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In book Nine that the poem, us encounter a heroic dilemm for Odysseus. While that is clear that Odysseus is smart, this certain section the the city reveals Odysseus" ego. Because of his hubris, Odysseus is sentenced to a much longer journey than was initially planned. First, let"s look...

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In book Nine the the poem, us encounter a heroic crisis for Odysseus. While it is clear that Odysseus is smart, this details section the the city reveals Odysseus" ego. Because of his hubris, Odysseus is sentenced come a much longer journey 보다 was initially planned. First, let"s look at the actual escape:First Odysseus waits till Polyphemus pipeline the cavern to often tend to his sheep. He and also his sailors uncover a wood staff and place the end of it in the fire in order to harden it enough to make it a weapon. As soon as Polyphemus return to the cave, Odysseus introduce him to the wine the sailors lugged from the ship. Polyphemus enjoys the wine, and also he and also Odysseus begin drinking. During this time, they have a conversation wherein Odysseus claims that his name is "Nobody." (In part translations, it appears as "No One.") as soon as Polyphemus drops asleep, Odysseus and also a pick group of sailors grab the employee from the fire and jab it into Polyphemus" eye.

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The screams from Polyphemus wake up his neighbors. They involved his cave to check out what is wrong, but Polyphemus yells, "Nobody is killing me!" The neighbors leave assuming every little thing is fine. Odysseus and also the others still have a problem. A huge stone is quiet blocking the door, and also it is clear Polyphemus intends to feeling the height of each sheep as it exit the cave to feeding in the morning. Odysseus tells his sailors to strap themselves to the undersides the the sheep. This way, Polyphemus only feels the fleece that his sheep and not the seafarers as lock escape. The ruse works, and also the seafarers are may be to return to the ship. If Odysseus had simply sailed away from the island, points would have been fine; however, Odysseus decides come taunt Polyphemus. The is clear that Odysseus believes the this deed is other the gods need to recognize, since he brags about it through his true name. Polyphemus, enraged, calls ~ above his father, Poseidon, to punishment Odysseus. Poseidon complies. Gift a seafarer on the bad side that the god that the oceans and seas is not good. Odysseus and his crew discover themselves cruising farther and farther far from their home.