Some civilization might be surprised to hear that this is a problem for certain writers, however for English language learners and also those who have only heard the word spoken, the confusion provides a little an ext sense.

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What is the Difference between Greatful and Grateful?

In this post, I want to compare greatful vs. Grateful. I will certainly go over each spelling and outline which is correct and also why. Plus, in ~ the end, ns will give you a helpful tip to remember the correct spelling for the future.

After analysis this post, girlfriend won’t ever again wonder, “Is the spelled greatful or grateful?”

When to usage Greatful

What is the an interpretation of greatful? Greatful is no a word; that is is a usual misspelling the grateful, and, therefore, go not have actually a definition.

The factor for this wrong is indeed related to the together of great. Great and also grate are pronounced identically, and also people use words great with much an ext frequency in speech and also in writing, therefore they think grateful must be assignment accordingly. That is no the case.

You can remove greatful from your mind altogether. There is never a reason to use it.

When to usage Grateful

What is the meaning of grateful? The exactly spelling of the word is grateful. Thankful is defined as feeling or mirroring an appreciation of kindness; thankful. The is concerned the indigenous gratitude.

I am really grateful for all of your help this week.We should all be grateful for the leadership of our new CEO.

When someone claims they space grateful, they room appreciative or thankful because that something the was done because that them or to them.

You space usually grateful for something or grateful to someone.

I am grateful to you for all the you have actually done for me.I am grateful for all the you have done for me.

Grateful comes indigenous the Latin word gratus, which way pleasing, agreeable, welcome.

Outside Examples

Trick come Remember the Difference

Here is a useful trick to remember grateful vs. Greatful. If you use this mental check when you aren’t sure what spelling come use, you will certainly be every set.

Trick: To it is in grateful is to show gratitude because that something or come someone. Pair these 2 words with each various other in your mind.

Grateful = Gratitude.

This will save you native making the wrong in the future due to the fact that there is no similar word because that greatful. Greatitude sounds silly, and anyone would certainly spot that together a mistake.


Is it thankful or greatful? Grateful is the exactly spelling, and greatful have to be universally avoided.

Greatful is a typical misspelling for the word grateful.

Grateful is the correct spelling the the words.

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