegal acts, if no thousands. Just how anyone would uncover this "funny" is past us... But hey, that"s just good ol" Barney! Right?


when Robin action like among the "Bros" and smokes her cigars while chugging under scotch together she concurrently refuses come succumb to romantic (ew, gross, that"s because that like, girls), she is praised in a big way. Yet once Ted claims or does things that are rather feminine and "girly" in nature, he is repeatedly mocked through his friends. Lily speak him regularly to "stop being such a girl!" and then the laugh track roars together though she"s a herbal Sarah Silverman. Why being feminine is seen as so bland offensive and downright degrading ~ above this show is a complete mystery. Ted should have the ability to love romance even if it"s thought about "girly", and he should be allowed to wear those terrible red cowboy boots that room meant for women, gosh suturing it!

"At one point, I"m pretty certain I offered a woman. I didn"t speak the language, but I shook a men hand, he gave me the keys to a Mercedes and I left her there." - Barney Stinson

Hahaha! five my gosh, us are simply rolling over with laughter at exactly how freaking hilarious this is. Why is this even remotely funny or charming? how was NPH okay v playing this creepy dude? It would certainly be one point if his personality was appropriately satirized a-la Eric Cartman, but in Barney"s case, it"s like we"re claimed to discover his antics... Um... Quirky? Why is this character still an alleged to be viewed as loveable and also charismatic? What the heck is walking on here? 

4 WHO"S HOT and also WHO"S SCOTT

"Who"s hot and also who"s Scott" is a game that Ted and the gang would play once they would shot to guess that out that a group of ladies was in reality a "tranny" in their offensive (and outdated) terminology. This collection is very guilty the sporting a whole variety of transphobic comments that are meant to be played off together hilaaarious jokes. This is the sort of writing you get when no one desires to put any kind of actual effort into the work and instead is simply hungry for that paycheck therefore they deserve to travel to their beach residence in Bora Bora. Luckily, we are living in the golden age of tv where many writers are too clever and an imaginative to usage these cheap and also offensive "jokes".

room we just an alleged to ~ do so that brand-new York City that all places is totally white? there is an uncomfortable lack of diversity on HIMYM to start with, yet things became even worse when How i Met your Mother made whole episode committed to casual cultural appropriation in "Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment In Slapmarra". In the episode, the entire white actors of actors dressed up together Chinese world while putting on heavy accents. This created outrage ~ above Twitter through the trending hashtag #HowIMetYourRacism arising throughout the internet. The authors have because apologized because that this episode, and also hopefully, this error of methods will cause much more people to acknowledge the incredible lack of diversity and the mistreatment the POC on sitcoms such together HIMYM.

2 TED provides ROBIN eliminate HER DOGS

towards the beginning of the show, Ted gets exceptionally jealous and also angry because all of Robin"s dog are provided to she by she ex-boyfriends.

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We are claimed to discover this humorous once he can only check out her beloved pet as previous lovers, however there is naught remotely funny about the truth that Robin literally had to eliminate her own dogs to make her friend feel much less jealous despite the fact that he is a fully grown adult man. Poor Robin. She didn"t deserve this... No one deserves this!

The Playbook is a completely fleshed out set of rules because that "Bros" come live by, developed by the most loveable and also least problem TV character of every time, Barney Stinson. The Playbook simply consists of a entirety plethora the sexist content that would make any type of reasonable human being shake your head in disgust. It"s simply not something anyone in this day and also age would stand by, i m sorry is why we"re glad How ns Met your Mother is a sitcom of the past.