Hi, my 2150 Poulan chainsaw will begin up however not run more than 1 minute. Then once i shot to start it ago up the is either flooded or isn"t getting enough gas? ns don"t know.I bought a new plug, cleaned the arrestor, wet the carb. In cleaner overnight, and also was fiddling with the L and H. I did not blow the carb with air since i execute not have actually a compressor. It will certainly run indigenous 30 secs to occasionally a minute , climate it will shut off. I do not know exactly how to adjust the L and H screws, might someone call me how?

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Turn both together & H C.W. Into seat lightly(So they are just bottoming out).Then ago BOTH screws back out CCW one turn.Don"t touch the High screw anymore.

Adjust the l screw to obtain the observed to idle correctly.the various other screw that readjust the idle speed may likewise require mediate ...

Note: If you turn in the H screw beyond one turn from seat,you space starving the cylinder because that gas and also oil mixture and can sieze the experienced ! Jim


Flooding have to be evidence of wet gas in the comb chamber (on the spark plug tip when you eliminate it or actually dripping out the muffler) If it"s dry then your not gaining gas up to or v the carb.

Start off in the tank by removing the fuel filter (clean the or replace it) pole the carb. Cleaner nozzle in the hose that the fuel filter was pull it off at the carb. And also spary carbohydrate cleaner with the hose. Does it come out the various other end? if so you might need come look for cracks in the line, a crack will certainly not alow the fuel come pull as much as the carb.

Once you understand your getting gas to the carb. Clean girlfriend carbUsing carbohydrate cleaner (in the deserve to under pressure) fluid as air pressure. The will typically blow out the passages and also clean/disolve any gum girlfriend may have missed. Usage the red or black color plastic nozzle, but wear rubber gloves and also safety goggles or shield cause the fluid under pressure will squirt out around any direction. As soon as you gain it cleaned out by spraying every passage and also watching it come the end the other end you can reassemble the carb. If ns remember set the low and high at 1 1/4 rotate to 1 1/2 to begin out.

It must run and also idle. Once it warms increase you may have to fine revolve the high normally CCW 1/8 revolve more. If you turn it over 1/2 turn you may have to go earlier and adjust the low. If that still don"t occupational then girlfriend either have a vacuum leak (seals in the carb., carb mount screws loosened or carb. Base seal leaking, cracked fuel water tap from the tank to the carb. Or plugged up fuel filter that will certainly not let enough gas gift sucked up to the carb. When the diaphram fuel pump paint, etc it.



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Many brand-new chainsaws come through an improper gas-tube length which prevents the pickup to constantly drop come the bottom that the tank. Check it out through an empty tank. Revolve the witnessed in all directions and also watch the pickup that the hose fall to the bottom. If it it s okay stuck in ~ the side of the tank, you need to pull the hose the end a tiny bit with a needlenoseplier. Then cut off as lot as is required to let the hose fall to the bottom in all positions the the saw. Now the saw will certainly run till the gas-tank is really empty . Peter Thoss Sept. 21/18