Eating any kind of kind of food that has spoiled is no a good thing, girlfriend can gain really sick. Seafood is no exception.

I to be going to walk over a couple of ways you can tell if salmon is negative or not. The is always important come look it end carefully prior to you acquire into preparing it.

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As will certainly most foodstuffs you want to smell, look it over and feel it come make certain that it is an excellent and fresh.


How to tell if salmon has gone bad? If her salmon has actually taken top top a greyish color or dulled in color it isn’t great anymore. Other indicators to watch for space dark spots and also or a milky residue on the salmon.

Tips for exactly how to tell if salmon has gone bad

Eating fish that has gone bad is among the most usual reasons people get food poisoning so it is an essential that friend know exactly how to tell if it has gone bad. Below is how to tell if salmon has actually gone bad.

The most apparent thing that you will notice right far is the smell. You will desire to look at the structure of the fish. Just how does it look? how does it feel? Let gain into that in an ext detail.

Smell it

As shortly as you open the package you will likely be able to tell if the salmon is negative by the method that the smells. Any kind of scent that ammonia or muskiness and you must toss her salmon out.

Fresh salmon shouldn’t have actually much of a odor at all. A soft fish odor is ok however you execute not want to cook salmon that has actually a bad smell to it.

Look the over

If you have smelled the salmon and it smells fine, the following thing you want to execute is look it over. Salmon should be reddish as soon as it is raw and also turns come pink as soon as it has actually been cooked.

If you notice that it has actually a grey opaque skin climate it has actually gone bad. Various other things come look for space milky residue, dark spots, or mold all over on the fish. Those are all indicators that her salmon has actually spoiled.

Feel it for firmness

The last point will be to feel the salmon. This is important before you chef it due to the fact that even if it doesn’t odor or look bad you desire to be sure and also check the texture together well.

If friend touch your salmon and also it feels prefer it is falling apart to the touch or slimy climate it has gone bad. You desire your salmon to it is in firm in texture and also wet yet not slimy.

How long does salmon last

Salmon doesn’t have actually a long shelf life like many other fish. Girlfriend really want to arrangement to cook it the exact same day you obtained it or the following day.

Cooked salmon will just last around two work in the fridge if stored properly. Cooking or exhilaration salmon will certainly last you around 3-4 job in the refrigerator. To expand the life of your salmon you have the right to freeze it.

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Frozen salmon will keep for 2-3 months before the top quality starts to diminish. The is of food if that is stored appropriately in a strict sealed container or freezer bag.

Salmon shelf life chart

SalmonRoom TemperatureRefrigeratedFrozen
Raw Salmon2 hours1-2 days3 months
Cooked Salmon2 hours3-4 days6 months
Smoked Salmon2 hours4-5 days6 months