Hello and goodbye – or execution thereof- are few of the words we speak most generally as we go about our day.

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Learning to say hello and goodbye in ireland is basic – and also a fun way to add a bit of the language right into your vocabulary!

A Bit around the ireland Language

irish is a Celtic language similar, yet not the exact same as, Welsh, Breton, and also Scottish Gaelic. And also while many will say that the irish speak Gaelic, that term actually refers to Scottish Gaelic native to the Gaels the Scotland.

The modern Irish language- known as ireland – has developed over a duration of 1500 years, very first being tape-recorded in the spare part of Latin manuscripts as at an early stage as the sixth century.

as you learn Irish girlfriend will see the affect of those ireland ‘Saints and Scholars’ in both the literal an interpretation of the words and also the sentence structure.

Saying Hello in Irish

A an easy hello in irish is Dia dhuit!

Pronounced Jee-ah ghwitch (the gh sounds practically like you are clearing your throat) the phrase literally equates to ‘God to you’, which is why Dia is capitalized. (That’s the monks talking!)

The answer is a bit an ext complex. Come say hello earlier is Dia is Muire dhuit.

This is pronounce Jee-ah iss Mwir-eh ghwitch (keep the throaty gh). You deserve to see 2 capitalized letter in the reply, which method there need to be one more proper name. The translate in is ‘God and Mary come you’.

Saying Hello in irish from Bitesize Irish

Saying good-bye in irish

Saying goodbye in irish is all about safety.

Slán, express slawn, simply way ‘safe’.

Slán abhaile (slawn awhilya) equates to ‘safe home’ and slán agat (slawn agot) method ‘have safety’.

If you room the human staying behind when someone else is leaving you would say slán leat (slawn lyat– with a really faint ‘L’ sound, practically ‘yat’), which means ‘safety v you’.

If you will be see the person again soon say slán go fóill (salwn ga foil), wishing them ‘safety for a while’ or until you see them again.

Saying good-bye in ireland from Bitesize ireland

Now you’re set to speak hello and also goodbye in Irish!

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Irish for Beginners

My friends at Bitesize irish have a complimentary email food to assist you acquire started on her journey right into the irish language. Authorize up below to gain started!

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