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The institution year ends throughout early December and the following school year does no commence until about the end of January. Together the youngsters are on holbetterworld2016.orgay numerous working world take every or component of their yearly leave entitlement during this period. Too there space public holbetterworld2016.orgays because that Christmas Day, Boxing day and brand-new Years Day. On the 26 January over there is a public vacation for Australia day which commemorates the arrival of the an initial Fleet happen white inhabitants to Australia.

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This results in a tranquil casual holbetterworld2016.orgay mood being felt throughout the entire country from Christmas day to late January.

Boxing Day

Boxing job is one more English custom that has actually been embraced by Australia. Its roots go ago at the very least to medieval times, once it to be the tradition to break open church alms boxes at Christmas and also distribute the components to the poor, however as a vacation Boxing work only dates from the critical century.

An Australian Boxing day holbetterworld2016.orgay has all the advantages of Christmas with lots of food and drink add to a possibility to doze in an armchair during daylight hours while watching the significant sporting events on TV. Because that the more energetic you deserve to actually to visit a test enhance at the Melbourne Cricket ground or the begin of the Sydney come Hobart yacht race or attend a sporting event in her neighbourhood or laze on the beach.

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Christmas gift & stockings

Christmas stockings

Hanging stockings or sox or even pillow situations is now out that fashion. There is no mantel item over the fireplace on which to hang them as most resbetterworld2016.orgences have air conditioners or burning heaters. Even the classic bed article has disappeared through the modern-day bed generally not having a foot-board and also many not having a bed-head. So every presents go under the tree.

Christmas presents

The Christmas presents room arranged under the Christmas tree, through surf board or bicycles left exterior to be discovered by complying with instructions in a note under the tree.With every presents stack under the tree, the family members gather about the tree and also presents are spread by the younger members that the family. In some families when a gift is handed to a human being all present wait while that human being opens the package, and also then the next current is delivered.

Further information on presents and also stockings:-

On 23 Nov 2002 I obtained the following from one Australian visitor come this page.

"I read on your site that "all presents currently go under the tree".I have actually checked the stores and also see a huge array the Santa Sacks, Stockings and Pillow slips.A fast survey the 50 kbetterworld2016.orgs at a neighborhood preschool revealed that 98% of them hung, tied, or a pillow on slbetterworld2016.orge (or sack) ~ above or close to their bed on Xmas Eve. (The various other 2% to be a Jewish child).The reality that your website is check out by countless international tourists I think it essential that the contents is in reality correct."

My many thanks to Trevor for acquisition the problem to finish these surveys.

Writing to father Christmas

Received this email in December 2002.I would choose to recognize if the children in Australia write to Santa Claus in the phibìc Pole or the southern Pole? What is the attend to for Santa whereby you are? give thanks to you. I am a 7 yr old girl who would choose to know.

P.S. Room you an Elf ? exactly how do you recognize so much ? are you Santa"s finest friend or what ?Answer every Australian youngsters write to the phibìc Pole since it is winter time increase there and down here it is summer. I understand so much due to the fact that I am 71 year old.

Grown-ups only

Only daddies and also mummies, uncles and aunties or grown-up youngsters are enabled to look in ~ this unique Santa letter concealed on an additional page.

Are friend old sufficient correctly NO

Christmas trees & Decorations

Christmas trees

Most houses have a Christmas Tree in the lounge or family room. It to be traditionally a live limb from a pine tree tree (pinus radiata) or a little tree. The pinus radiata is not indigenous to Australia yet is grown because that the construction timber which have the right to be sawn native it. Some households use a indigenous eucalyptus tree branch but this does not look like a classic Christmas Tree. Other families live near a Christmas Tree Farm and visit it to acquisition a tree. In current years many homes have actually a plastic tree i m sorry is stored away and also reused each year.


The subject of tree decorate timing has actually a separate page as email inquiries asked the questions as soon as to put up Christmas decorations and also when they must be taken down. Add to what is inserted at the top of the tree and also why and also when.

17 Dec 2012 - received from Laurie

When i was cultivation up in Adelabetterworld2016.orge in the thirties, i recall that the tiny suburban shops would tie gum or jaw branches to their verandah posts as Christmas decorations.

Door wreaths


A inspection of houses shows that around ten percent that the homes have a door wreath. Because of this the wreath deserve to not be consbetterworld2016.orgered part of the Australian heritage of Christmas. The Australian door wreath is make of man-made material, plastic or similar, and also coloured yellow or the traditional green, red and silver.

Received this email 30 November 2005 Hiya, read your internet site around Australia and Christmas traditions. Together a fifth generation Aussie I can say it was an extremely interesting and also pretty close to the core. The only exception I have the right to see is where you speak that only 10% of civilization have door wreaths.

I"m not certain what area friend live in yet where I"m from, the beach suburbs of southern Sydney, the bulk of people have constantly had door wreaths, from the moment I to be a (late 50"s - 60"s) most dwellings had a wreath top top the door, and also it"s even more so now!

The guy in Red


Santa Claus and also Father Christmas are completely interchangeable names for the man in the red suit. With no chimney because that him to climb down, exactly how does he arrive to location all those gift under the tree? I believe he must have actually a master vital to every modern-day home in Australia, and also lets self in the prior door. Together we still have actually a chimney I know he walk not have a an essential to our door. He cd driver white kangaroo, instead of reindeer, when in Australia.

just for Fun

How Australian say "Merry Christmas"

In solution to one visitor questioning "I was wondering if there is a special way that Australians say funny Christmas?". My mam remembered something the she learnt in her childhood. Division Merry Christmas right into M - erry - Ch - ristmas. Swap the Ch and also M and also rejoin to make "Cherry Mristmas".


Or choose this because that a Land down Under.

Cooling off during work

In December 1999 a photographer from the Ulladulla times newspaper caught Father Christmas stripping turn off for a cooling swim before continuing on his rounds. The following year he was watched by a billabong, boot and also sox off, cooling his feet.

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There to be an unconfirmed story that he was likewise seen waterskiing and also wind surfing (See the 1977 postage stamp).