One Piece: Blackbeard could Steal a 3rd Devil Fruit power - yet Which One? One Piece"s Blackbeard is already unique with two adversary Fruits under his belt, yet the possibility of a third would make him almost unstoppable.

One Piece is filled through dangerously an effective pirates who can use adversary Fruits" power to rise themselves to also greater heights. However, Blackbeard is the one character who has declared that power twice, and fans speculate the he might propel himself an ext with a third. This concept isn"t totally baseless either, with the symbolism the thirds gift his character architecture -- also his Jolly Roger features three skulls.

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Considering Blackbeard"s propensity because that destruction, what evil one Fruits would be finest suited for one of the many dangerous pirates in the series?

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Blackbeard right now holds the powers of the Yami Yami no Mi/Dark-Dark Fruit and also the Gura Gura no Mi/Quake-Quake Fruit. The Yami Yami no Mi is a Logia-type adversary Fruit, meaning it allows the user to adjust the ingredient of their body to end up being a natural element -- in this case, darkness -- and also control it. Together with his gravitational and nullifying an initial Devil Fruit, Blackbeard additionally took the Gura Gura no Mi indigenous Whitebeard. The Paramecia evil one Fruit permits the user to reason earthquakes and also shockwaves, giving Blackbeard additional superhuman abilities.

It"s safe to assume that since he"s consumed one of each type, and thirds being a component of his motif, the following fruit would be native the Zoan type, i beg your pardon would enable him to transform right into a different types at will. A Zoan Fruit user has actually a base form, climate a hybrid one and also finally a beast form. Chopper is an instance of a Zoan user, though he ate the Hito Hito no Mi, which allows him speak and also think like a human. Those that train hard sufficient can unlock various other abilities, favor Chopper"s, to use seven various forms.

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What evil one Fruits could Blackbeard Target Next?

If Blackbeard targets a Zoan Fruit next, i beg your pardon one would certainly suit his existing skill set? an ancient Zoan Fruit, like the Ryu Ryu no Mi, is an option -- though they are thought about rarer 보다 the typical Zoan. The Ryu Ryu no Mi would enable him to transform into an extinct types of dinosaur depending upon the fruit, and also there room nine evidenced variations. While dinosaurs are surely capable of destruction, Blackbeard could additionally hunt under a Mythical Zoan Fruit, i beg your pardon is even more unique.

The Mythical Zoan Fruit provide their users the strength to transform into mythical beasts, choose a phoenix or dragon. A notable example that would certainly suit Blackbeard"s existing abilities might be the Batto Batto no Mi/Bat-Bat Fruit, which would permit him to transform right into a vampire. However, if the life-draining strength would complement the Yami Yami no Mi"s nullifying capabilities, the Batto Batto no Mi hasn"t made a canonical debut.

A more outlandish option, yet entirely possible, might be if Blackbeard attempted come steal the Uo Uo no Mi native Kaido, a fellow Emperor that the Sea. Offered the ability to transform into a large, blue dragon, the beast form"s massive size wouldn"t be a difficulty in enclosed spaces due to the fact that Blackbeard can already transform right into darkness. If that could have physical call with more than one opponent, he can negate multiple adversary Fruit strength at once.

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The possibility of Blackbeard adding the Uo Uo no Mi to his arsenal is a genuinely dreadful idea. From combine his shockwaves v the dragon type to using lightning assaults with the Gura Gura Gura no Mi"s earthquakes, this would be the many dangerous adversary Fruit Blackbeard could gain. If he can steal the from Kaido, over there is no telling just how much destruction and chaos he could truly cause.

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