negro - black marrón / café - brown gris - gray / grey blanco - white amarillo - yellow anaranjado / naranjo - orange rojo - red rosado - pink morado / púrpura - purple azul - blue verde - green

You will notice that for part colors there room two different words because that it. I beg your pardon one girlfriend use relies on the nation you room in.

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Colores have various forms

Colors are adjectives that have to agree v the sex and number of the noun.

It is importante to remember that the colour that finish in -O or -A have a masculine and feminine kind as well as a singular or plural kind and have to coincide through the noun (or subject).

For example there room 4 forms of the shade Blanco.

Un sombrero blanco - (Blanco is in masculine and also singular form, as with the word it describes) Unos sombreros blancos - (Blancos is in masculine and plural form) Una casa blanca - (Blanca is in feminine and also singular form) Unas casas blancas - (Blancas is in feminine and also plural form)

With words the don"t finish in -O or -A (like verde and gris) don"t have actually a adjust in the masculine or feminine form. You do however have to add the -S or -ES because that its many form.

Un sombrero verde Unos sombreros verdes Una casa verde Unas casas verdes

A shade can additionally be a noun in a sentence

El rojo enfurece a los toros.

Word order through colors

1. The verb SER + color (Ser - due to the fact that the color won"t adjust or the has constantly been the color)

Mi auto es verde Su mochila es amarilla

2. The verb ESTAR + color (Estar - the is just temporarily this color, it may adjust color tomorrow)

Mi ojo está rojo (my eye normally isn"t this color, possibly it is infected) El cielo hoy está azul (today the sky is blue despite it could be cloudy tomorrow)

3. The noun + color

La alfombra roja Los lapices azules

Claro - Oscuro - Fuerte

When us talk around colors, us can additionally include various tones, shades and intensities by using the adhering to expressions:

claro = irradiate oscuro = dark fuerte = shining

Claro is opposing of Oscuro

Fuerte is a bright intense color that is straightforward to see.

Verónica tiene ojos verdes oscuros. Su pelo gris claro la hacía ver mayor. Su corbata rosada fuerte no le queda bien.

You will an alert that the words claro, oscuro and fuerte go after the color. has a indigenous specifically used for the color light blue ... celeste.

Typical points of each color

The following is a perform of the things that room typically linked with each color:(Below you will find a picture with an ext examples)

Rojo: frutillas, vino, sangre, rosas.

Anaranjado: zapallo, zanahoria, pelota de basketball, naranja.

Amarillo: queso, sol, mantequilla, limón.

Azul: cielo, océano, pitúfo

Verde: hoja, árbol, pasto, rana, moco

Negro: murciélago, noche, neumático.

Blanco: papel, azúcar, leche.

Rosado: cerdo, lengua, dulce de algodón.

Marrón: madera, cigarro, tierra.

Gris: rocas, plomo, plata.

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Morado: uva, hematoma (moratón)

What other typical things can you include to each color?


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