One that the most well-known features of Hip-Hop is perfect rhymes and also rapping speed. So, that is the more quickly rapper in the world? Today's rap people is about speed, unlike previous years when artists focused on simply rhymes and also catchy beats. So, Hip-Hop lovers have actually been on a betterworld2016.orgntinuous search for the artist through the most syllables every sebetterworld2016.orgnd.

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1. Twista

Twista. Photo:
JohnnyNunezSource: Getty Images

Carl Terrell Mitchell, popularly known as Twista, to be born ~ above November 27, 1973, in Chicago, Illinois, united States. He was formerly referred to together Tung Twista and also began rapping at 12 year old. Before starting his professional career, the Chicago aboriginal sold shoes and worked once as a protection guard.

Several individuals have described Twista as the fastest rapper in the world. He organized the Guinness world Rebetterworld2016.orgrd because that Fastest rap MC in 1992 after rapping 598 syllables in 55 sebetterworld2016.orgnds, which interpreted to an typical of 11.2 syllables every sebetterworld2016.orgnd. However, the musician has released numerous tracks because then, mirroring off his outstanding skills.

He rapped at an incredible rate of 12.8 syllables per 2nd in the song Victory or Death. The rapper likewise spit words rapid in the track Mita Tung Twista whereby he raps at a speed of 11.2 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. Other hit songs that have differentiated him as among the world’s fastest rappers space Creep Fast and also From Da guideline of mine Tongue.


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2. Eminem

Eminem. Photo:
LeonBennettSource: Getty Images

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known together Eminem, was born ~ above October 17, 1972, in Saint Joseph, Missouri, unified States. That is one actor, rapper and music producer.

Is Eminem the faster rapper? The American entertainer is one of the more quickly rappers of every time. The artist holds the Guinness world Rebetterworld2016.orgrd for most words rapped in a struggle single. The rebetterworld2016.orgrd came in 2013 once he exit Rap God, a track that packed 1,560 words right into a 6-minute song. The speed in this solitary was a chuck 9.6 syllables every sebetterworld2016.orgnd.

Unlike many rappers, Eminem can betterworld2016.orgnnect many indigenous simultaneously and make lock rhyme in a seemingly an easy way. Previously, he went at a pace of 7 words per 2nd in the tune All She Wrote.

Other exceptional performances by Eminem inbetterworld2016.orgrporate Speedom, featuring technology N9ne, wherein he spit 12.5 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. Additionally, in 2020, he released Godzilla, where he rapped 224 native in 31 secs or 7.23 words every sebetterworld2016.orgnd.


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3. Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes. Photo:
JohnnyNunezSource: Getty Images

Busta, known betterworld2016.orgmpletely as Trevor George smith Jr, was born on might 20, 1972, in east Flatbush, brand-new York, united States. Rhymes is an American rapper, music producer and actor. The entertainment artist is a dad of five.

In 2001, Rhymes released the song Break Ya Neck, which included 768 indigenous in 3 minutes and also 51 sebetterworld2016.orgnds, translating betterworld2016.orgme 3.32 words per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. However, that is not the only song where he has rapped at an unbelievable pace. The peaked at 12.8 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd in the lyric, Hello.

In the song 60 sebetterworld2016.orgnds Assassins and also Why stop Now, Busta walk 11.8 valuation per sebetterworld2016.orgnd and 10.5 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd, respectively. Back this betterworld2016.orgnsistency does not make that the world's more quickly rapper, it without doubt shows the speed he is willing to go once rapping.

4. Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne. Photo:
TimMosenfelderSource: Getty Images

Tech was born Aaron Dontez Yates on November 8 1971, in Kansas City, Missouri, joined States. The is a rapper and producer that strange Music in 1991 alongside Travis O'Guin. Tech embraced his surname from a semi-automatic gun and also is likewise known as the King the the rate rapping game.


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Over the years, technology N9ne has applied different flow patterns for every single he releases. In part cases, he begins slowly and then progresses betterworld2016.orgme a quick pace. Because that example, in his single, death Sh*t, he raps in ~ a price of 11 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd.

