Weather is an unpredictable force of nature. Once the weather take away a turn for the worst, what execute you do? If you’re prefer most civilization you head indoors and also take shelter. If you’re a storm chaser, you gain in her car and meet the storm head on.

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Storm chasers look for out extreme weather events. Castle are propelled by curiosity, science, and also adrenaline. They flourish on severe weather prefer tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, lightning storms, and also hail storms. It’s their job to track and to find storms, so they deserve to report, observe, and also experience these atmospheric events.


The media sensationalizes storm chasing. Hollywood films like Twister, exploration Channel’s Storm Chasers, and also mainstream news channels all provide this task a particular prestige. Captivated viewers love good storm footage that highlights nature’s ideal storms. That doesn’t enjoy watching the devastating power the a tornado whip across Oklahoma or a group 5 hurricane pound the Florida coast? Imagine see it in actual life!

Extreme weather happens all of the time. Storm chasers crisscross the country in search of tornadoes, hurricanes, and other weather events. In the US, storm chasers may drive 500 come 800 mile a job to situate a storm. Covering 20,000 miles during storm season, i m sorry lasts April come June in Tornado Alley, is rather common. Yet, storm chasers might only angry 15 come 20 storms per year.

Due come the unpredictability of excessive weather, it’s difficult to acquire up close and an individual with a storm. Plus, it’s danger to look for out one unstoppable damaging force. Many storm chasers say that driving is the most dangerous component of your job, not the cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, or lightning.

Storm chasers work solo or in a team. Lock research occurring storms, navigate come a storm’s location, make observations, conference data, file the storm, and also capitalize top top the experience. To be successful, they require cameras, internet access, satellite phones, vehicles, GPS, and other equipment. It’s an expensive and time-consuming activity.

Unfortunately, very couple of people actually make a life in this distinctive niche. For many people, storm chasing is simply a hobby. The best method to come to be a paid storm chaser is to end up being a meteorologist. Meteorologists examine weather events and also get payment by a laboratory or college to follow storms for research study purposes.

Committed weather enthusiasm have identified other means to make money storm chasing. Many work together storm photojournalists or storm videographers. High high quality storm footage or photos have the right to sell for roughly $500 a shoot or clip come news station or websites. Others start detailed blogs around storm chasing that builds their personal brand and also highlights their videos, photos, articles, and also experiences.

Perhaps the most interesting way to capitalize on too much weather is to begin a storm chasing tourism organization that takes payment clients ~ above atmospheric adventures come witness weather phenomena up close. If you’re willing to i think the liability, this is an exciting method to re-superstructure your passion for excessive weather.

Storm chasers learn through experience. There are no levels or certifications available. A lift in meteorology is common, yet there are other methods to learn about storm chasing too. Websites, mentors, and books room all great starting points. The key to make money as a storm chaser, is to create your niche – research, blogging, journalism, tourism, or miscellaneous else.

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Storm chasers make $5,000 to $70,000 per year. It can not be a full-time job, but you can certainly make money together a storm chaser if you’re committed.

Are you ready to jump in a auto to follow the next tornado, hurricane, or blizzard? Why not follow her weather passion and become a storm chaser?

Quick Facts about Storm Chaser Careers

Job Title: Storm ChasersOffice: Vicinity the stormsDescription: Tracking excessive weather eventsCertifications/Education: nobody requiredNecessary Skills: understanding of weather, accessibility to vehiclesPotential Employers: Universities, Laboratories, Storm travel Business, me EmployedPay: $5,000 and $70,000 every year