Gracias is one of those words that we may use every day long due to the fact that it enables us to say thanks to people and also to be polite. If you’re learning Spanish, you may have actually noticed that, in order come thank, speakers also use other expressions. This is because gracias is just one method to say thank you in Spanish.

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If you want to add more useful unit volume to your vocabulary, in this list, you’ll find 12 different and also popular means to speak thank you in Spanish. All of these phrases are very common among Spanish speakers. Yet make sure to review the descriptions carefully because some of these expressions may imply a deeper emotion of gratitude or have a different degree of formality.

By the end of this, you will be able to say thank you in Spanish in 12 various ways.

1. Car lo agradezco / Se lo agradezco – I evaluate it

Both te lo agradezco or se lo agradezco are rather formal methods to say give thanks to you in Spanish. This expressions have the right to be analyzed as ‘I appreciate it’ and lock only applied in very formal situations. ‘Te lo agradezco’ addresses ‘tú-you’ while ‘se lo agradezco’ come ‘usted-you’.

Disculpa, ¿me puedes ayudar a llegar al hospital? ¡Te lo agradezco!Excuse me, can you aid me acquire to the hospital? I evaluate it

Persona: Señorita, tome, se le cayó su cartera.Person: Miss, here, you dropped your wallet.
Tú: ¡Ay! ¡Se lo agradezco mucho! No me había dado cuenta.You: Oh mine God, I evaluate it very much! ns didn’t notice!

‘Te lo agradezco’ and ‘se lo agradezco’ may have actually the following variations.

Te lo agradezco – dare agradezcoSe lo agradezco – Le agradezco

The difference in between these paragraph is the the te lo agradezco/se lo agradezco the point that you’re thanking because that is clean (it’s in reality being changed by lo) while with the other choices you will have to be more specific.

Katia, en serio te agradezco mucho que me ayudes con mi tareaKatia, i really appreciate that you help me through my homework

Take Note: All of this expressions job-related with indirect pronouns that you can adjust to enhance the human being thanked. Additionally, they incorporate the verb agradecer (to thank) which you can conjugate in any kind of tense.

Vilma le agradeció a Judith por su ayudaVilma thanked Judith for she help

2.Mil gracias – Thanks a bunch / many thanks a lot

In Spanish, mil gracias is another method to say give thanks to you. This expression can be analyzed either as ‘thanks a lot’ or ‘thanks a bunch’. ‘Mil gracias’ expresses a lot of gratitude for the aid or favor we received. This expression can be used in both formal and informal situations as long as you understand that you’re expressing a deep feeling of gratitude.

Additionally, notification that this expression is constantly used straight with the person that you thanking.

Mil gracias a todos por sus felicitacionesThanks a lot, guys, for her wishes

Ay, Jessi, mil gracias por ayudarme con mi tareaJessi, thanks a lot for helping me through my homework

Chicos, sólo les quiero decir mil gracias por hacer este año increíbleGuys, I just want come say thanks a bunch for do this year amazing

Nowadays, young civilization may additionally use the variation: gracias mil. This expression is much more informal 보다 ‘mil gracias’ and it can be a mocking or happy phrase. Together a result, you can use it among your friends.

¡Qué rica estuvo la cena! Gracias mil, RicardoThe dinner was delicious! Thanks a lot, Ricardo

Take Note: Notice the if us don’t have actually a certain name, we use the preposition a to present the person we’re saying thanks to. Top top the other hand, we usage por to present the thing or activity that we’re grateful for.

3. Muchas gracias – Thank you very much / thanks a lot

Muchas gracias is the direct translation the ‘thank you an extremely much’ or ‘thanks a lot’. Therefore, this is among the most usual ways to say ‘thank you’ in Spanish. ‘Muchas gracias’ have the right to be provided both in formal and also informal contexts.

¡Qué bonita blusa! Muchas gracias, máWhat a beautiful blouse! Thanks a lot, mom

¡Muchas gracias por ayudarnos con la comida!Thank you really much for help us v the food!

James, ya recibí tu regalo, ¡muchas gracias! ¡Está muy lindo!James, I currently received her gift, thank you an extremely much! It’s really pretty!