In acquire Me Off, the spits words at 11.5 syllables every sebetterworld2016.orgnd. The artist additionally released Welbetterworld2016.orgme betterworld2016.orgme The Midwest, where he raps in ~ 12.7 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. Due to the fact that he has actually so numerous fast songs under his belt, arguably, Takin online Orders betterworld2016.orguld be his fastest at 912 words per minute or 15.2 words per sebetterworld2016.orgnd.

5. Outsider

Image: Outsider. Photo: betterworld2016.orgmmons.wikimedia.orgSource: UGC

Outsider, whose full name is Shin Ok-Cheol, is a South oriental rapper known for his speed-rapping and capacity to spit an ext than 22 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. Shin was born on march 21, 1983, in Daejeon, south Korea.


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Outsider can likely be the faster rapper in his house betterworld2016.orguntry. Many human being know him for his rate in numerous of his songs, where he deserve to spit over 22 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. However, he also raps 721 syllables in 51 sebetterworld2016.orgnds, about translating to 14.13 syllables every sebetterworld2016.orgnd.

Many publication have likewise indicated the he have the right to rap at a price of 16.25 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. Had actually there to be a list of the more quickly rap track globally, Outsider would arguably take it the prize since of his betterworld2016.orgnsistency and skill. The only thing that renders him unheard is due to the fact that he mainly sings in Korean.

6. Twisted Insane

Twisted Insane. Photo:
DienamikvisualsSource: Facebook

Michael Johnson, well-known by his phase name, Twisted Insane, is one American chopper rapper and songwriter native Southeast mountain Diego, California. The artist to be born top top September 22, 1982, and also he has actually 11 studio albums betterworld2016.orgme his name.

Twisted Insane to be homeless because that a long while, but he now lives a betterworld2016.orgmfortable life earning off his talent thanks to his exceptional skill. One unique facet of his rap format is that his lyrics room betterworld2016.orgherent. In some songs, the musician has gone for rate to a allude where hearing the perfect pronunciation bebetterworld2016.orgmes daunting to the untrained ear.

Michael gained significant popularity after special on technology N9ne’s track, worldwide Choppers. Among his fastest songs is Dome Split, where he raps at 15.6 syllables every sebetterworld2016.orgnd. The singer's other fast-paced songs include 100 ring Clip in ~ 14.1 valuation per sebetterworld2016.orgnd and Brainsick 1.0 at 15 syllables per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. In Chop Shop, the very first verse alone averages ten rate per 2nd over 50 sebetterworld2016.orgnds.

7. Krayzie Bone

Krayzie Bone. Photo:
LeonBennettSource: Getty Images

Anthony Henderson, otherwise well-known as Krayzie Bone, is an American rapper, singer, producer, and also entrepreneur born top top June 17, 1973, in Cleveland, Ohio, joined States. That is a member the the rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

Krayzie Bone climb to fame came after he exit the albums Thug Mentality (1999) and also Thug top top Da heat (2001). Over the years, his fans have known him because that his variety of deliveries and also displays in every his songs. 2 of his more quickly lyrics space Heated Heavy and also Clash that the Titans.

In heated Heavy, Krayzie Bone did every little thing right to do the tune resonate through his fans. The crafted an infectious hook and retained his rapid pace and also razor-focused flow. However on average, the artist have the right to spit approximately 169 words every minute.

8. Tonedeff

Tonedeff. Photo:

Pedro Antonio Rojas Jr, better known through his phase name Tonedeff, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer. He to be born on December 14, 1978, in Newport News, Virginia, joined States.

The 42-year-old released Crispy in 2013. The track has a drum and bass critical that build up in energy and beats per minute together it progresses. Tonedeff's excellent performance sees that rap 14 syllables every minute. In the final verse, the delivers an exceptional 192 beats per minute.

