This post covers just how to greet human being in Fijian and teaches you some essential phrases consisting of ‘hello’, ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and also ‘good night’. Hopefully you’ll leave this page discovering some vital Fijian greetings.

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How carry out You to speak ‘Hello’ In Fijian?How to Say various other Greetings In Fijian e.g. ‘Good Morning’How come Say ‘Good Morning’ In FijianHow come Say ‘Good Afternoon’ In FijianHow come Say ‘Good Evening’ In FijianHow to Say ‘Good Night’ In Fijian

How execute You to speak ‘Hello’ In Fijian?

If you want to to speak ‘hello’ to who in Fijian climate you can do so through the adhering to phrases:Hello – Bula (Boola)Hello – Bula vinaka (Boola vee-nahka)Hello (more polite) – Ni sa bula (Nee sah boola)Hello (more polite) – Ni sa bula vinaka (Nee sah boola vee-nahka)‘Bula’ is by far the most common greeting in Fiji. It’s offered to speak ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ but literally method ‘life’. Bula can additionally mean ‘welcome’.The phrase ‘ni sa bula vinaka’ or ‘ni sa bula’ is an extended greeting which additionally wishes someone great health and life. These are a bit much more formal/polite than simply ‘bula’ or ‘bula vinaka’. 

When pronouncing words ‘bula’ over there is an virtually silent ‘m’ sound at the start. Shot saying that this method to sound much more like a native. Hear to the together below:

How come Say other Greetings In Fijian e.g. ‘Good Morning’

You might want to usage some various other greetings in Fijian such as ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and ‘good night’. Examine out these other Fijian greetings below:

How to Say ‘Good Morning’ In Fijian

To to speak ‘good morning’ in Fijian, you can say:

Good morning – Yadra (Yan-dra)Good morning (more polite) – Ni sa yadra (Nee sah yan-dra)

These unit volume are offered to speak ‘good morning’ in Fijian. 

The word ‘yadra’ literally method ‘wake up’ but this indigenous is used as a morning greeting.

How come Say ‘Good Afternoon’ In Fijian

To speak ‘good afternoon’ in Fijian, you have the right to say:Good afternoon – Bula (Boola)Good afternoon (more polite) – Ni sa bula (Nee sah boola)In Fijian, there isn’t a specific method to speak ‘good afternoon’ so girlfriend should just use the greeting ‘bula’ instead.

How to Say ‘Good Evening’ In Fijian

To say ‘good evening’ in Fijian, you deserve to say:

Good night – Bula (Boola)Good evening (more polite – Ni sa bula (Nee sah boola)

In Fijian, over there isn’t a specific way to say ‘good evening’ so friend should just use the greeting ‘bula’ instead.

How to Say ‘Good Night’ In Fijian

To speak ‘good night’ in Fijian, you deserve to say:Good night – Moce (Mo-thay)Good night (more polite) – Ni sa moce (Nee sah mo-thay)The over phrases ‘moce’ and ‘ni sa moce’ can be provided to speak ‘good night’ as well as ‘goodbye’. The native ‘moce’ literally way ‘sleep’ but the native has pertained to mean the last thing that friend say to someone together they leave. 

It can be offered in a range of scenarios including if someone is leave or if they’re going come bed.Check out the video below to hear the pronunciation of the phrases in this post:
Thanks for reading this write-up on exactly how to greet someone in Fijian. Hope you now know how to say ‘hello’ in Fijian and additionally how come say ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and also ‘good night’ in Fijian.Want to learn an ext Fijian? Learn just how to ask who ‘how room you?’ in Fijian.

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