For part reason world go bonkers end quarterbacks and their stats, and an ext importantly their places in history.

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Heaven forbid you cite that you think your favorite quarterback is just one of the best ever roughly the not correct person, since you might just uncover yourself in an ext than a linguistic confrontation.

Either method people do have actually a many fun stating which quarterbacks space the ideal of every time.

Instead of opening up that can of worms I wanted to focus on arm stamin though.

Arm toughness is not an integral component of quarterbacks make up, however it sure doesn’t ache a guy’s chances of being good and that sure makes for an exciting debate.

I recognize this will turn into the best ever conflict too, because let’s be ethical who space we kidding?

Let it rip.

I give you the NFL"s 10 strongest-armed QBs that all-time:

10. Jack Kemp
1 that 10

Kemp went on to have actually a effective political career and actually ran because that vice president, therefore I’m certain arm stamin was the the very least of his worries.

Kemp holds all kinds that passing records in the AFL record books, however as one NFL player over there is no disputing the eight that he possessed.

9. Johnny Unitas
2 the 10

There is an yes, really award the end there called the Johnny Unitas gold Arm award.

Unitas is conveniently recognized as among the finest quarterbacks of every time.

What ns hear about the male was that he had actually a rocket of an arm, but found a means to make it deadly accurate, all the while being innovative from the pocket.

He would certainly throw deeps balls that would just float right into the hands of the receiver.

8. Jim Kelly
3 of 10

When looking at Jim Kelly as a strength passer you need to keep in mind the he had to struggle the wind and also elements that Buffalo.

Kelly had one the the ideal deep balls in the league, and also it is said that he might throw it with ease.

7. Doug Williams
4 of 10

Williams is best known together the quarterback because that the legend Washington Redskins Super key team.

I’m no sure just how many human being revere Williams for his eight strength, yet I have actually heard a rumor the he can throw a football end zone to end zone.

That’ll obtain you on this perform no problem.

6. Jeff George
5 that 10

During his time in the NFL George presented some uncanny arm stamin that was even much more impressive since he can do so much of that on the run.

I can not use heard much an excellent said around his personality though, however I guess that is a moot point on this list.

5. Terry Bradshaw
6 that 10

Many human being nowadays just see terrycloth Bradshaw together the goofball ~ above TV on Sunday mornings.

Fact is the he is just one of the more prolific quarterbacks the the NFL has ever seen.

He likewise had cannon because that an arm, and also threw some pretty prolific deep balls in his day.

4. Jim Hart
7 that 10

Jim Harts passes were described as “leaving a vapor trail” behind them.

Those are some very strong words about the former St. Louis Cardinals quarterback.

He also completed a 98 yard happen in the air, which I think is tho a document that the holds.

3. Man Elway
8 that 10

You may have actually heard of man Elway, but if not let me simply say that he to be a pretty an excellent quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

The one point that Elway possessed that plenty of of these bombers didn’t have much of to be accuracy.

Elway might throw a 70 yard pass under the field and also get it best on the money.

2. Brett Favre
9 that 10

You don’t obtain a nickname choose “the old gunslinger” for any good reason.

Sure, that cold in environment-friendly Bay, yet most quarterbacks didn’t in reality break your receivers fingers when they threw lock the ball.

Brett Favre broke a lot of fingers.

He threw v the same velocity on short routes together he did deep routes, which can not have been for this reason smart, however you can never ever deny the Brett Favre had actually cannon.

1. Dan Marino
10 of 10

The best knock top top the job of Dan Marino was that he never ever won a at sight Bowl.

As a quarterback he is well-known as among the pure passers the game has seen, yet he was reportedly never provided the enough tools approximately him to do it all come together.

He racked increase records favor it to be no biggy, and I’ve heard it stated that he had actually a “godlike” arm until his later on years.

Either means I think all of us have the right to agree he may be one of the ideal NFL players to never win a supervisor Bowl.

Either means he had a very powerful arm.

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