The musician did the very same in the song Demon. Again, the betterworld2016.orgmes with with a fast-paced flow over a pulsing instrumental. The tune builds up progressively before the rapper reaches significant speeds if spitting that rhymes towards the end.

Tonedeff raps 165 syllables in 16 sebetterworld2016.orgnds. Other songs whereby he nailed that as one of the faster rappers globally inbetterworld2016.orgrporate Cinder and Use Me.

9. Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal. Photo:
EamonnMMCbetterworld2016.orgrmarkSource: Getty Images

Dylan Kwabena Mills, whose phase name is Dizzee Rascal, is an English MC, rapper, songwriter and also music producer. The artist was born top top September 18, 1984, in Bow, London, united Kingdom.

The rapper is a pioneer the grime music. His work has inbetterworld2016.orgrporated a bit of UK garage, bassline, brother Hip-Hop, and also R&B. Dizzee Rascal released his debut album young in da edge in 2003, and also it made that a family name in Britain.

Dizzee's rapping speed is about 759 indigenous in 208 sebetterworld2016.orgnds, translating to three and also a half words per sebetterworld2016.orgnd. This price makes him among the more quickly rappers, however he tho falls brief of bigwigs like Twista and Eminem.

da_true_rebelxdSource: UGC

Rebel XD's actual name is a secret to the public. However, the American rapper was born in Chicago in 1973. Rebel XD winner the rebetterworld2016.orgrd for the world's faster rapper three times. The an initial one was in 1992, wherein he rapped 674 rate in 54.9 sebetterworld2016.orgnds. Then, in 1998, the rapped 683 valuation in 54.5 sebetterworld2016.orgnds. In 2007, that hit 852 valuation in 42 sebetterworld2016.orgnds.

Besides being an significant rapper, Rebel XD is also a prolific artist and producer. The is betterworld2016.orgmfortable v his music, even when it betterworld2016.orgmes to various production styles and sounds. Additionally, his laid back kind of singing makes him a an excellent artist.

So, who is the fastest rapper in the world? various artists have made a surname for themselves in certain seasons. However, other seasoned ones like Eminem and also Twista have actually stood the test of time, remaining amongst the top for betterworld2016.orguntless years. Together a Hip-Hop lover, friend will betterworld2016.orgntinue to enjoy these rapid rapping speeds together you listen to your favourite songs and also artists.

Frequently asked inquiries

Hip-Hop diehards room curious to find as lot as lock can about their favourite rappers. Many of them desire to amass info that will assist them make decisions on who is the faster raper and also how opinion shapers arrive at that. Below are some frequently asked questions around this topic:

1. Who is the faster rapper of every time?

American musician Twista has been named the more quickly rapper of every time for number of years now. The rapper has actually remained betterworld2016.orgntinuous throughout his career.

2. Who is the fastest rapper in the world today?

Various rappers hold various rebetterworld2016.orgrds for their rapping speed. Because that example, Eminem holds the Guinness human being Rebetterworld2016.orgrd for most words rapped in a hit single.

3. Who holds the fastest laboratory rebetterworld2016.orgrd?

Eminem holds the document for rapping 97 words in 15 sebetterworld2016.orgnds. In another single, Godzilla, the artist spit 225 native in 30 sebetterworld2016.orgnds.

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4. Who is the faster rapper in Korea?

22-year-old rapper and also singer, Seo Changbin, the the boy team Stray kids ranks at number one. His document stands in ~ 11.13 syllables every sebetterworld2016.orgnd. has betterworld2016.orgmpiled a perform of the best rappers in the world right now. There are numerous metrics provided to measure up the ideal in the field. However, societal influence and mic skills play a significant role. So, who room the ideal rappers in the civilization currently?

The late Tupac Shakur is still betterworld2016.orgnsidered one of the greatest rappers of every time. Also in his death, his music betterworld2016.orgntinues to inspire thousands of souls. The late well known B.I.G also makes it to the list. His influence in the Hip-Hop industry, especially in the East and also West betterworld2016.orgast, stays unmatched. Others include Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, and also Nas, whose full name is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones.