Looking come buy a 50cc dirt bike for your kids but concerned that it i will not ~ go fast enough? worry no more, since there’s plenty of speed here.

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A 50cc dirt bike will reach speeds of in between 23 and 39 miles per hour, or 37km and also 62km every hour which is an extremely fast because that a son who’s aged in between 5 and also 8 year old. If this is the maximum speed for Yamaha, KTM and Honda models, it’s rare that children do reach these faster speeds and you’ll frequently find castle cruising roughly at 15 come 20 miles every hour fairly happily.


With many manufacturers, you can actually collection a tough limit ~ above the throttle so kid’s can not go too fast. Additionally, you may wish to lock castle into 2nd gear which additionally reduces the throttle responsiveness compared to first gear.

Children and 50cc dust Bikes

It’s fairly normal to it is in concerned about the speed that your child will travel on your dirt bike. Very likely that this is their an initial dirt bike and also you want them to have a great experience at together a tender age.

These dust bikes have the right to inflict part real and genuine harm, for this reason buying some protective gear is necessary. Don’t just kit lock out v some cheap gear and instead spend up on top quality stuff that will conserve them in the occasion of one accident.

Now, the safest speed for kids is more around the 15 to 20 mile every hour range. This is whereby you’ll discover them most confident and also aren’t likely to be advertise the optimal speeds anytime soon.

Should you it is in worried about them trying to upskill before they’re ready, climate you can definitely sit down through them an initial and talk around the issues. While there’s a third gear top top these youngsters dirt bikes, you don’t need to display them just how to usage it and instead just lock your bike in the second gear.

The many Dangerous Part

You know, most parents do gain concerned around the top speed of their children’s 50cc dirt bike, yet aren’t therefore educated about the most dangerous part. Of course, there will be some hurt as soon as coming off at these higher speeds, yet this no the issue.

The many dangerous component is an wild throttle that gets locked on. Youngsters don’t establish that, in bespeak to stop riding, they merely need to avoid using their throttle and their dust bike normally slows down and eventually involves a stop. That really that easy.

So before you go out riding, you have to take a long sufficient time to describe to them precisely what this means. They should ease the accelerator on gently and also then gradually construct up native there. Any type of anytime, they can simply relax the accelerator by twisting their wrist.

Fortunately, some youngsters bikes come v throttle limiters. This is absolutely the case with the TTR-50.

Best 50cc Bikes v High height Speeds

betterworld2016.org has actually done the study online to display you i beg your pardon bikes would certainly be the best picks for your children. These basically are:

KTM 50SX (You may wish to take into consideration the SX Mini design too)Yamaha PeeWee 50 (in the used industry only, together they have actually been discontinued by Yamaha)Honda CRF50FKawasaki KFX50Husqvarna TC50Suzuki DRZ-50 (Slow but great first-timers bike)

You’ll find much more information on our buying overview for kids dirt bikes ranked through ages. This is an extremely important if your son is around to have actually a birthday and also is between sizes.

Note: friend shouldn’t choose a bike based upon its peak speed however more-so on reputation and also reliability. The this list, the KTM 50SX has actually the faster 50cc speed on the planet, yet that come at a higher cost to the parent.

Purchasing new vs Used

So if you’re prepared to do a purchase, have to you gain one supplied or new? Generally, this relies on your budget, how frequently your son will ride, and also how rapid they are farming up.

Generally speaking, many parents merely buy a provided dirt bike that isn’t also beaten up. This is due to the fact that kids grow up fast and also they’ll normally go v a few dirt bikes between the ages of 5 and also their teenage years.

Consider also that you’ll need to buy them some protection gear and also this needs to it is in factored right into your budget. Friend won’t should pay because that registration or insurance, despite you may need to buy a gyeongju licence i m sorry comes v insurance if you desire to gain them into the MX scene. These are relatively affordable and subsidised through brand sponsors.

Certainly us wouldn’t introduce the Chinese dust bikes too lot as these deserve to be unreliable and also can spoil a great day out v the family. Friend can generally buy these because that the very same price together a used yet well serviced KTM or Yamaha. Offered the choice, we’d constantly trust the established brands wherein parts ease of access is paramount.

In Summary

50cc dirt bikes don’t go that fast, and also at-best they can do 39 miles every hour. This is hardly progressive for united state adults, however there’s plenty of speed for kids to have actually fun.

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While parents have the right to be apprehensive around getting their kids into this sport, it isn’t the optimal speed the one requirements to concern about. It’s just the throttle an answer which you can tune down, and also ensuring they space kitted up with some great dirt bike protective gear.

Ease them progressively into the sport and also you’ll find they’ll reap it for years. Children are responsible and aren’t trying come be speed demons in the first 4 minute of riding.