If you"re truly enduring a DNS issue, your device will notbe able come resolve organize names (Google.com) into IP addresses( i beg your pardon is what your computer system really uses tocommunicate.

A simple test to verify that this is the case is to go to yourterminal and ping a host name and then shot to ping an ip address(on the internet). If you"re able come ping the IP address and notthe FQDN then you"ve got yourself a DNS issue due to the fact that your DNSprovider is not translating the name come an IP.

I suggest using either Google DNS or OpenDNS, both of i m sorry areoffered cost-free of charge.

Here"s the initial answer through Ashlee:

go right into your operating device command prompt and attempt come doa

nslookup because that a domain such as Google it need to return a ipaddress

if that does not it is most likely a dns issue

to inspect for network worries use the ping command to ping awebsite and trace path command to map the path to the ipaddress

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