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mgkimsal ~ above June 8, 2012 | parent | context | favourite | on: High college teacher tells graduating students: you...
Do any kind of students fail windy school qualities anymore? perform students get "held back"?Back in the 70s, ns knew students that were "held back" - repeated 4th grade again, etc. Ns don"t think I"ve heard the that because then. Obviously I"m no much longer a fourth grader :) but amongst people I understand with kids, the concept of "held back" never comes up.

No.Even if you deserve to be "held back", you get what"s referred to as a "social promotion".In 8th grade, there to be this big project we (each student) had to do in order to "pass" 8 hours grade. The teachers every told us that if us didn"t perform it, we"d fail 8th grade, but still walk on come high school as a "social promotion".I actually had several girlfriend who made decision to not perform that project, since nothing poor would occur to castle if lock didn"t execute it.

Those social promotions are clearly screwed up, particularly as old together eighth grade. Together a counterpoint anecdote, however, my mom is a kindergarten teacher who holds earlier (on average) two students a year for fail to know the material or social immaturity the would stop them from finding out anything in very first grade. And this is in a state (Indiana) in which kindergarten is voluntary.

never ever heard of that yet I don"t doubt you.In the (public) college my kid goes to, human being do gain held back.

Yes.Although it sometimes takes less clear-cut develops than "you fail this course, as such we make you repeat the whole grade." mine mother, for instance, taught at a college (this to be ~2000-2006) that preserved students forever in 8 hours grade. The school system determined students that were likely to drop the end of high school based upon grades and also behavior and kept them from entering high school to avoid them from boring high school dropout rates. Lock would stay in 8th grade till they rotate 16 and dropped out.I was in high college in the 90"s, and my classmates commonly failed and had come repeat classes. This typically didn"t result in having to repeat whole grade though, because our schedule were an extremely personalized and classes can be repeated the next year or semester there is no interfering through the remainder of the schedule.

This was a conversation ns was having actually the other with a close friend from France. I was talking around how kids in the US, particularly in impoverished areas, get pushed through math classes v barely happen marks also if lock learned nothing. I"m not certain how totally accurate this is, however he defined that the knew many people (probably 15-20) that had repeat whole grades multiple times since they failed math.I know that a lot much more has to happen in the us in regards to financial revolutionary of public education and learning for kids to have the ability to repeat grades so liberally, however I think that would perform a the majority of good.
together someone that went through college in the 1990s-2000s, i heard of youngsters either in my grade or my sister"s great (younger) that had actually to repeat a year. I"m not certain if that"s adjusted since, or if it to be location-specific.
I i graduated in 2007. While it wasn"t common, there were friends of mine held earlier in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade.
I have actually friends with youngsters who have actually been hosted back, however these space usually youngsters who have actually some type of diagnosable developmental delay, not simply an mean kid not doing well.

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i remember children being held back, largely in the beforehand k-1-2 years or 11-12th class years. Not lot in between. I was in college in the 90s and also early 00s.