As you may know, you deserve to intensify this expression by transforming muchas to muchísimas.

¡Amigo, muchísimas gracias por venir!Thank you very much for coming, buddy!


8. Gracias de todos modos – Thanks anyway

Gracias de todos modos is a Spanish expression that we use to say say thanks to you when human being tried to assist us, but for some reason, castle couldn’t execute it. Therefore, ‘gracias de todos modos’ is interpreted as ‘thanks anyway’. You can likewise use its sports ‘gracias de todas formas’. This expressions deserve to be used in both informal and formal contexts.

Buscaba maletas más grandes, pero gracias de todas formasI was looking for bigger suitcases, but thanks anyway

Tú: No encontré el libro que necesitas, Yahir.You: I didn’t uncover the publication you need, Yahir.
Tu amigo: Bueno, gracias de todos modos.Your friend: Okay, thanks anyway.

9. Un millón de gracias – Thank you very much / many thanks a million

Un millón de gracias is another formal and also polite method to to express a the majority of gratitude. This expression have the right to be translated as ‘thank you an extremely much’, ‘a million thanks’ or ‘thanks a million’. You can use ‘un millón de gracias’ in both formal and also casual contexts. But because this expression is leaning an ext towards the formal side, Spanish speakers may not use it amongst their girlfriend or family (unless that a distinct occasion).

A los maestros y los alumnos, un millón de gracias por su esfuerzoTo the teachers and also students, thank you really much for your effort

Un millón de gracias a las personas que nos ayudaron en este proyectoThank you an extremely much to the world that aided us top top this project

Take Note: Un millón de gracias is very comparable to mil gracias. The just difference in between these expressions is their degree of formality. If you don’t want to sound also intense, you might want to usage ‘mil gracias’ instead.

10. Gracias de todo corazón – Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Just favor its English version, gracias de todo corazón is a Spanish expression that expresses a sincere and deep feeling of gratitude. This phrase have the right to be supplied in every contexts as lengthy as you’re aware that she expressing deep feelings.

Gracias de todo corazón por sus buenos deseosThank you from the bottom the my heart for your great wishes

Miriam, gracias de todo corazón, me ayudaste muchísimo, amigaMiriam, thank girlfriend from the bottom of mine heart, you aided me a lot, mine friend

Using this expression doesn’t rely on the formality that a situation, yet rather around the gratitude the you feel. So make sure you use it correctly.

11. Se agradece – It’s evaluate it / Appreciated

Se agradece is an personally expression come say thank you. This doesn’t typical that this expression is cold or rude: it means that you’re no addressing a details person. ‘Se agradece’ is offered when talk to a general audience and we’re saying thank you in development for their help.

Se agradecen donadores de sangreBlood donors appreciated

Chicos, se agradece su ayuda para adoptar dos gatitosGuys, your assist in adopting 2 kitties is appreciated it

Se agradecen todos los juguetes usados que puedan regalarAll used toys the you have the right to donate are appreciated

Take Note: As an personally expression, se agradece doesn’t have actually a subject. Therefore, it’s conjugation will count on the thing of the sentence (toys, blood donors, help, etc.).

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12. Gracias – Thanks / thank you

As you may know, gracias is the straight translation that ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’. So this is the most common method to say say thanks to you in Spanish day-to-day conversations. ‘Gracias’ have the right to be offered in both formal and informal contexts.

¡Gracias por venir, bienvenidos!Thank you for coming, welcome!

¡Nos la pasamos muy bien, gracias a todos!We had a an excellent time, thank friend all!

Amor, gracias por ras flores tan bonitas que me enviasteSweetie, thanks for the beautiful flowers that you sent me

Take Note: Like other phrases, gracias works through por to present the point that you’re grateful for. However if you desire to focus on the person, friend will have to use the preposition a.

Wrapping Up

Saying say thanks to you is a common activity in any type of language. For the reason, us compiled 12 expressions and words the you have the right to use come say give thanks to you in Spanish. Remember that the crucial to utilizing these expression is learning their formality and their degree of gratitude.

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Now, you’re ready to start including these expression in your daily Spanish conversations.